vote for tequila

  • Janelle Pierzina: "GOLD DIGGING BITCH"
  • Big Brother fans: "omfg lol i luv janelle so much"
  • Britney Haynes: "I vote to evict tequila, vomit, and hundred dollar bills. Rachel."
  • Big Brother fans: "LOL britney ur so funny"
  • Zach Rance: "All my energy is going toward ruining Victoria's life. I hate her with a passion. Every time I turn around she's fucking staring at me with these ugly disgusting eyes."
  • Big Brother fans: "LOL zach is so cute i ship zankie so hard"
  • Christine Brecht: *exists*
  • Big Brother fans: "Christine's an ugly hypocrite bitch piece of shit i fucking hate her"