vote no twice

#ThanksObama. For 8 beautiful years, you, your incredible family, and your vision led us. I still remember seeing you as a senator, transfixed as you spoke, thinking, “Him, he should be our president.” I remember election night, crying with my dad, feeling a joy and hope for this country I love that I’d never known before. You got my vote twice. You still have it. I love you, and thanks for making me believe that Yes We Can.


i literally can’t watch this without crying 

  • Media: Hillary will win in a landslide.
  • *Trump wins*
  • Media: Trump only won because of racists.
  • *Trump wins counties that voted Obama twice*
  • Media: Trump will have more faithless electors than ever before.
  • *Hillary loses more electors than Trump*
  • Media: uh Russia! Racists! Phobia! Phobia!
  • *self destructs*

It’s funny how most if not all the states that voted for Obama twice are the same ones that voted for Trump, but people still want to pretend all Trump supporters are incestuous inbred backwater bigoted rednecks.

It’s funny how the Electoral College was perfectly valid in getting Obama elected for 2 terms, but suddenly it needs to be repealed because it’s the reason Trump won.

It’s funny how women, minorities, and members of the LGBT community have shown their support for Trump, and yet people still want to pretend only straight white men who are racist, sexist, and homophobic support Donald Trump.

It’s funny how Trump has vocally expressed support for the LGBT community, stated outright that his stance on gay marriage is irrelevant (as is his stance on abortion) because he can’t repeal what the Supreme Court already sanctioned, and has told those supporters who are harassing minorities to knock it off, and yet people still pretend his entire rhetoric is wrapped up in bigotry.

It’s funny how Trump supporters have, in several cases, wound up fearing for their lives because people have threatened or even openly harassed and attacked them for supporting Trump, and Hillary supporters are confused as to why many Trump supporters were silent about their support and even called them “sneaky” and “dishonest.”

It’s funny how people think protesting in front of the White House yelling “F*ck Donald Trump” has any effect on the Trump family when he hasn’t even moved in yet, they’re just yelling at the Obamas while they’re still trying to pack up and leave.

And by funny, I mean fucking terrible.

Trump Supporters

I’m seeing a lot of “trump supporters unfollow me!” posts.

Follow me. Seriously.

You want to know a dirty little secret? I voted for Bush. TWICE. I was young and naive. I didn’t pay attention to politics. It was boring. Too cool to care about that nonsense. I trusted my dad’s judgement on most things, so when he said Bush may not know everything but tended to hire people who DID know, I voted for him. And when John Kerry ran against him, even though I wasn’t thrilled with Bush, I voted for him again. Why? Because in my very superficial view of politics, it looked like Kerry’s platform was “I’m not Bush.” I was fresh out of high school and had a pretty limited world view.

People make mistakes for a variety of reasons. But they will never learn anything unless they are exposed to alternate points of view. Following the same blogs that do nothing but reinforce their current ideas is stagnating.

So if you voted for Trump and follow me that’s fine. I hope you one day realize your error. Until then, please enjoy my periodic political posts that show you a different side of things.

Thank You, Austria

What happened?

This year, we Austrians were called to elect our president. Now, while it is important to notice that the president of Austria has no administrative or governmental rights, he does represent our country

This is the second election we had - between Ing. Norbert Hofer and Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen. 

Dr. Van der Bellen is from the Green Party and has served our country for decades.

Ing. Norbert Hofer is from the FPÖ.

The FPÖ developed out of the VdU, which was a party for former NSDAP members. Now, I do realize that almost all Austrians were members of the NSDAP at one point - you had to in order to survive. 

But the Vdu - and the FPÖ - took this legacy… rather more seriously. 

You will understand what this means 

Why we voted twice.

After Dr. Van der Bellen won the first election, the FPÖ sued. The High Court reversed the election due to faults of the procedure. 

Why this is important: 

Austria, my beloved home country. By the time of the first, the very first projection, it was clear.

Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen is our president. 

Austria, today you said no to populism. Today you said no to hate. Today you said no to everyone who already saw a global trend of which we were only a small part. 

Thank you, Austria. 

I had the great honor of serving as an Obama Organizing Fellow in the 2008 campaign, working with various constituency groups and registering voters. Though I haven’t always agreed with everything Obama has done, I am proud to have voted for him (and Joe!) twice. They led our country through tough economic times, navigated foreign wars they didn’t start, and loved the American people intensely every day.

Today, I’m choosing to live in the moment and celebrate these beautiful people and their Administration on their last day. SUCH good was done over the last 8 years. He said “Yes We Can” and we really did!

Tomorrow, we go back to work, though. Tomorrow we start a long fight for our country.