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I know 5 Seconds of Summer. I’ve seen all their dicks, Calum swings left.
—  Alex Gaskarth at the APMAS for his political speech

“I’d rather be a poor master than a rich servant.” says really rich actor with an estimate net wealth of $75 million.


favorite rt quote (as voted by my followers) → burnie from rt podcast #231

↳ Houses come and go but home is where you make your life. You can sell your house but home is where people love you.
                 d o n ’ t  f o r g e t  t h a t

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if seventeen were trainees on produce 101, how would their self-intros be?

- literally park jihoon’s intro but with a twist
- “i’ve got broad shoulders, strong thighs”
- “and abs but i’ll only show those to you if you vote for me!!”
- raps but kills the viewers with his singing
- unfortunately dabs

- beautiful angel???
- walks in wearing a halo
- “yes you are seeing an angel”
- you know you’re in heaven when you hear his singing

- introduces himself in english….. and korean and japanese and spanish and chinese
- walks in holding a guitar
- sings while playing the guitar and captures everyone’s hearts
- guitar string probably snaps
- laughs on camera but cries backstage

- introduces himself in chinese
- walks in wearing a panda costume
- does martial arts that looks painful in said panda costume
- probably throws a pick-up line in there

- cartwheels into the scene
- screams his signature “WHAT TIME IS IT NOW??”
- “hi it’s 10:10 hoshi”
- dances while introducing himself????
- sweating profusely by the end of his intro

- literally jo sungwook’s intro
- round glasses
- “i will now read you my favorite passage from one of my favorite books”
- (quotes a k-drama)
- imitates a sloth

- walks in with a tiny keyboard
- makes up a song on the spot
- does finger hearts and then cringes
- “i can sing, dance, produce, song-write, play the guitar, piano—”

- most likely wearing a onesie
- blinds viewers with his smile
- accidentally screams his intro and gets told to calm the frick down by the pd’s
- sings too loud and gets told to quiet down

- charms everyone with his beauty
- makes a joke
- laughs at his own joke
- tries to rap but messes up and laughs
- trips on his way out

- backflips into the scene
- introduces himself in chinese
- shows off b-boying and martial arts
- finger hearts
- thinks he’s scary and cool but all the comments say “AW HE’S SO CUTE”

- wears a suit
- “my mom told me to dress nicely”
- jeju
- sings a really sad and emotional ballad
- cries in the middle of the chorus
- intro gets cut off in the end because he talks too much

- yo
- shows off his rap skills
- english rap!!!!
- probably the only normal intro tbh

- dresses up as michael jackson
- moonwalks into the scene
- does an impersonation of michael jackson
- suddenly sings and raps and dances perfectly
- “please vote for michael chanson!!”

thank you for your request!!

Motion-103 to condemn islamophobia, systematic racism and all other forms of religious discrimination, has passed in the House of Commons. 

Please note, this is a motion; not a bill. It will not harm your freedom of speech. It is not changing any laws.

Only Conservatives to vote for it was Michael Chong and Bruce Stanton. As far as I can tell all NDP and Liberals voted in favour.


Top 10 Arrested Development Characters [As Voted by My Followers]

#7: Lindsay Bluth Fünke

There’s a cream with real diamonds in it…I can actually smear diamonds on my face, and it’s only $400 a tub! That’s like, what? A million diamonds for $400? A million fucking diamonds!


Happy Birthday Peter Weller, who turns 70 today.

His Stan Liddy was a great foe for Dexter and his commentary in this interview is very interesting:

“I’m finishing my Ph.D. in Italian Renaissance history. I just passed my oral exam. One of the guys on my committee is from Cambridge, a professor, Peter Stacey — he’s a genius. He’s also a Dexter freak. I brought him to the Dexter set, and he had this great take on the character.

He said, “‘You know who Dexter is? If you watched Dexter from outside the US, you’d see immediately. He’s the history of America: a child born in blood, condemned to tyrannize — like a child — but possessed with the voice of its Founding Father, pointing him in the right direction. He’s the ultimate vigilante. A creation like Dexter sees itself as the world’s police force except it has a conscience, which is the voting public.’

Stacey told Michael C. Hall, ‘Your inner monologue is the conscience of America.‘”

The Mistress - Chapter 18

Summary: Negan opens up to the OC (reader) about what he found previously that caused him to act negatively. The conversation opens up an offer that Negan has and has been asking for quite some time.

Characters: Negan, Reader (OC), Simon 

Warnings: Swearing (This is a fluff chapter) 

Notes:  I wrote this with little to no sleep and this is likely filled with tons of grammar errors. I’m very sorry for that.

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