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I vote Harrison Osterfield plays Harry Osborn in the new Spider-Man franchise

I mean he’s perfect for the role. He looks like the douchy rich kid and is Tom’s best friend

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new works! 🌙

hey guys! so the votes are in, and these are the ones I’m doing first, the rest will be done but maybe in the future! (: thank you so much for voting! here are the results!

- HC of the Holy Trinity helping you study (5 votes)

- Interviews with Ellen as Harrison’s girlfriend (3 votes)

- HC of Tom meeting your parents (2 votes)

- Divergent with Tom (or Harrison) (2 votes)

- Stuck in an Elevator with Harrison (2 votes)

- 3am Drive Thru’s with Harrison (2 votes)

- Road Trips with Sam (2 votes)

- Classmates with Peter Parker (1 vote)

- Actress, Co-Star & Girlfriend to Tom (1 vote)

- High School Popularity with Tom and Harrison (1 vote)

- Playing Silk on SM:H (au) (1 vote)

- Chemistry with Sam Holland (1 vote)

- HC of Growing up next to the Hollands (1 vote)

these are the order I’m going to write them! I will be writing the other ones later on, but these are first priority!! thanks so much for voting! (:

You choose…

I’m quite determined to finish a fic for every character I’ve currently got on the go this weekend, so I’m going to let you guys choose which ones you’d like to have first. Choices are:

- Harry Wells

- Leroy Jethro Gibbs

- Jason Bull

- Tony DiNozzo

- Harribard/EoWells

Let me know which you’d prefer to have first :)

Ryan Murphy vs. Feminism (Spoiler)

I want to first say, I know the whole new season is not the doing of just Ryan Murphy, there is also co-creator Brad Falchuk. But we of course know Murphy is more the face than Falchuk with hits like Scream Queens and Glee.

Characters in the new AHS season, “CULT”, is basically full of political American archetypes we are all too familiar in our own backyard. There is the ditzy housewife, Meadow, who even admits she shouldn’t be voting. Her husband, Harrison, is a homosexual man that decided to marry Meadow, but still has an open marriage with a police officer, who we are not sure is out. Ally, the paranoid liberal who just happened to vote for Jill Eistein (really)? Her wife, Ivy, who takes on as the protective role, and also an extreme Hillary supporter. Winter, who is a college women’s studies major and also expressive feminist. Beverly, who represents the media. And Kai, who portrays himself as a conservative in order to get elected, but is really a anarchist, sociopath, and cult leader. 

There is also this stereotyped Trump supporter as well, but he isn’t really brought up to the story as much as the other victims and cult followers.

So, we are familiar with Ryan Murphy poking fun at these archetypes. In Scream Queens, season 1 (like I was going to bother with season 2), there were always strings of feminist ideals that were more or less made fun of coming from the mouths of Billie Lourd and Emma Roberts. Those girls representing a new wave of feminism and Jamie Lee Curtis representing the radical feminism of the 70′s. It was cringe worthy, but Murphy and Falchuk decided to turn it up in last night’s episode. 

I think the worst part is that they chose Lena Dunham. She is your average white feminist that reports the problems of 20-something white girls who don’t have much of a job, but yet can afford a way better place to live than me. She has been in the press many times, where she means well in feminism, but has more or less just embarrassed the political philosophy. In all honesty, a lot of celebrities do, and I am including Beyonce in this. 

So Lena Dunham agreed to play the crazy assassin of Andy Warhol. And SPOILER: Turns out her own cult of extreme feminists is actually the Zodiac Killer. 

So more spoilers to come. Kai starts getting a head and gains more followers, which leaves Beverly feeling like Kai used her to gain fame, and on top of that, was not sticking with the plan. So the girlfriend of Valerie, the feminist cult leader, somehow gets in touch with her at a convenient time, and basically gathered the rest of Kai’s female members into starting their own little movement called “Scum Manifesto” Scum Manifesto being the original brainchild of Valerie. 

And the reason why the girls are doing this is because now that Kai has more members (male) they are now all set out to the sidelines until given orders. 

Valerie’s own teachings back in the 60′s was that men are given help by women, but then take away the credit of women. Which is why when a male member of Valerie’s group takes credit by calling himself the Zodiac killer, he is met with murder by the Scum Cult. However, Valerie’s revealed schizophrenia and obsession with getting credit for her own masterpiece drives the Scum cult away. 

In a way, it is brilliant, but it was still cringe worthy. This is the newest attempt and Murphy presenting feminism almost as an obsessive mental illness; like hysteria. And the fact that he chose Valerie as the feminist icon/cult leader who was actually diagnosed with schizophrenia says a lot on what he thinks. Maybe he purposely chose a Killer Icon, because what bigger fear men have than an angry bowl-haired feminist?

At this point, the “Let’s pick on feminist ideals” is getting old. Although, I do see that he feels if he must present Kai as a god-complex sociopath, then he must pick on the liberal feminists. Although, I have not really seen any true parody of a Trump supporter, other than the guy who chopped off his own arm. Some people may argue that Kai is the stereotype, but Kai merely chose to idenitify as a conservative, because he knows that’s where a young, white, male, would do best in. 

Now we are in the battle of the cults, which is still ultimately orchestrated by Kai. 


Weird presidential elections

It ain’t just 2000, folks. We can make LOTS of elections go bad if we try:

–1800: Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr tied in the Electoral College at 73 votes each. Jefferson was elected President on the 36th ballot in the House of Representatives.

–1824: Andrew Jackson got 99 Electoral College votes, while John Quincy Adams got 84. However, neither won an Electoral College majority in a four-way race. Adams got elected by the House of Representatives. Jackson would go on to win in 1828, creating the modern Democratic Party (with Martin Van Buren) in the process.

–1876: Samuel Tilden got 184 Electoral College votes; Rutherford B. Hayes received 165. 20 votes from Southern states were disputed. Eventually, all 20 votes were cast for Hayes, who despite having been a General in the Civil War, promptly ended Reconstruction, setting in motion the era of Jim Crow segregation for at least the next 100 years.

–1888: Grover Cleveland, the Democrat was seeking reelection; he won a plurality of the popular vote (48.6%) but lost the Electoral College vote to Benjamin Harrison, who had won 47.8% of the popular vote. Cleveland would then win in 1892, making him the only non-consecutive two-term president in US history.

–2000: Al Gore won the popular vote by a little more than 500,000 votes, but was behind in Florida by 537 votes when the Supreme Court canceled all additional recounts in Bush v Gore. Bush won the Electoral College 271-266, with one vote not counted. 

2016? We shall see … 

Thanks Jimmy Madison! Thanks!