vote obama out


Michelle Obama just made an incredibly moving speech about why, no matter how drained you feel, you NEED to vote on November 8

In Michelle Obama’s first speech with Hillary, she explained, "When you hear folks talking about a global conspiracy and saying that this election is rigged, understand that they are trying to get you to stay home. They are trying to convince you that your vote doesn’t matter.“

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To anyone who thinks their vote does not matter, I give you the Congressional race of Arizona’s second district.

With three quarters of the vote in, Martha McSally is leading incumbent Ron Barber by only 36 votes. The last time McSally challenged Barber for the seat, the difference in the vote was less than one percent, and this year’s selection could easily be decided by only a few dozen individuals. This race is so close that we will likely not know the final decision for several days.

36 votes. Your opinion matters.

Obama demanding Britain to stay in the EU has once again made clear that the US government has absolutely no interest in strong, independent European nations.

They want them stuck in a pseudo-bloc in permanent crisis, to keep the European powers neutered geopolitically, yet strong enough to be called on as allies in US global strategy if needed. 

Restoring independent European powers would shift the global power balance too much for Washington to risk allowing it. 

Voting is so important

I registered as a a Democrat (I was an independent) just so I can vote Bernie Sanders in the primaries. If all the people who voted for Obama step out again and vote for Bernie, he’ll win. 

Seriously, us young people are the ones who change the world. Revolutions are not fought or won by those in power. We do have the power to change the tide of things in this country. We look to Canada and some European countries with envy because of their universal healthcare and anti-homelessness programs and their cheap/free education. We can have that here! 

The baby boomers are much smaller in number than those who are 18-30. We can rule this country. 

Vote. Vote. Vote.