vote for tequila

4 x 05 and Tegan/Michaela

I love that this episode was mostly Bonnie. What we learn about her has been a long time coming. It was beautiful and horrible and Liza Weil did an amazing job.

But guys. Every time Tegan and Michaela were on screen together, all I could think about was their inevitable sexual encounter (because you don’t give $1000 shoes to a really great intern).

Last night, Tegan went home and wrote in her diary “Michaela loves the shoes, but I’m not sure she gets the message. Looks like I’ll have to keep her at work late this week.”

I ship Tequila/Ginger…. so hard, omg. Like, idk where it came from, but then. Considering Tequila snuck himself into that Ginger voyeur fic I wrote the night after watching TGC for the first time, and now I’m writing another quick little (gen) thing with the two of them, I just. >.>

Yeah, Tequila/Ginger is going up on the OTP wall with Merwin and Merlahad and Royal Eggs.

Also, if there’s not already a ship name for the pair of them, I definitely vote for ‘Tequila Ale’ as the ship name. XD

  • Janelle Pierzina: "GOLD DIGGING BITCH"
  • Big Brother fans: "omfg lol i luv janelle so much"
  • Britney Haynes: "I vote to evict tequila, vomit, and hundred dollar bills. Rachel."
  • Big Brother fans: "LOL britney ur so funny"
  • Zach Rance: "All my energy is going toward ruining Victoria's life. I hate her with a passion. Every time I turn around she's fucking staring at me with these ugly disgusting eyes."
  • Big Brother fans: "LOL zach is so cute i ship zankie so hard"
  • Christine Brecht: *exists*
  • Big Brother fans: "Christine's an ugly hypocrite bitch piece of shit i fucking hate her"