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helenhuntingdon replied to your post “it´s a flipping soap. none of these people are going to be winning…”

lmfaooo I’ve literally just been like it’s not the fucking Oscars??? I can’t even remember which awards it was.

lmao, right? i mean sure, ryan seems like a sweetheart and i personally enjoy his acting a lot, so i´m happy for him when he wins stuff, but let´s not pretend like a fan voted award by some random ass magazine says much about acting skills. these things are mostly about which characters the people watching enjoy most and the size of the storylines they were a part of. unless people are out there personally attacking actors, i honestly could not care less about their opinions regarding this cast´s acting skills. to each their own.

OOC: Going on another break!

“Another?? First it was a con weekend, then Gishwhes…”

Yeah, I’m sorry ;o; This has been a busy past few weeks, and from the end of Gishwhes to today I haven’t had a lot of time to draw a bunch of tinycas to queue. 
This time I’ll be gone for around a week (maybe shorter, maybe longer) recovering from finger surgery that I’m getting tomorrow.
“Finger?? Seriously?”
Yeah, seriously

While it’s not in my drawing hand, it is still incredibly painful (like, ripping-my-finger-off-will-hurt-less-than-this painful. I’ve gotten this same surgery 3 times before in the past so it won’t be my first rodeo.) and I will be on pain medication and I won’t exactly want to be drawing during that time…

Sorry again, thanks for your patience! Hopefully I’ll be up to drawing again sooner rather than later <3

and dont forget to keep voting for Random Acts on Twitter and/or Instagram til the 23rd!! More info here!

and while i’m here i might as well plug my Society6 and Redbubble shops in case you’re bored and wanna spend money.

If you are trying to vote for Random Acts for Upgrade Your World and your voting by commenting on the Facebook post instead of voting on Twitter make sure you are tagging Random Acts and not just writing RandomActsOrg with the @ sign. If it doesn’t turn blue - YOU HAVEN’T ACTUALLY TAGGED THEM AND YOUR VOTE WON’T COUNT. I keep seeing posts without the charity tagged and you’re not actually voting that way. If you write @ and then Random Acts it will pop up on a drop down menu and you can click on it.
IF YOU CAN’T TAG AND DON’T SEE THE DROP DOWN MENU - it’s probably because you’re on mobile. You have to switch to laptop or desktop. Lots of people are having trouble with their mobile devices. I couldn’t get it to tag from any of my mobile devices, but when I got on my laptop it worked.
Voting ending Sunday! Random Acts is an amazing charity! And Misha sure could use a win right now!

I have a huge favor to ask you all. Random Acts is in the running to win $500,000 from Microsoft as part of their #UpgradeYourWorld campaign. That amount of money would enable us to make huge strides with some of our ongoing projects - like building a free school in Nicaragua, maintaining the orphanage in Haiti, and making headway on more projects like these. All you have to do to help us win this is post on social media.

PLEASE, if you can, post the following on Twitter, Facebook, AND Instagram once per day until August 23rd. Time is running out, but I really think we can win this if everyone does it.

For TWITTER & INSTAGRAM, post this: I vote for @RandomActsOrg to #UpgradeYourWorld #Vote

For FACEBOOK, it’s a little more complicated:

1. Go here:
2. Vote by commenting: I vote for Random Acts to #UpgradeYourWorld #Vote
3. Make sure Random Acts is tagged in the post. If you type in “@RandomActsOrg” it should pop up in the drop down menu. It should look like this:

Thank you to everyone who has helped us campaign for this so far. Let’s win this thing.



So Misha seems like he really wants Random Acts to win but there hasn’t been much buzz about this so let’s all pitch in and vote! Here’s what you have to do to vote:

Go onto Instagram or Twitter (or both) and make a post including ALL of these words:


For example, what I write is:

“I #vote @RandomActsOrg for my favourite non-profit #UpgradeYourWorld”

Vote or retweet once a day per account. If you have more than one account, then you can vote through each of them once per day!

Voting ends on Aug 23rd SO START VOTING DAILY !!!!!

Tweets of votes for Destiel in the MTVu Fandom Awards have really dropped off in the past couple of days- I don’t know if that means that votes have dropped off as well or not but it doesn’t seem like a good thing. At this time Delena has 2,556 more tweets for votes than Destiel does. (tweets do not equal votes but do give some indication of what is happening with the voting) 

So if you haven’t been voting, please vote as much as you can! Go here to vote! 

Voting ends on July 23rd! 

You can also vote for Misha and Random Acts for Fandom Feat of the Year here

I know we are all pretty shaken up about Misha at MinnCon

Personally I’m mixed between being in shock and nervously checking Twitter for updates


I feel like it is even more important to vote for Random Acts now because if we can win $500k for his charity, that will give Misha something to be happy about and he will appreciate it



Go here to vote for Dean and Castiel as Ship of the Year! 

Go here to vote for Misha Collins and Random Acts for Fandom Feat of the Year! 

Voting ends TONIGHT (July 23rd) at 9pm ET! 

Other fandoms are stepping up their voting on this final day and if we want to have any hope of winning these awards, we need to do the same and more! 

Remember that these awards will be aired on MTV on July 27th! 

Let’s VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE today and win this for Destiel and for Misha and Random Acts! 

It’s a good time to continue to show support for Misha Collins and Random Acts. You can retweet this here to vote for Random Acts in #UpgradeYourWorld, or copy it into Instagram if you’d like. I’ll be posting another drawing tomorrow morning for our last day of voting. (I’ve already voted today so that’s why it’s not in the tweet to begin with. It shall be there for you tomorrow though. Remember you need to have #vote @randomactsorg and #UpgradeYourWorld in the tweet or Instagram post.) 

If you’d prefer to have a tweet that’s already set up for you, here’s some to choose from. Misha Collins’s Birthday post, RA mustache, Blue/Green graphics, Mouse hugging kale 

anonymous asked:

After what happened to Misha, do you think we should all do something big for Random Acts to show him how much he means to us all?

YES LET’S SHOW HIM HOW MUCH WE LOVE HIM BY PITCHING IN TO LET HIS CHARITY WIN!! they’re almost there, in 2nd place and if we win this he’ll be so so happy!!!! :D

(from misha’s post on random acts)

For TWITTER & INSTAGRAM, post this: I vote for @RandomActsOrg to #UpgradeYourWorld #Vote

For FACEBOOK, it’s a little more complicated:

1. Go here:
2. Vote by commenting: I vote for Random Acts to #UpgradeYourWorld #Vote3. Make sure Random Acts is tagged in the post. If you type in “@RandomActsOrg” it should pop up in the drop down menu.

These are the tweets as of June 28th, 2014 according to for Ship of the Year from the MTVu Fandom Awards (voting for these awards ends on July 23rd, 2014). 

As you can see in the past 1 day there have been 319 tweets with the words “Ship of the Year” in them and 250 of those were for Damon and Elena with only 48 being for Dean Castiel. 

Tweets don’t count as votes, but if the amount of tweets have any correlation to the amount of votes being cast for this category, Dean and Castiel are in serious trouble and need more votes! 

Please let’s start spreading the word more and voting like crazy in these next few weeks to make sure that Dean & Castiel win this! No matter what else happens, they are absolutely the ship of the year and really the ship of a lifetime in my eyes. 

Vote here

(Don’t forget to also go here and cast some votes for Misha and Random Acts for the Fandom Feat of the Year!) 

anonymous asked:

i'm sorry, what happened with Misha??? i can't seem to find anything and im v confused but everyone's saying something has happened and im worrying and i really really hope everything's okay...

according to creation/richard, he was mugged last night and the people who did it beat him up and he had to get stitches. they also basically took all of his stuff. but he’s insisting to do photo ops/autographs because he didn’t want to disappoint his fans and im just gonna cry because he’s an actual angel???

so guys you should all go on twitter/instagram and vote for random acts, it would mean a lot to misha and we should show him some love, just copy and paste this:

I vote for @RandomActsOrg to #UpgradeYourWorld #Vote

for facebook voting click this


Vote as often and as much as you can please! We’re up against some big competition and likely to lose these awards if we don’t put a lot of effort into voting for these categories! From the way tweets are looking, Damon & Elena from TVD is winning the ship of the year already! 

Go here to vote for Misha & Random Acts of SPN as Fandom Feat of the the Year! 

Go here to vote for Dean & Castiel (Destiel) as Ship of the Year! 

Don’t forget to spread the word by tweeting (and posting on Facebook and Tumblr!) about your vote and encouraging others to vote too!