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Lazytown Tattoo Design is ALMOST finished, only now the real struggle.


I honestly cannot decide between the three?

This is done traditionally, as I have no program atm to do this Digitally (Which would have made this 10000x easier) so instead, to make i different colors, I traced the inner heart n colored it on a separate piece of paper and cut them out.

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Can we hear more stories? Because your stories are the best.


So first things first if you want to know how to say “SACABAH” out loud, go out and find a Culver’s, get a triple bacon deluxe, eat a full tray of pot brownies, wait half an hour, try to shove that entire goddamn burger in your mouth at once, then try to scream “SOCK COMBAT” at the top of your lungs with your mouth full. This is how Josh came up with the idea of SACABAH and it was our last resort for settling roommate disputes.

Basically in the hell pit that was our apartment, we would sprint through a short list of solutions and discussions to solve any problems between us before we arrived at SACABAH.

  1. If one of the disputers was that week’s King of the Cock (determined by a weekly tournament in a randomly selected EA Sports game and designated by the possession of a giant pink dildo glued to the end of a walking stick), they were automatically right
  2. Talk it out like the adults we regularly told our parents we were.
  3. Compromise.
  4. Roommate vote, incredibly ineffective because there was an even number of us

If none of these steps led to a solution we moved on to SACABAH which also had a lot of rules, mainly because of previous instances of SACABAH where we didn’t have some of these rules.

  1. Combat was held in the living room. If you left the living room you forfeit.
  2. Combatants must wear protective headgear, a mouth guard, and a cup. Gloves are optional, but recommended, and additional protective gear will be allowed on the basis of how cool it looks.
  3. Combatants are allowed one sock of their choosing, filled with a substance of their choosing.
  4. The sock can be attached to the end of a pole or stick to increase range, but each time you strike your opponent with your pole it is a foul. 4 fouls and you forfeit.
  5. You may bring 2 items from your room to place strategically in the living room as either cover or as a hazard.
  6. No using noncombatants as shields.
  7. No condoms. This was instituted after Josh put on a condom and tried to cock slap Paul for 25 minutes. Fun fact, it’s pretty hard to stay hard when you’re trying to cock slap someone as they swing a sock full of marbles at you, so Josh was also furiously masturbating for those 25 minutes.
  8. No putting the socks over your own body. This was made surprisingly not after the cock slap incident but after Josh bought thigh highs so that he could literally kick the shit out of Eric.
  9. All weapons have to be approved by at least 2 of the noncombatant roommates. This was because of the cock slap incident as well.
  10. No going full Canadian. This was instituted after I filled a hockey sock with pucks and tied it to the end of a hockey stick and became unstoppable for two weeks. Every time I participated in SACABAH I tried to go full Canadian again but I was shot down, except for one time, and that’s what this story is about.
  11. One song played on loop until the fight ended. This was our original song choice until THIS came out and we decided to alternate between the two match by match, technically three if you include the Gaeilge version.
  12. No grabbing your opponent by the balls. That’s an automatic forfeit.
  13. Fights go until someone forfeits, someone surrenders, or 3 of 4 judges declare a combatant unable to continue.

So in like March, Eric and I had a pretty significant issue with each other because of some incorrect relationship decisions he had made. He was dating one of my exes, which normally for us wasn’t a big deal, but she had cheated on me twice and then dumped me when I called her on it, so there was pretty significant animosity between the two of us. The issue between Eric and I wasn’t about if he should date her or not; he’s a grown ass adult and is allowed to make his own terrible decisions. The issue was that I declared that she wasn’t allowed over ever because I never wanted to see her again and I didn’t trust her in my house, even with other people there. He thought I was overreacting, and I thought he was being an inconsiderate fuck. This led to the initiation of our dispute system which didn’t go well. Paul won our Madden tournament that week, so we had to actually compromise, which neither of us were willing to do, so we moved on to the vote. Kyle and Paul sided with me in the vote, but Brad thought this girl was nice, and Josh just wanted to watch us fight so we split the vote.

So two days after the vote, Eric and I gear up and meet in the living room where we all discover that he is literally the smartest one of all of us because he has two pool balls in a pair of stockings. He had made SACABAH nunchucks and it was fucking awesome.

So I had attempted to go full Canadian again, because obviously why not and Josh and Kyle argued that if we were to allow fucking nunchucks I should be allowed to use my favorite. Plus, Josh pointed out that if Eric got within 3 feet of me I was basically fucked because I wasn’t allowed to hit him with the stick, which was something that literally none of the guys had thought of before that moment.

I lived with geniuses.

So we go to our corners in the living room and Brad reminds us of the rules and we begin our fight. We both come out of our corners and immediately I wind up and swing as hard as I possibly can at Eric’s knees, because 1 I am an asshole and 2 I genuinely wanted to hurt him.

I catch him on the inside of his left knee and his leg literally snaps out from underneath him. I took him out in one swing, and he had been talking for three days about how he was going to fuck me up.

Anyways, Eric is on the ground crying because I just destroyed his leg with a sock full of pucks and I’m parading around the apartment roaring at the top of my lungs because I won and that means I needed to celly and after like 20 minutes of me gloating like a fuck we load him into Paul’s truck and drive him to the hospital and he gets a big ass cast on his leg because I broke his femur and we get back home at like 12:45 and he left his phone in the apartment and he has like a dozen texts from this girl.

She was talking about how he was a great guy and she was having fun but she didn’t like his friends (read: me) and she knew that if she told him to choose between her and us that he would always pick us so she was “making the decision for him” and breaking up with him and she sent him all of this literally an hour after we got to the hospital.

That was literally 4 years ago and Josh and I still to this day regularly ask him if he remembers the time I broke his leg over a girl that dumped him two hours later.

We’re a bunch of fucking savages.

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hi, i hope it's ok to ask, it is my first time to vote in the UK and i'm really not sure on who to vote for? is there anyone that you would recommend voting for or is there anywhere where i can read a good summery for each party and who who to avoid? thank u!!

hey, never a problem.

I’d suggest you take this quiz which asks you your views then shows which parties you align most with. For example I got a high score for labour, lib dems and greens. it’s a lot easier to understand than most party manifestos. (or it might help you find which party you want to investigate more).

THEN - if you got conservative, ukip (i really hope not if you’re anonning me) then fine. You’re done! Go forth and vote.

Anyone else please check this spreadsheet to TACTICALLY vote. What this basically means is even if you love greens, if theres 0 chance of them winning, but the lib dems might keep the conservatives out, then vote lib dems instead.

This is a bit more complex, but just put in your postcode and it’ll tell you the best party to win.


  1. check which parties you align with
  2. check who to vote for out of those parties

Like, a second wave of Leda Clones; Cosima in her red coat, Helena in her refund jacket, Sarah in her DYAD scrubs or in her 4x07 crop top and jeans, Alison in her ‘Vote Alison Hendrix’ gear (including megaphone), another Rachel but with her cane.
But then, a new batch of secondary characters; Delphine in her lab gear, Scotty in his, Hell Wizard with a baseball cap on backwards, S. with a shotgun, Art with a police badge, Kira with her monkey.
And hey, maybe BETH! or KRYSTAL! or MK!
Why are we being denied this!?!

Making Bonds ft.Akechi and the PT

Akira : Akira is the only bond Akechi had before the aftermath. Akira is the one one who has a romance route with him. His confidant rank starts at max level, but their bond still grows each time Akechi opened up his past to Akira. He found Akira the easiest person to talk about his worries. Akechi’s bond with Akira leveled up even more in a way that is similar to Futaba’s confidant link. Akechi told Akira his hopes in getting along with everyone, told him his little wishes, like going to the beach with everyone, trying the arcade, have study session together, camping out, go to movies, go to festivals, or generally be a normal teenager for once. Akechi’s last little wish is ‘to make Akira happy’. And told him that he couldn’t forgive himself on his attempt to kill Akira not even once but twice. And that while he trusted Akira, he had not been able to move on from his guilt. Therefore he wanted to make Akira happy, repay him and the PT for everything they’ve done for him. For accepting, and Akira told him that those are not necessary because for Akira, his greatest ‘present’ is having Akechi around to complement his life. 

Morgana : Under Akira’s request, Morgana followed Akechi around in a similar way he followed Akira. Akira asked him because he couldn’t follow Akechi during the day (since he’ll be at school) while Akechi goes to work. Surprisingly, they get along well. Despite Morgana being wary at first, he grew to genuinely care for the pancake boy as much as he cares for Akira and the rest of the PT. Morgana gave him a lot of life advices, and encourages him to make amends and not to run away from his fear. Akechi thanked him a lot for that. Akechi eventually grew fond of Morgana and learned the best way to take care of a cat. He groomed him every night. Learned ways to massage a cat, cat’s diet, and bought him cat toys. Which Morgana yelled at, since he’s not a cat! Though, when Akechi waved the toy at him, Morgana instinctively chase after it. He even used the scratch post Akechi bought him. Eventually, Akechi even learned how to cook for a cat, and it became Morgana’s favorite food aside from Sushi. 

Ann : Ann is the first friend after Akira and Morgana. She’s the one who took the initiative to take Akechi out on a walk. Akechi had to put on hoods and covers while he walks beside her since they’re both well known people. She took him to eat desserts (especially pancake), shop for clothes (she commented on akechi’s lack of clothes and especially that grandpa sweater and thus picked up a lot of stuff for him and his empty wardrobe). She’s the first person who could sympathize with him because she had been in a similar condition against kamoshida. They told each other’s stories, and bonded through that. Afterwards, he helped her in her modeling work to the point she asked whether he wanted to co-star with her. But he refused, had enough of idol life and pretending to be who he isn’t. Ann didn’t understand since she had always been herself though. They became bff real fast, and often went to eat desserts and pastries that rumors started appearing that says they were dating.

Ryuji: Ryuji came to hang out at Leblanc, but Akira was apparently out doing his stuff with his confidants. Only Akechi was there. There was a long awkward moment when Sojiro went out to smoke. Eventually, Ryuji gave up on the awkwardness and started a conversation. They traded really awkward conversations. “The weather’s nice today.” “Yeah” “How’s things?” “I’ve been well, thank you for the concern” “So you started working at Leblanc, too?” “Yeah, the master was kind enough to let me stay.” and stuff. Then Ryuji made a really long sigh. “Look, man, i still don’t trust you..” He grumbled, made Morgana sneer at him, then continued. “But what Shido did to you is totally uncool man, so I… I get you, in a way. It’s wrong, but, i dunno. If i were in your shoes, I might have done that too if not for Akira and the others.” Ryuji told him about his father, about how he snapped at Kamoshida, the track team. Akechi listened. After hearing Ann’s story and now Ryuji’s. He started to understand how the PT come together. They were a bunch of folks in similar situation. Then he commented how he could probably be a better person if they had met sooner. Ryuji then yelled at him. “Then let’s start now. You’re just a year above us, yeah? You still got long years to go. We can start now, you know. Like, we can start being friends…” Ryuji looked away in embarrassment. It made Akechi smile. It wad the first genuine smile Ryuji ever saw from him. “Holy shit, a real smile!” He commented. Ryuji then noticed how thin Akechi had become since the last time he saw him. And offered to train together to build some muscles. Akechi revealed how he used to keep his appearance up, and how he used to do mountain climbing. Ryuji was interested, and the next day he know, he was out with Akechi to the gym periodically.

Futaba : Futaba bonded with him after Ann. One day, Sojiro hurt his back and had to be sent to hospital. Akira accompanied him to the hospital. Futaba wants to go too, but she’s scared of going to hospital. Akira told her everything will be alright and she had school tomorrow so she told her to stay. She stayed at Leblanc until night, with Akechi (and Morgana) who’s watching the store since both Sojiro and Akira went to the hospital. Morgana pushed Akechi to start a conversation since Futaba looks lonely and sad. He hesitated, but then starts to assure her that everything will be alright. That it’s just a back pain and that Akira is with him too. She grumbled and doesn’t speak anything in return at first. But then he made her curry, and she’s surprised that it tasted just like Akira’s curry. He told her that he had been learning from Akira. And that he knows how much the curry meant to her. And apologized once again. She grows angrier, saying that it’s already fine and he already apologized about that. Awkward conversation falls again, until Akechi switched the tv channel and played featherman episode, a special episode played in the unusual hour. Futaba is surprised because she didn’t know that it aired. But she’s even more surprised because Akechi knows, and better, he likes it. They talked about Featherman until late (until Morgana told them to go to bed, actually). He walked her home, and she thanked him, though very shyly. Before he went back, she suddenly yelled “I’ve got it!”. Akechi was surprised. But apparently Futaba decided to add one more “to do list” that involves Akechi. They started doing her to do list every weekend. First is to go to Akihabara together to watch a live show of Featherman together, next is for another Featherman fans gathering event and stuff like that. One day, they were walking around Akihabara together since Futaba needed to upgrade her PC. And there was apparently a maid cross dressing event which gives an expensive PC gear as winning prize. Futaba looked excited, but sulked that it’s boys only event. Akechi then offered to enter in her stead. Both Morgana and Futaba were baffled in how he looked, and especially in how he charmed the audience with sexy gaze. He obtained the most votes, obviously, and won the gear for her. He asked her to keep it a secret from Akira and everyone else. But too bad, she took video of everything.

Makoto : Akechi saw Makoto again when he helped Sae with her work. Sae is now a defense attorney, and she opened an agency with Makoto, who followes her footstep as lawyer. Akechi sometimes helped Sae with investigation. Most of the time, having him give her new insights, or work as assistant on site. Sometimes he’d even do the spying job for her, along with Makoto, as normal teenagers. Makoto refused to trust him at first. And she even protested to Sae. But Sae returned with “his ability is not a lie.”. One day, they were caught spying and got in trouble with the Yakuza. With his wit, Akechi managed to get them away from the chase. However, it involved them doing a crazy stunt with a bike (Makoto riding it). They managed to pull it out. Makoto got angry with him, of course. Not only he endangered her life, he endangered his own life too. Had Makoto not able to maneuver the bike with correct timing, they wouldn’t be able to escape. And the bike was not ever hers to begin with. She never ride such a big bike before. Akechi stole the key from one of the yakuza. Along with a gun which he used to shoot down their chaser’s car and bike. Then she noticed that he actually got shot too. She asked if he picked the back seat so he could cover for her. Akechi gave a pause, but then shook his head. “No, it’s because i believe you’re more suited to drive the bike, Niijima-san. And look, you pull it out brilliantly.” with his detective smile. Then Makoto started to notice how Akechi won’t hesitate to throw himself onto danger. And that he’s doing whatever he can do to make up for his sins. She got angrier, and lectured him about it. It took a while, but eventually Akechi realized that he has become important to their teammates too. He realized it after Makoto told him how Akira would suffer if he’s gone. She told him how depressed Akira is after his “death” in Shido’s palace. And that got him thinking. Eventually they were able to be partners at work. Sae is proud on both of them.

Yusuke : Akechi never thought he’d bond with Yusuke.(though, he never thought he’d befriend any of the PT aside from Akira, actually) Yusuke was in an art slump again, and he had been visiting everyone in search of inspiration, apparently. So he said not to mind him and just think of him as a statue as Akechi continued his daily life. It was hard for Akechi not to ignore Yusuke, but he couldn’t leave his job (this time, part-timing as a florist). Many kinds of customer comes. From an innocent little girl who wanted to buy flowers for her mother, couples in love, to a kind grandfather who wanted to buy flowers for his wife. Akechi listened to each of their request. Even to the couple’s capricious request. Yusuke saw the honest kindness in Akechi’s action, and was content in drawing it. Until someone came asking for bouquet for funeral. Akechi’s expression changed. Guilt was written all over his face. Thank goodness the store manager helped. Akechi laughed at how pathetic it was for him. He didn’t even knew who died, but he had become afraid somehow. Feared that he might have caused psychotic breakdowns unconsciously despite it being impossible now that the metaverse is gone. Yusuke asked that if he’s going to be overwhelmed by that guilt forever and whether he still can’t trust the phantom thieves as his friends. Akechi shook his head. No, he wants to break free. He’s not a doll anymore and he wants to find his own path to freedom. Akechi’s determination sparked inspiration in Yusuke’s mind. A few weeks later and after another few sessions of getting Akechi as his model (he had him stripped naked), and in one of the session, he got Akira and Akechi modeling together for a reason only Yusuke knows. Akechi was upset that the finished work doesn’t even include their faces or their naked body. It was a painting of a crow breaking free of its cage. The background was red, and the crow flew to towards a lump of light. Yusuke titled it “True Freedom”. It won first prize, and he gave the painting to Akechi as thanks for helping him. It was now hanged on Leblanc. 

Haru : Haru is the hardest one to befriend. Not because Haru avoided him, rather, it was him who avoided Haru. Unlike the case with Futaba, where they managed to pass through the hurdle by sharing a similar interest in Featherman, he couldn’t bringhimself to get close to Haru. Their conversation always ended up short. Haru couldn’t bring herself to talk normally with Akechi either. She couldn’t forgive him for murdering her father, no matter what. She sympathized with him, but she couldn’t forgive him, yet, at least. It was Haru who took the initiative to Akechi, whom at the time was working with Makoto and Sae. Haru said she came expecting Makoto, but that was a lie that only Makoto knows. Haru secretly told Makoto that she wanted to get closer to Akechi, so that she can find a way to forgive him and finally accept him as a friend. Makoto helped, asking Akechi to help her work and told Haru that Akechi will be around for the day. Haru brought them coffee. Her own blend. And asked Akechi for his opinion. Akechi was surprised, of course. Why him out of all people, since Sojiro would be a better candidate. Haru said it’s because he’s been to many restaurants (and mentioned his food blog that he almost choke on her coffee). Akechi then confessed that it was just his method in gathering information so he could use them as conversation ideas with older people. And that he didn’t have that much of an interest in how the food tastes. But Haru still insisted. To their surprise, Akechi was able to give a good feedback. Though, it was mostly compared to Leblanc’s coffee. He figured that it must have be because he had started learning how to blend it himself. Thus, it continued, Haru kept bringing him her experiments, and Akechi keeps giving her feedback. Thinking that it would help pay her back. At one point, they found the perfect blend together. And with that settled, Haru decided to start up her cafe. Everyone came to help. When Akechi stepped into the cafe for the first time after it has been furnished, he just stood still, stare for a while, then smiled. “It gives off a familiar vibe, just like Leblanc.” He said. Haru’s cafe became his second sanctuary. One day when the thieves were partying at Haru’s cafe and she went to clean the dishes, Akechi offered to help. They worked in silence for a while. When they both attempt to break the silence, they spoke at the same time and it became more awkward, until Akechi braced himself to start the conversation. He apologized once again, for everything he had done to her and the others. And then thanked her. He noticed that she wanted to mend their relationship, and apologized once again that he was a coward for not being able to be the one to start the action. He commented how she’s strong and capable. That despite her family situation, she still pushed through. Haru commented that it was thanks to everyone who supported her. And then she added, she wanted to be everyone’s strength too. That includes Akechi. “I can’t forgive you for killing my father, but I believe you could change. You’re one of us now, and I trust you, as much as how everyone else trust you.” Haru said with kind eyes. Akechi thanked her with tears. Because he finally felt like he truly belong with everyone. 

CURSE THE 15 SECOND LIMIT *shakes fist* 

I did what I could (tho I didnt use all the pics I was given to work, hope thats not going to be a problem)

also, mixing up the audio was a pain in the arse, no less because sound forge is being a bastard

now I have to upload it to facebook so people can vote for it, but first tell me what you think~?

//Here’s how to vote

Listen up, New York

Show up at the polls tomorrow with snacks and water and do not leave the line without casting a vote. 

Do not wear election gear. 

Keep your phone ready to record and report suspicious activity 

Maybe even print out your voter registration or screenshot it in case anybody tries to turn you away.

This happened in Arizona, Massachusetts, and every battleground state so far, but I know New York won’t let this happen without consequences for those accountable