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Takamina's Popular Wise Words Best 5

This ranking is based on staffs’ vote. Takamina announced the ranking in kageana of her solo concert. So here we go.

“Doryoku wa kanarazu mukuwareru ~hip-hop version~”

“Keeki ga nakutemo, Atsuko wo iwaerun dayo” (Even though there’s no cake, we can celebrate Atsuko’s birthday)

“Doryoku wa kanarazu mukuwareru ~accoustic version~”

“Asobina, asobina”

“Eranda michi wo seikai ni suru shika nai” (There’s nothing you can do but make right the path you chose)

I don’t really remember why it was called ‘hip-hop’ and 'accoustic’ version. Let me try to remember and search for someone who wrote a report of it. But as far as I could remember, it had something to do with 3rd and 4th Senbatsu Sousenkyo’s speech.

About the 1st one, she said that she quoted from a certain popular book.

The only thing I remember clearly is about the 4th one. It was about the accident in Yoyogi’s concert (in 2010?). The cake was messed up by Tomochin. But Takamina said: “You see, in this venue, the 1st and 2nd floor (seats) are looks like a cake so let’s just go with this beautiful cake to celebrate your birthday.” or so like that.

If there is someone who knows the details about this, please correct me.