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Me handing in my senior quote:
  • Me:
  • My teacher: "Veronica.this is a link to a Kpop M/V"
  • Me: ..."MONSTA X needs their first win fam"
  • My teacher: ...
Who’s Your Daddy? Results

DirtyHaikyuuConfessions’s poll has come to an end! We first want to thank all of you for voting and we hope you had a little bit of fun while doing it. We hope you enjoy the results as much as we did! (Mod Kuroo practically screamed when looking at the winners.) Please expect the winners’ memes to come out soon-ish (Mod Bokuto is camping for a couple days). Without further ado, please give a warm round of applause as we announce DHQC’s Top Five Daddies!

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Can I please request either a Newt/reader imagine or HC of Newt introducing his fiance to Theseus?

Yes! Yes to everything with Theseus!! So, I know we don’t know much of him yet. Aside from the war hero, so I’m going with what I feel his brother would be like. Also, my vote for his looks goes to Tom Hardy because he daddy.


Originally posted by kinghardy

Imagine: Newt introducing you to his brother, Theseus.

It was these moments that truly tested your bravery, these moments where you felt your heart going nuts in your chest and your hands growing clammy. But, anything to make Newt Scamander happy, you told yourself. He was your boyfriend after all, and if meeting a member of his family meant making him smile then you’d do it.

“Are you alright, darling?”

Newt brushed a strand of hair from your face, giving you his charming smile and kissing you softly on the lips. He could tell you were nervous, but you had nothing to worry for. He loved you, and as protective as his older brother could be, he knew Theseus would grow to love you as well.

“Y-Yes…sorry, I’m just…are you sure he’s going to like me?”

Newt chuckled at you, bringing you into his warm embrace. “Why wouldn’t he? You’re perfect, my love.”

His words, though sweet, didn’t settle your nerves. Theseus was a war hero, a well known and highly loved wizard. And his younger brother was now a respected magizoologist. How could you possibly become part of this family?

Newt slid his hand in yours, lacing your fingers together as he led you inside the small cafe. They had both agreed to meet over tea, to which Newt had promised you’d come along. The sound of people chatting and laughing filled the quaint place, only easing your discomfort a little. You walked with Newt towards a corner booth, breath stopping when you saw a tall man, strong of build, and very stern expression, sitting against the window. He had a cup of tea already before him, and he rubbed his beard in thought while he gazed outside at the people walking about.


Newt spoke up, offering his kin a smile as he stood before the booth. Theseus Scamander glanced up, his lips stretching into a grin as he stood. “You seem well, brother. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you. You’ve grown.”

Newt let go of your hand, giving his brother an awkward, yet loving hug. “Yes, it has.”

You shuffled nervously next to them both, gulping down the lump you felt growing in your throat. Theseus let go of Newt, his gaze now turning to you. He looked you up and down, as if he was assessing the very woman that managed to steal his younger brother’s heart.

“You must be, Y/N.”

You blushed when he stared intently at you, and you nodded furiously as you extended your hand. “Yes! Um…its a pleasure to meet you. Newt speaks very highly of you.”

Theseus smiled, grabbing your hand and turning it over as he kissed the back of it. “The pleasure is all mine.”

Your eyes widened slightly, not expecting this highly praised man to be so…gentlemanly. Yet, the Scamander men must all be so charming.

Newt took a seat in the booth, sliding over as he allowed you to sit next to him. Theseus took his seat again, stirring his tea as he took a sip.

“When my brother sent me a letter speaking of you, I admit I was concerned. He was never one for romance…”

Newt seemed uncomfortable with the topic change, but he just grabbed your hand under the table and gave it a slight squeeze.

“I always imagined he’d stay alone forever, holed up in that case of his.”


Theseus chuckled at his younger brother’s embarrassment, but he continued none the less.

“He’s not very keen on the company of other wizards or witches. I must admit…”

He leaned forward, clasping his hands together as he stared straight at you. “You’re very beautiful.”

Your cheeks lit up a thousand shades of red, and Newt frowned at his older brother for flirting.

“Theseus…” He warned, clearly not amused by the older man’s joking nature.

Theseus just sat back again, laughing at the way Newt became protective of you. He always loved teasing his brother, Newt was never one to fall for the bait when it came to others but with Theseus he always did.

“I’m simply amazed that you managed to find such a lovely woman, Newt. Not every woman is willing to put up with a man who cares for magical creatures in these times.”

You smiled shyly, looking at your boyfriend as he glared at his brother. They seemed to have such a lovely dynamic, and for some reason you began to feel more at ease around Theseus.

“Be good to her, brother. Or I may have to sweep her off her feet instead.”



Now…I have a crush on Theseus wtf.

Screens like this are awfully familar right now. All I want is summer Xander. All I get are bad units I already have. I’ve never tried so hard to get a unit before. I won’t give up, but my hopes are dipping. At least I got a four star Camilla for my efforts earlier. Just come home, Xander. It’s okay. I’ll give you swimming lessons.

Votes :D

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magneto threw the first brick at stonewall

i wasnt going to post this because it’s part of my x-daddy voting thing but it’s been a day and i havent stopped laughing

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*LOUD APPLAUSE * Thank you friend it was a beautiful prompt fill !!! ( Also if you wanna continue it sometime, you have my vote 100% ) ♡♡

“Daddy?”  Arin said nervously.

He almost jumped out of his skin as he heard Dan groan on the other side of the line.  Hearing him being so turned on was over whelming.

“Say it again, princess.”

Gaining a little more confidence, Arin whispered, “Yes, Daddy.”


Arin couldn’t help but start rubbing himself through his night pants.  He was already at half chub but every groan from Dan made his cock twitch.  It was getting unbearable.  All the little naughty words and moans was sending him over board.

“Tell Daddy what his princess wants.”

“I want Daddy to fuck me,”  Arin bite down hard on his lip, stroking his leaking cock. “I wanna feel Daddy inside me and fucking me like a bad little princess.  I wanna taste Daddy’s big cock.”

“Fuck, I’ll give it all to you.  I bet your mouth feels so good.”

“I’m so close Daddy!”  Arin moaned, not caring about his volume.

He could practically hear Dan smirk as he whispered, “Wait for Daddy’s permission.”

“Please, I’m almost there.”

“Beg a little more then.”

“Daddy, please let me cum.  I’ll be good, I’ll do what ever Daddy wants just let me cum.”

Arin heard a shaky moan on the other side of the line.  It took all of him to not cum.  He held the base of his cock tight to keep from release.

“Would you even suck Daddy’s cock tomorrow?”

“Yes, yes!”

Dan whispered, “Cum for me princess.”

With that, Arin came on his chest and moaned Dan’s name.  He felt so high, shivers of pleasure running all over his body.  Once he came down, it sounded like Dan was coming down from his own orgasm.  The thought of Dan cumming because of him, made Arin’s cock twitch a little.

“Such a naughty princess, hope you’re ready for my cock tomorrow.  Niight.” Dan hung up, leaving Arin sitting in his living room wide eyed, remembering what he agreed to tomorrow.

you got me if you really think im voting for the fucking broad who called my daddy and brothers super predators, stay killing black and brown kids, is a literal war criminal w/ a passion for accumulating the same amount of oppressive power that her white brothers have like come on yall its_just_not_realistic.gif lmao