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Suitors - Part Two

You guys voted, it was very close, BUT he won by two votes! Here was SOME of the vote messages I enjoyed the most….:

  1. I love Pan better than Newt, but I choose Prince Newt. There’s something about him this time that makes him somehow better than Pan. ;-;
  3. Newt cause he deserves the fucking world
  4. I’d normally go with Peter but Newt is so sweet! she should choose Newt
  5. My darling Newt:)!! She deserves newt:)
  6. Prince Newt for sure. He’s so sweet

If you couldn’t tell, Newt won! Enjoy

Warnings: none

Part One

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“I choose…” You looked around the room. You focused on Prince Peter and Prince Newt. Prince Peter stood there, arms crossed and looking down at the floor. He seemed to be playing around with his tongue on the inside of his mouth. He slouched a little, but still looked rather confident.

Prince Newt looked around. He’d occasionally make eye contact with you, blush, then look away. He was standing up straight, hands dangling by his sides. He was biting the inside of his mouth, hoping he’d be chosen. 

“Prince Newt.” You finally said in a calm yet gentle voice.

At first, Prince Newt didn’t let that register in his head. He was so consumed by his own thoughts. He was thinking of all possibilities. What would happen if he got chosen? What if he didn’t? How would he react? Did you like him? Truth was, you liked both boys for different reasons, but you felt like Prince Newt would be better. He felt like a better fit for you.

“M-Me?” He mustered out. You nodded, and people cheered for you and Prince Newt.

Prince Peter had a scowl on his face. He was bound determined that you were going to pick him. He grumbled under his breath, pouting like a small child. His father nudged him to congratulate Prince Newt. He did. He just did it rather rudely.

“Why’d you choose him?” Your father asked, not as happy as he would be. He really wanted you to choose Prince Peter. 

You stared admiringly at Prince Newt. He was so gentle and made sure you were comfortable. He was sweet and laid-back. He seemed more mature. He smiled so wide at his father and the other people who had accompanied them. He was hugged and congratulated, the cheers still loud.

“He makes me laugh.” You simply replied to your father. He was about to protest, but paused. He got a sudden flashback to when he was a prince. He and three other princes had to try and win your mother’s heart, and the reason why she picked your father was because he made her laugh. 

“I’m proud of you, honey,” your father rested a comforting hand on your shoulder. “Now, go get your Prince.”

You smiled at your father, then your mother. Ellis wasn’t paying much attention since she was too young to have interest in it. But you quickly went over to Prince Newt, smiles on both your faces. He held open his arms, hugging you tightly. You hugged him back, your face going to the crook of his neck.

“I can’t believe you chose me,” Prince Newt mumbled over the sounds. You pulled away from him, staring into his deep brown eyes.

“Like I told my father, you make me laugh.” 

A huge smile appeared then. “May I kiss you again?”

“I don’t think you have to ask anymore,” you giggled but nodded. Newt leaned in to kiss you fully on the lips. People cheered more, patting Prince Newt on the back, and giving you hugs.

Finally, though, you had to say goodbye to Prince Peter. The boy who had suddenly gone quiet and nearly invisible. He had to go back to his homeland and wait for another invite from another kingdom. You walked up to him, giving him a kind smile.

“You were great, Prince Peter, you really were,” you told him. “I had fun.”

His scowl left his face. It softened up as you spoke. “It’s… okay. I wasn’t even ready to get married anyways. I don’t want to deal with it.” He rolled his eyes. You giggled, giving him a hug. 

“I’ll see you some other time,” you hugged him tightly. He hugged back.

“Yeah. See you again, maybe.”

His father bowed, thanking you and your parents for the invite. You curtsied, giving them one more closed-mouth smile. They left then, heading back to their ship to go back to Neverland.

“Prince Newt and Princess Y/N must be wed tomorrow!” Your father announced. Time for the grand celebration to begin.


Celebrating your betrothal was quite the experience. You and Prince Newt were doused in riches. Jewelry, gold, silver, diamonds and rubies; fancy clothes and delicious food. There was a lot of wine drinking, lots of laughter, and you grew closer to Prince Newt. He really was a good fit for you. You two had may things in common, and got along well. 

The wedding had started, you in another beautiful gown. Much poofier this time. Your little sister was a flower girl, looking adorable as ever. The wedding was full of joy and passion. Prince Newt absolutely fell in love with your dress, adoring how you looked in it. He thought you were so beautiful. And even though it’d been about a day or so, he really did like you.

After the ceremony, the party began. You and Prince Newt danced to the music, showing all the party guests your graceful moves. It was plenty fun. The day was filled with your entire kingdom invited to join. It didn’t matter how poor they were. They were invited.  

“I’m happy to spend the rest of my life with you, my Princess,” Prince Newt grinned, his hand resting on your hips.

“And I’m happy I get to spend the rest of my life with you, my Prince.”

You kissed once again, earning that never-ending cheering from your guests.


You and Prince Newt lived this happy life. Love happened, and you two became King and Queen eventually. You guys had three children. Two boys and one girl. You and Prince Newt raised them well. You taught them to be fighters, but also elegant. Taught them how to run a kingdom, but have fun and be fair. You and Prince Newt truly were a different kind of King and Queen. Always so kind and sweet to everyone in the kingdom. 

You and Prince Newt lived happily ever after.


Adrienne Rich (May 16, 1929 – March 27, 2012) 

American poet, essayist and radical feminist. She was called “one of the most widely read and influential poets of the second half of the 20th century”, and was credited with bringing “the oppression of women and lesbians to the forefront of poetic discourse.”

Her first collection of poetry, A Change of World, was selected by renowned poet W. H. Auden for the Yale Series of Younger Poets Award. Auden went on to write the introduction to the published volume. She famously declined the National Medal of Arts, protesting the vote by House Speaker Newt Gingrich to end funding for the National Endowment for the Arts. (Wikipedia)

From our stacks: Dust jacket from Poems Selected and New 1950-1974. New York: W. W. Norton & Company, Inc., 1975. Jacket design by Jay J. Smith. Photograph by John Benedict. Photo of Adrienne Rich by Thomas Victor.         A Change of World By Adrienne Rich with a foreword by W. H. Auden. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1951.

vote on which fic i should write next!!

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the following three choices are the most highly requested, but since I’m really busy this week, I'll be writing them in the order that they’re most requested <3

vote through asks or messages :)

1. shirtless newt w/ scars (sauci sauci!! will be fluff lol)

2. sick newt (#helpthebean2k16)

3. i saw you once p2

hope you’re having a really good day!!!


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