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Vote For Your Favs (7/15)

↳Princess Zelda

Icons are free to use, credit is not necessary (but appreciated)

Took a vote on Instagram for everyone’s favorite warrior cat and Jayfeather won!
Crookedstar and Hawkfrost were a close second, but dang, I loved drawing this boy!

(Referenced from a picture I took of my cat, Sam)

*Do not use this art or image in any way without my stated and proven permission-thank you!*

why the fuck does no one care about what happened with the ACA vote?????? where the fuck are my liberals, my activists, my social-justice warriors. where the fuck is everyone when something happens to disabled people. taking away insurance for people with pre-existing conditions will LITERALLY kill most of us and i haven’t seen a single post about this. why does no one care about this. 

I'm having a huge writers block

Like I cannot think of anything to write, I wanted to maybe do a Hetalia Warrior Cats idk voting again

🔲Warrior Cat Hetalia

🔲Step Mom AU! But with Hijab Italy

🔲Angst with Hijab!Italy and Disabled!Ludwig

🔲More Deaf!Italy and Disabled!Ludwig

🔲A disease where people become aggressive and hungry which lead to the not turn to be scared and hide


Top 15 Relationships on The 100 (as voted by my followers)

#9: Indra & Octavia Blake

Do you know what a warrior’s second is? 

An apprentice. 

I can make you a great warrior, Octavia of the Sky People, if you’re willing to do what it takes to become my second.


Babyz! B.A.P is nominated at the Seoul Music Awards too!

I don’t know if you know but there’s a way to earn voting tickets without buying them, i thought making this tutorial of the “misions” they have would be helpful. 

Is the same in all apps, you donwload them, do the game (just touch the numbers in order from 1 to 30), then you will get the points.

Exchange them for tickets and them vote!

Go babyz! We can do it  ❤