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Fire Emblem Heroes asks

1. What was the first hero you ever summoned (demo heroes excluded)?

2. What was the first 5* hero you ever summoned?

3. What character did you upgrade first? (Any rating.)

4. First character you ever upgraded to 5*?

5. First stable main team?

6. Current main team?

7. Most emotional summon so far?

8. One character for every color that you hate to summon the most?

9. Most annoying 5* summon so far?

10. First 5* character you ever summoned multiple times?

11. First 5* character you ever raised to +?

12. All characters you raised to + so far?

13. A character you really wanted to summon but never came?

14. Favourite weapon type?

15. Most Valuable Unit (in terms of usefulness) you own?

16. An underrated character you like to use?

17. An overrated character you don’t like to use?

18. An OP character that you don’t like.

19. Is there a weapon type you feel vulnerable without?

20. Favourite Voting Gauntlet match?

21. Ever sacrificed a meta unit to boost your favourite?

22. Favourite banner so far?

23. What favs of yours are still not in the game?

24. Sharena or Veronica?

25. Alfonse or Bruno?

26. Aesthetics: Askr or Embla?

27. Favourite weapon, assist, special and A,B,C skills?

28. A character you cherish but never use?

29. Who did your summoner marry?

the saddest moment of competitive overwatch for me was when i got two card votes at the end of a match after hard carrying as roadhog on volskaya…. my ending card was for landing 25+ hooks with 88% hook accuracy

  • fast food worker: what would you like to order?
  • me, on the inside: how has andres iniesta not won the ballon d'or? i mean. he was came in the top 3 in both 2010 and 2012, both years in which he was an integral part of his international side winning a major tournament. in 2012, he was voted man of the match in 3 of the 6 games he played, including the final to which spain won 4-0 against a strong italian side. he was also voted player of the tournament in a side that featured spanish legends in their prime, such as villa, torres, xabi, xavi, etc. although he wasn't a prolific goalscorer, his impact was still incredible. and in 2010? iniesta and xavi carried spain to the nation's first world cup final. iniesta scored in the dying minutes of the match. and that's not even his job! was voted man of the match. winning international tournaments shouldn't be the end all to rate a player, but it certainly does help. think of zinedine zidane, fabio cannavaro, the ORIGINAL ronaldo. they wouldn't be as highly rated as they are without the world cup trophy to their name. many great players are often overlooked, but this has really bugged me.
  • me, on the outside: a mcchicken please

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I think M!As are decided by anons, and events are decided by the blogger. Thus you can spend as much time as you want before hand planning the event.

((Ohh!!! Thank you for clarifying!!))

((On another note, the Francosphere now has 647 votes and Nyo has 280 and I’m still not sure if I should be laughing here or not))

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I always thought, in regards to the stability of his kingdom, Robbs betrothal to Roslin Frey was, in the long run the best thing that could have happened to him. After the Tullys, the Frey probably have a good chance of being the strongest Riverlands house, and they control the border between the two parts of his kingdom, therefore tying them both together. But the impression I get is that most fans think Robb's hand was "wasted" on Roslin. Am I missing something?

Thanks for the question, Anon.

Well, to be impossibly pedantic, Robb’s betrothal was not specifically to Roslin Frey. Catelyn notes that “[h]is lordship has graciously consented to allow you to choose whichever girl you prefer”, and while Roslin was almost certainly on Lord Walder’s mental list of “suitable” Freys, she was not the only choice.

Anywho. I think the problem with Robb’s betrothal was nicely discussed by @racefortheironthrone in his Chapter-by-Chapter Analysis of “Catelyn IX”. Robb’s hand is by far the most valuable nuptial bargaining chip House Stark has at that point (particularly at this moment, when Robb is not yet Lord of Winterfell in his own right, or King in the North and of the Trident). Robb does need to cross at that moment, but Catelyn sold his hand for a cheap price - the 4,000 swords House Frey commands are far more than that which Robb got from his Westerling bride’s House, but hardly a backbreaking percentage of Robb’s eventual strength. What makes the bargain appear even worse a deal for the Starks is that, as that CBC Analysis pointed out, Walder already wanted to betroth one of his daughters to Edmure Tully - Walder in fact explicitly states that he had tried to negotiate a marriage, but that Hoster Tully had shot it down with “sweet words” and “excuses”. Catelyn did not have the express authority to make a marriage for her brother (not that that stopped her offering, without Robb’s consent, to have Robb set aside his crown in favor of a Great Council’s vote), but such a match would have been a much more reasonable exchange, keeping Robb’s valuable hand free while still giving Walder something he really wanted. 

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

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Idk who else to share this with but I recently got POTG and all the votes in a match for being on fire for like 85% of the game but only one person in chat said "good job!" and I replied with "uwu" and they straight up said "never mind" and I wish I got a screenshot bc it was funny as hell


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I'm surprised nobody's ever asked you if you have a fav Ibushi gear is. And if they have, I'm surprised I don't remember the answer lol.

Oh my god why are you so nice to me???? my birthday is not for another month??? You *know* I have an overly-detailed answer to this.


This should not be a surprise; it is in fact my avatar, and this DDT match was voted by me as the hottest event in human history. Also, yes, this counts as ring gear, he literally wore this minus the cape for the entire match. Because of course he did.

Regular gear:

Of his regular gear, I actually like what he’s currently wearing the best! Max glitter! He has two versions: mostly blue with a silver wing, and mostly white with a gold wing. The gold wing one is my favorite, and is the one he’s wearing these days. (Yep, he’s got one kinda skeletal-looking wing on his regular ring gear and has for the past few years. It’s fine.) Here, have a better look at it, for science:

He’s done some good work since the Cruiserweight Classic (above right image). However, I do have to say, Kota hasn’t really switched up that booty shorts and kick pads look for his entire career. I mean, it totally, totally works for him, but sometimes I wonder how he’d look in long tights with dem tall boots? Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

I’d just be curious to see how he’d look in an outfit like this. I like that he has a brand, but it *is* nice to think about some variety sometimes.