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Willful Ignorance is an American Political Party with an active base! You can never change the inherent bias in these people. Trying to win them over to vote for their economic interests is futile. Economics is not important to these people; only abortion, LGBTQ Rights, discrimination against minorities, and their right to be “politically incorrect” is all that matters to them. Progressives are naive if they think they can convert these narrow-minded bigots. They are a hopeless cause. It’s best to get the traditional voters and potential voters to the polls by giving them the incentive to vote. Grassroots organizing is also important. Also, not allowing Republicans to suppress the vote.

uk ge2017 voting incentive?

Uk followers i’m actually begging you, please vote in the general election on thursday!!! the tories are counting on young people like you staying home. if u message me that you voted or take a pic of yourself at your polling station and tag me in it, i’ll follow you, add you to a shout out post i’ll put up on friday of all my politically woke uk peeps and reblog your latest selfie, i’m 100% on this, literally anything to get as many people as possible out tomorrow!!! if you’re not sure who to vote for this site: will tell you what to vote in your constituency to prevent a tory majority. it’s really important we stop them leading us in to another 5 years of cuts to education, welfare and healthcare, down the hard brexit route, and legitimising closet ableists, racists, homo/transphobes and misogynists.

We’re back!!!!! Demon of the Underground ch.04p.00 is up, plus a new voting incentive!  And we’ll have two new pages next week!

I’m so excited to start this new chapter.  Chapter 3 was pretty intense.  Chapter 4 has its serious moments for sure, but it’s also got lots of scenes that are just fun!

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Fun Awards 2016 Nominations

Fun Awards

Authors, please remember: Self-promotion is okay, but offering incentives to vote for you is not. If you see any author doing this, politely remind them to stop, and if they do not, please inform the blog straight away.

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Fave Phan Moment of 2016 

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  6. sometimes i dream about being one of the reindeer galloping through the sky with leather straps tying me to my friends mm yes carrots please (most recent nom)

Fave 2016 Phil Tweet  

  1. :( I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative
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  4. I kinda want to connect the dots of all the freckles on my body and see if it makes the shape of an animal or a map to the underworld
  5. ‘Me and my brother just got mistakenly called 'sir and madam’ on the train and now we’re trying to figure out who was madam’
  6. What am I even sitting next to right now
Just wrote someone a very long email about how The Oscars (and Hollywood in general) work, and I thought I'd put it here
Spoiler alert: making the best picture of the year has nothing to do with whether or not you win an Oscar. What I keep hearing again and again is “Hollywood is all about who you know.”  Which is why breaking in is such a daunting task.  A lot of the TV writers that I’ve read advice from keep saying that the best way to get a job in a TV writer’s room is to know someone who knows the executive producer, or to just go and introduce yourself if you happen to run into them at Starbucks or something.  Which is why I’m hoping that it won’t be too forward and desperate seeming of me if I try begging the executive producers of The Knick to read my spec over Twitter. Anyway.  Getting into “The Academy” is the same way.  If you just look at their webpage, it’s pretty self-explanatory: you get into The Academy because you know someone who is already in The Academy  and they sponsor you for membership, and the members then vote for who gets the awards.  It’s a democracy, but it’s an insider, good-old-boys club where there are serious career incentives to vote for, oh, say Ben Affleck’s big budget Iranian revolution film instead of a superior-in-all-ways indie film created by a first-time director with zero industry clout.  Not to mention that there are huge campaigns that go on behind the scenes, with “for your consideration” ads being run in Variety and The Hollywood Reporter (they’re so annoying this time of year, whenever I go looking at stories about where I might go looking for a job, I’m hit with Benedict Cumberbatch’s face), members are also sent free DVDs and fancy gifts from movie companies looking to curry some favor.  And then there’s the “they’re just a bunch of old White men” factor.  The LA Times broke its membership down:   

     Even if they’re voting objectively, without the nepotism and bribes, this kind of membership is naturally going to favor other White, male made films about White men.  Which explains why Birdman, despite being ridiculously pretentious and just kinda depressing, is likely to win best original screenplay while Cake, an indie movie with a nearly entirely female cast with an absolutely fantastic, clever, beautiful, and touching screenplay, isn’t even likely to be nominated.  It also means that it’s likely to give out Oscars to screenplays and movies that are kind of sexist, racist or homophobic.  Like I was saying earlier, I thought that Quentin Tarantino’s serious over-use of the n-word ruined an otherwise clever screenplay, making it sound like it was written by a ten-year-old who’s just realized he can use swear words when his mother isn’t looking, and I’ve got a lot of Black friends who tell me that it wasn’t even that great a screenplay to begin with.  And like how last year Spike Jonez won best original screenplay for Her, even though the movie was seriously too long, slow, boring, and its gender politics were kinda icky.  Beyond just the whole movie, there are also the kinds of roles available.  Recently, there have been more actors of color winning Oscars than ever, but if you look at the kinds of roles that are being offered, it’s not that great.  Seven Black actresses have won a best acting Oscar, and of those even roles, two have been slaves, one a maid, one an evil welfare queen, and one a woman having an affair with a racist.  Not exactly the most progressive kind of roles, but they’re the kind of roles that White people are used to seeing Black people in, and they’re the kind of roles that White people are going to vote for.  Quite often, when Hollywood actually does write a decent role about a person of Color, it goes to a White actor.  Characters of color in books magically become White on screen.  The lead role of Ghost in the Shell just went to Scarlett Johansen.  Back in classic Hollywood, Anna May Wong, an immensely talented Chinese-American actress, finally had the lead role that was going to give her an Oscar in The Good Earth, but the role went to Louise Rainer, who won the Oscar.     So, Oscar tropes.  There are a few tried-and-true tropes that seem to always work.  The most popular, and the most effective, is to play an iconic famous person.  This year, see Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking.  Biopics are always big winners, and I’ll admit, a lot of the time, they create outstanding performances.  The King’s Speech is another good example of it.  It was a good movie, but I don’t think it was an especially *great* movie.  Another kind of infamous trope is “to go gay.”  Hollywood has a really weird relationship with queer people.  Anywhere there’s a lot of creativity and self-expression, there’s going to be a lot of gay folks coming to be there, so yeah, there are a lot of gay people in Hollywood.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean you get a lot of positive queer representation out of film and TV.  Recently, I talked to several transgender women about how they want to see trans people represented on TV (one of my characters in my TV pilot is a trans girl), and they all told me they were so very tired of the sad, pathetic queer person who does nothing but suffer and then dies.  The Imitation GameDallas Buyers ClubBoys Don’t CryPhiladelphia, they all fall into this trap, and they’re all big Oscar winners (or nominees at least).  Which is why I was freaking out so much to see the TV show Transparent win best comedy series and best comedy actor.  Transparent has a trans character who has a hard time and who struggles with coming out and transitioning late in life, but she ultimately stands on her own and most importantly, doesn’t fucking die.  And then there’s the whole issue of straight actors winning tons and tons of awards for playing gay roles while gay actors are terrified of coming out of the closet and ruining their career (it’s pretty much an open secret that Kevin Spacey is gay, but you haven’t heard a word of that from him, have you?).  Which is again why Matt Bomer, who is openly gay, winning a Golden Globe for a gay role, was also a really big deal.   and then there’s the role of women on the production half of Hollywood.  It’s still an overwhelming boys club.  Normally, I wouldn’t write (or even watch) campy melodrama for broadcast TV prime time, but I absolutely would change my style if I could get a chance to work with Shonda Rhimes.  She has three hit shows on air right now, is a titan of the industry, and is big on supporting other women in the industry.  That’s the kind of career support I might not get anywhere else.  But, as TV platforms continue to broaden, hopefully there will be more room for female screenwriters and female showrunners.  Orange is the New Black and Transparent, on Netflix and Amazon, respectively, both have female showrunners, have a solid core of female characters, and likely wouldn’t have gotten made if it weren’t for Netflix and Amazon being desperate for quality original programming.  The sudden boom of Netflix and other streaming services is a huge fucking deal for the entertainment industry because without the limitations on how programming is delivered, you no longer have to pander to the lowest common denominator and make TV and movies guaranteed to appeal to the widest possible audience.   There is a real breakdown of economics here: there are only so many network TV channels and so many time slots during the day.  Just the same, there are only so many movie theaters out there with only so many seats.  They aren’t going to waste precious space on something that’s got a somewhat narrow audience.  With Netflix and other streaming services, suddenly, that limit is completely removed, and suddenly people are *shocked* to realize that women want to watch stories about women, people of color want to watch other people of colors, and queers want to watch other queers.  And if it’s an especially good story, people from other groups might just join in.  Orange is the New Black may not have as massive an audience as How I Met Your Mother, but it’s a good enough show that people really do care about it and are passionate about seeing it do well, and want to see more TV shows like it.  So TV is really having a huuuuge moment where showrunners are king, original content is everything, and new voices are finally being heard.  Movies might just eventually catch up.  The Interview did absurdly well being streamed, much better than it would have just being in theaters.  I’m really wondering why the hell more movie companies aren’t going for the release to Netflix distribution method because movie theaters are a pain in the ass, and when I want to see a movie, I want to see it *now.* (cough, I um didn’t exactly pay to watch most of this season’s movies when I probably should have paid.  Seriously if movie companies want to compete with online piracy, they need to start making movies more available.  I’d have paid if they were on Netflix).  So if movies ever gain the democratizing effect that streaming has had on TV, you should be seeing much more diverse awards in the future, but it’s going to be slow going.   So yes there’s a long lesson on diversity in Hollywood and just what a clusterfuck of nepotism Hollywood really is.  I can’t wait to work there.

Demon of the Underground ch.03p.124 is up, plus a new voting incentive!

And that’s the end of the chapter! :O  Chapter 4 will start on Monday, August 7!  In the meantime, we’ll have a few other things going on:

6/29 - Chapter 12 of Merritt’s story will go up on Patreon.  We’ll have at least three new chapters during the hiatus.

7/3 - DOTU Creator Q&A - I’ll be answering questions about me, my life, my professional methods, etc. on my primary tumblr @bob-artist - The ask box is open now so you can start sending questions in advance!

7/17 - I’ll be hosting a general DOTU Q&A on DOTU’s Facebook page.  Details to come. :D

7/? - The NEW WEBSITE will go up!

And of course, I’ll still be active on all the places where you can usually find me - here, Patreon, email, etc.

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Phanfic Awards 2016 - Voting

Welcome to the Phanfic Awards! 

Now that the new year has begun, it’s time for Voting to start! All qualifying nominations have gone through to voting, which will be open from January 2nd to January 30th, with the awards ceremony being hosted on tinychat sometime in February.

As the Awards have switched to google forms this year, we’ve limited Voting to one Vote per award per person. You will need a google account in order to vote - creating a google account is simple, easy, and free if the need arises.

Authors, please remember: Self-promotion is okay, but offering incentives to vote for you is not. 

If you see any author doing this, politely remind them to stop, and if they do not, please inform the blog straight away.

Remember, each person only has one Vote per Award, so make them count! Be sure to pick the fic that you personally think deserves to win the most, even if it is a hard choice. Voting ends January 30th!

Below you will find links to the google form for each category that will take you to voting, as well as a link to another post linking to each fic nominated for each catagory.

Fun Awards (Vote Here) (Nominations)

Best Overall Fic Awards (Vote Here) (Nominations)

Best Genre Awards (Vote Here) (Nominations)

Best Universe Awards (Vote Here) (Nominations)

Best Other Awards (Vote Here) (Nominations)