vote for shane

I’m not sure if I have to campaign for this whole prom thing we’ve got happening. Good luck to everyone else I’m running against. Blaine, you’re awesome and your style of clothing makes me hate you in the best way possible. Holden, if you don’t win on your hair alone I will question the voting. Shane, you seem like a cool dude. Carter, good luck to you as well. Thanks to the people that voted for me and now this is getting awkward. Anyways, I have no idea who Savannah and I are doing before prom things with Saturday so everyone is free to join. Yes she pulls the strings and I just plan on showing up with a smile.

not to be a meninist or whatever, but if yall think i’m not going to ever vote three girls - who are in an all-white southern alliance that ironically lacks the two black houseguests that are also from the south, constantly trash one of the two black women in the house over pettiness, has called the other black woman “scary” and “intimidating” - as have nots for the sake of girl power, then you’ve got another thing coming

tomorrow is going to be so wild. danielle doesn’t know she’s staying…shane doesn’t know he’s leaving…scott doesn’t know he could be breaking a split vote…the plastics don’t know justin/jason know they’re actually voting out shane instead of danielle…kryssie/neeley don’t know any damn thing about what’s going on

The votes to get Monte out ARE there. Danielle can 100% make Shane vote him out and Neeley knows that its a numbers game and she doesn’t want to lose anyone on her side so she will vote Monte out over anyone else OTB. Justin, Neeley, Jason, Kryssie, Danielle and Shane are all votes to evict Monte. Minus 2 OTB, plus America’s vote are 5 which is enough to get his ass back to the ranch.

i still don’t like the plastics/scott but their plan to let the jamboree vote against danielle only to keep her and vote out shane has me SHOOK like i CANNOT WAIT for this DRAMA

Vote cornbread as 3rd nom

Literally our only chance for no one in the minority side the house to go home is to vote for cornbread as 3rd nom. Alex/Whitney have both said they’re open to anything (when referring to going after the guys) but said they want to keep working with Monte/Shane for a couple weeks. Earlier today Alex/Shelby said they’re trying to get closer to Scott so that gets rid of them evicting him. AND LITERALLY RIGHT BEFORE I STARTED WRITING THIS POST ALEX/MORGAN/SHELBY SAID CORNBREAD IS WAY TO CLOSE TO MONTE/SHANE AND THAT HES SKETCHY AND THAT HE WONT MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH ANYONE THEM AND THAT THEYD WANT MONTE TO PUT CORNBREAD UP BUT DOUBT HE WILL.

Get rid of your ego, think logically, and make your vote for 3rd nom count. Voting for Alex, Whitney, or Shane because you’re petty will only CONFIRM that either Jason, Kryssie, or Shelby will go home. The minority alliance + Neeley will evict cornbread over Jason/Kryssie (also Scott cuz he confirmed he’d want Jason/Kryssie to stay) and if Cornbread is up there on the block with them the plastics + Shelby will HIGHLY consider evicting him. PLUS WE GET A VOTE TOO.

Let’s make this twist count, we can literally change the game.

Evict cornbread.

I’d have more respect for production if they rigged the game by coaching Alex. Let her get herself out of danger if she’s that good of a player. Dan’s funeral, Dan getting Danielle to use the power of veto on him and being the sole vote to evict Shane, Michelle telling Polly with or without him she had the votes to keep Tiffany, Danielle flipping Shane against Cornbread, those are exciting moments for fans to watch. Big moves and strategies are entertaining, handing HG freebies and trying to convince the HoH to protect productions favorites are not.

Shelby: all of the misfits hate her but she’s been able to portray herself as weak and stupid so none of them are even coming after her. She, along with Morgan, came up with the plan to blindside the misfits by voting out Shane to cause distrust on that side of the house. It didn’t happen but she still proved she can be a schemer. Let Kryssie do all the talking last night and was able to learn about a Justin, Jason, and Scott alliance that she confronted both Justin and Scott about.

Morgan: became buddy-buddy with Monte and was able to take Shane’s spot of being Monte’s number one. Protected her alliance members by getting Monte to nominate Kryssie as the replacement nom instead of Shelby. was part of the blindside plan last week that was killed by Scott and Alex. Is working on buildng a connection with Justin to have some protection with the LNJ side.

Whitney: The best social game by far of all the plastics, and most of the house tbh. Was the second closest person to Monte after Cornbread’s eviction. The only member of the plastics with strong relationships with people on the other side of the house. Got Justin to promise to protect her this week and was the only plastic to have Kryssie guarantee her safety.

Alex: ….