vote legion

“What’s happening?” Clarke asked from her seat on Lexa’s lap.

“The world is ending.” Alec replied, pacing the length of the white room.

“Well that’s a little dramatic.” Lexa said, playing with Clarke’s hair. “It’s just a vote.”

“A whole legion of fangirls are going to end up with a fear of street signs.” Magnus laughed, and checked his phone. “Hey! Alec! We went up .1 percent!”


“But no matter who wins, no hard feelings, right?” Clarke asked.

“Easy for you to say! You’re winning!”

“Yah, and I’m dead.” Lexa crossed her arms.

Magnus sat down. “Our show is better anyway.”

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PJO AU where Nico is the big burly muscle machine and Jason is the short not-as-muscley pipsqueak

Jason tried his best not to stare when the Ambassador of Pluto arrived with the Daughter of Pluto. The first thing that struck him when both appeared was that the ambassador already reeked with a deadly aura. 

He could feel his own soul trying to leap from his chest and get swallowed by the Stygian iron sword that was sheathed on this odd demigod’s hip. The girl, immediately Jason thought, could use work. He could tell that she’d never lifted a sword a day in her life.

But the boy was at least six feet tall, with a wide set of shoulders and an angular jawline that was sculpted to follow a skull. 

A much more attractive skull, Jason thought hazily as they gathered to determine Hazel Levesque’s fate. The murmurs were loud and deafening amongst the centurions, Dakota included as he tried to get Jason to speak. 

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