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the saddest moment of competitive overwatch for me was when i got two card votes at the end of a match after hard carrying as roadhog on volskaya…. my ending card was for landing 25+ hooks with 88% hook accuracy


The best way to end this Voting Gauntlet is with a team of three Robins, of course. Thank you Team Robin, we did absolutely great and I couldn’t be more proud of us. And a huge thank you to Team Tharja. You guys were amazing opponents, and you gave us so much determination and commitment for this final round 💙❤️💙❤️

Potential Voting Gauntlet Match-ups

Archers vs Dagger Users

Oh, how interesting this will be. If Takumi will be here, he might win this one. However, there are other archers that have the hearts of the players. I, for one, have taken a strong liking to Klein. Gordin is a cutie pie and needs to be protected, and his mentor, Jeorge tho ٩(♡ε♡ )۶ Can’t forget about Niles~ So much good male archers. The female archers also have a chance! Faye is in the newly-released FE Echoes, so she might be more well-known.

Now the dagger users… Jaffar definitely needs to be here (I’ll support him all the way XD). Everyone else but Matthew comes from Awakening or Fates, so they have a strong chance of having a lot of supporters if they get chosen. Gaius will definitely be in this one since he was one of the most popular Awakening characters. Might be a strong opponent for Takumi. Heck, Kagero might be a strong opponent for Gaius! People gotta have their waifus. I would find it funny if Gaius and Saizo end up fighting XD

So for the candidates, there needs to be 2 male and 2 female archers vs 2 male and 2 female dagger users for a fair-looking fight.

Red vs Green Cavaliers (color scheme wise, not weapon)

From what I could tell, there are always these types of cavaliers in each Fire Emblem game. Abel and Cain are definite candidates, and so are Sully and Stahl. If Sain and Kent were in Heroes, they could also be in this one (but sadly they aren’t… IS/Nintendo get on it). Aaaaaanddd I don’t know who else lol

As nice as this match-up could be, as this one doesn’t seem to have a definite candidate who will win, there just doesn’t seem to be enough heroes of this type in the game right now. Maybe in the far future?

Healers vs Healers

Healers get shunned in this game. It’s sad, but there’s not really much use for them unless you’re training a newbie hero. However, with the introduction of Genny and her Wrathful Staff, healers can become more viable.

Female vs Male Healers would be a nice match-up, but there is a shortage of male healers, sadly. If they add a new one in the future, maybe this match-up could be possible. 

I think this would be a fun one. WRYS WILL RISE

So what potential match-ups do you guys think might happen? Or wish to happen?


Possible 19% swing in Hillary Clinton’s favor happened in Chicago that may have not only lost Chicago, but the entire state of Illinois for Bernie Sanders after it was discovered that State Board of Elections Auditors were witnessed changing votes to match reported Primary night totals.

Starts around the 24 minute mark:

Nevada, New York, and now Illinois, state after state is running into potential tampering in Clinton’s favor.