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I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and I finally gathered my thoughts enough to say this.

Asian artists DO NOT need Western validation to be successful.

It’s neat that a lot of people like kpop. That is not the issue. The issue is this mentality of gaining recognition from Western countries. The whole idea is eurocentric and futile. There is no reason for us to crave for the West to seemingly ‘bestow’ us these awards, and even if they do award our artists, it doesn’t mean anything. I see a lot of people saying it opens doors for international recognition of kpop, but guys, please remember… BoA was one of the first artists with an American VEVO channel. SNSD performed at Madison Square Garden. BIGBANG was interviewed by CNN. But in the end, their music remains in the realm of kpop and it did not become American Mainstream. Furthermore, kpop is pretty international anyway. I mean, we’ve got Tokyo Dome tours, Thai fans, Chinese fans, Latin American fans… this wasn’t done by the Western world, this was done by us fans.

So congratulations to BTS on the nomination. But as fans– this goes for all fandoms– we should not act like it’s the only acheivement that matters. We should not act like Western validation is the end goal (for why do white people get to determine the success of persons of color, once again?) The end goal is really just music, and if we keep centering around the Western world, kpop will try to conform to that and get watered down to the point where it sounds like everything else. We can’t let the white washing of even our music happen too.

#ThanksObama. For 8 beautiful years, you, your incredible family, and your vision led us. I still remember seeing you as a senator, transfixed as you spoke, thinking, “Him, he should be our president.” I remember election night, crying with my dad, feeling a joy and hope for this country I love that I’d never known before. You got my vote twice. You still have it. I love you, and thanks for making me believe that Yes We Can.

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do you think shawn would want to get married? if so what kind of wedding do u think he wants? its a random question ik but

I am still obsessed with these questions tbh.

I definitely believe that Shawn wants to get married. Not right now, but surely when he gets older. Family is such an important thing for Shawn and he has such a close bond with his own family, so I think he really wants to have that for himself as well. Like, I think he looks at his parents and go like “I want to meet someone, who makes me feel just as lucky and happy, as my mother makes my father feel. I want to meet someone, who can love me like my parents’ love each other” because to him, that is the definition of true and everlasting love. He wants that loving, warm and close family bond.

I don’t think he would start a serious relationship with anyone, if he didn’t see a future with that person. I think that if Shawn’s really into a girl, he loves her wholeheartedly. Like with very fibre of his body. Therefore, I do believe that he would actually think a lot about a future with the girl he loves (if he like truly loves her and it’s not the a crush or puppy love). Like he would wonder where they’d live, how many kids they’d have, what to name them, if they were to going have pets and so on.

I think a wedding with Shawn would be very intimate. Not that there wouldn’t be a lot of people to invite, but I do believe he’d like to keep it as private as possible, because privacy is a very precious thing for him. He would only want close family and friends there, like people the both of you truly love.

He would want to be involved in the planning, but he would also know you had the last vote (and that your vote also counts twice). I think he would want whatever made you happy, whatever pleased you to have. As long as his friends and family would be present, you would be there and there would be served muffins, he’d be good. Because all that Shawn really needs in his life are those things and getting married to the love of his life, would assured him he didn’t need anything else to be truly happy.

Shawn would just want to spend the entire day watching you. Watch how beautiful you look in the white wedding dress, watch how you smiled from ear to ear all night, how you teared up every single time someone held a speech or said something moving. Shawn would want to take it all in, every second of you that entire night and keep it in his mind like a picture so he wouldn’t ever forget how you looked on the happiest day in his life.

Instead of giving a speech, he would have written the most beautiful and touching song about how you met and how he was going to cherish you for the rest of his life. The song would express how he would always fight for you, always. No matter how hard things may get, or whatever the two of you went through, he would always be there fighting for you. Geoff would help him perform it, because surely Shawn would be fighting his tears and emotions the entire way through. Actually, he would make everyone tear up on the spot.

His friends would have some pretty good stories to tell about him (Brian, Matt and Ian), taking their turn to humiliate him in front of everyone, especially you. Embarrassing stories, illegal stories, stories that would just make you love him even more, while he’d be sitting beside you, turning redder and redder in his face, wishing they would stop soon.

It would be a fun wedding lasting all night. Down to earth, easy and amusing. Loads of dancing, loads of alcohol, plenty of food and touching moments. It would be a night filled with love. Love for each other, love for the people celebrating you. 

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This is the moment when the far left leaning people in media and power need a good swift kick in the ass the most, just like with the far leaning conservatives long ago needed. The silent majority can't be silent anymore, they need to get loud and in the loud minorities faces in order to get some form of respect back.

>“Let’s smear everyone who doesn’t agree with our policies/actions as backwards bigots instead of addressing their concerns, that’ll work!”

>Islamaphobia rises because Europe won’t punish Sharia-loving refugees committing crimes out of fear of being perceived as “racist.”

>“Let’s smear everyone who doesn’t agree with our policies/actions as backwards bigots instead of addressing their concerns, that’ll work!”

>People start listening to politically incorrect, if not outright racist outlets because the left publicly humiliates them and encourages lynch mob/witch hunt mentality for not towing the line. Neo-Nazi parties start grabbing power in Europe. 

>“Let’s smear everyone who doesn’t agree with our policies/actions as backwards bigots instead of addressing their concerns, that’ll work!”

>Brexit happens.

>“Let’s smear everyone who doesn’t agree with our policies/actions as backwards bigots instead of addressing their concerns, that’ll work!”

 >The Democrats, not the people, select Hilary “Nyarlathotep’s Latest Avatar” Clinton instead of Bernie Sanders, spend an entire campaign putting Trump under a microscope via the blatantly-in-their-pocket-media instead of appealing to the working class voters who’ve they done nothing for except ignore and spit on for at least four whole years and generally pull every possible trick they can to get Hilary elected and yet Trump still manages to gaffe, fumble and meme his way to the white house anyway because they’re just THAT fucking incompetent, corrupt, and out of touch with rural Americans.

>“Let’s smear everyone who doesn’t agree with our policies/actions as backwards bigots instead of addressing their concerns, that’ll work!”

>Continues the same self-righteous finger pointing at everyone and everything except for the people ultimately responsible for their own failure: themselves. Whether it’s “Fake News” (translation: “Any source of information we don’t approve of”), Russian Hackers (which even if it WAS the case, the fact that they care more about condemning the leak instead of doing something about the shady dealings outlined in said leak is telling), or half the entire country for some nebulous and spontaneous uprising of racist conspirators from states who voted for Obama TWICE.

>“Let’s smear everyone who doesn’t agree with our policies/actions as backwards bigots instead of addressing their concerns, that’ll work!”

>Continues to do this two months later not learning a damn thing.

Someone needs to go to the Democratic Party Headquarters and get them to listen to this:

I voted for Barack Obama twice. I supported Bernie Sanders in the primaries. I’m someone who surveys the situation, and I don’t like putting people into camps. I don’t like getting into conservative or liberal, because if you take a label and run with it, what if that label changes? I think I’m just somebody who tries to make the best decision every time.

wow I can’t believe jontron came out and said he’s literally a nazi who hates black people and wants to put muslims in camps

The signs and who they should vote for in MAMA 2015