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The fact that exit polls didn't match vote counts in rural Ukraine 2004 was the basis for the US to declare that the vote was questionable and that the election results were fraudulent.

Everyone keeps saying the polling was wrong in US2016. It was only wrong in a couple of states. Lots of people are saying this is because of the fact that Trump voters may be more likely to decline requests to participate in exit polls. But if that’s true, exit polls would be off everywhere, not just in a few places. 

Exit polls were accurate in CO, OH, NV, IA, TX, etc - almost everywhere except for in NC, FL, PA, WI, MI, and GA, where they were way off. Experts can go back and look at polling results and their analysis and figure out where they went wrong and what could have given them a better prediction.

But you can’t validate the vote count in most states where exit polls and vote counts didn’t match without recounts. You might even need forensics analysis on the machines that don’t have paper trails attached - which is most of the ones that reported huge margins for Trump in the states in question. 

So, to those who say “what makes you think the polling was accurate,” you could also say, “what makes you think the vote count was accurate?” The vote probably wasn’t stolen, but it’s basically impossible to reject this possibility without audits

We have no mandatory audits in these states. Most of the machines used in Trump-leaning districts were those known to be most likely to malfunction or most vulnerable to cyber-intrusion. None of them record paper trails. 

In other words, we tolerate in this country an electoral process that we have literally condemned in other countries. 

When we provide democracy assistance in other countries, we insist that best practices include paper trails, mandatory audits, and observers. 

I get that Americans are super trusting in their electoral process, but why would we trust these things here but nowhere else? particularly when our election systems were being hacked all summer and fall?

(from a private group discussion of election results by people who don’t want to be identified. not my original thoughts)

💚🍊ZoNami Week 2017...Poll!?🍊💚

YES! This year, I am going to have you guys ‘vote’ on how you want our annual ZoNami Week to be set up.

And here are your two options…

1.) ZoNami Week + Themes
Basically, we run it the same as last year - you guys send in themes, we vote on which one matches each day and then you send in your fan art / fanfics / etc.~

2.) ZoNami Bang Bang
It’s actually a mini bang, but with a cuter title. You send in your info about yourself as an artist for fan art, an author for fan fiction, or both! I’d randomly pair everyone up, and you will then have all of ZoNami Week 2017 to submit your work, together.

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Possible 19% swing in Hillary Clinton’s favor happened in Chicago that may have not only lost Chicago, but the entire state of Illinois for Bernie Sanders after it was discovered that State Board of Elections Auditors were witnessed changing votes to match reported Primary night totals.

Starts around the 24 minute mark:

Nevada, New York, and now Illinois, state after state is running into potential tampering in Clinton’s favor.


On this day in history, Shane McMahon took on Kurt Angle in a street fight during the June 24, 2001 broadcast of King of the Ring.

This match was voted as one of the Top 10 best matches of the year 2001, probably because of the amount of insane stunts (courtesy of Shane McMahon) and the athleticism shown by both competitors. 

Can’t believe it’s been fourteen years since this match took place.

The Billboard vote

Can someone explain to me that if the Billboard Fan Army Face Off is only valid if you vote between 1D-Queens AND Beyoncé-5SOS, then why are the number of votes not matching when you add them up?

And I mean SERIOUSLY not matching.

1,7 M when you add the votes up.

While here it is about 800 K.

And again, your vote only counts if you pick from both brackets.

So, what is this sorcery?

Am I following the wrong logic here?