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100 Lies And False Statements From Trump’s First 100 Days

Donald Trump’s frequent claim that a wave of people voting illegally cost him the popular vote is a lie. So is his claim of gigantic crowds at his inauguration. And from that foundation flowed an unprecedented torrent of flat lies, wild exaggerations, and what the experts call “bullshit” — statements not even intended to reflect the truth.

As the president approaches his 100th day in office, an extensive — but not exhaustive — BuzzFeed News review found an average of one false statement per day from Trump and his top aides.

We don’t take calling things “lies” lightly. (See our definitions at the top of this article.) And we don’t suggest that Trump is the first president in history to lie: As I.F. Stone once wrote, “All governments lie.”

But Trump’s falsehoods come with an unprecedented frequency, scale, and lack of shame. They are a defining feature of his tenure, and have helped create a crisis of credibility.

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anonymous asked:

Who's your favourite actor from the 100?

BOB FREAKIN’ MORLEY. Has the most expressive eyes known to man. Detailed AF. Brilliant, deep-thinking, and sensitive. Truly humble—not that fake humility that celebrities usually put on. Wonderful interviewee. Kind to his fans. Kind to others in general. Passionate about mental health. Professional. Legit FIGHTS so that Bellamy’s actions make sense to the best of his ability. He deserves ALL THE PRAISE. 

Which is why you should vote for him multiple times here: X

 I freaking HATE polls but here’s FINALLY a poll that matters because we’ll get an interview with him if he wins, and heck, he DESERVES it. 

Maybe we’d stand a chance in any poll if Bob wasn’t the one fucking actor out there who literally always has people voting against him :/ y'all ain’t shit


Okay, so I spent some time on the interwebernet and found some pictures of Bob and others, so we can get more fandoms in on this.  So here is a little something for those who don’t watch the 100. .

He knows your peeps, he is friends with your peeps. So vote for him. 

 If you can find any more pics of Bob and others, please share with the world

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does anyone seriously think CNN helped Trump by calling him turbo hitler satan pol pot rapist mcsmalldick retarded redneck baby smasher?

It’s the “no such thing as bad publicity” effect.

By constantly bashing on Trump 24/7, it portrayed him as the front-runner and the most prominent candidate of his party. Plus, by associating him with racists/bigots/fascists/etc, it made actual racists/bigots/fascists/etc feel like they were in good company if they voted for him.

Donald Trump removed the KKK, Neo-Nazi and other white supremacist groups from the Terrorist Watchlist and will focus all his counter-terrorist on ones carried out by Muslims - two years after Dylan Roof killed 8 black churchgoers & right after the Quebec massacre where a white supremacist killed 8 Muslims at their mosque. I will never forgive or carry any sympathy for those who voted for him.


Poll shows Americans voted for Trump out of “fear of diversity”

  • Racial resentment drove supporters of President Donald Trump to vote for him in November more than any other factor, new research shows.
  • Political researchers Sean McElwee and Jason McDaniel published a report in the Nation in March detailing their latest study on what motivated Trump voters to go to the polls.
  • Their findings, which mirror similar reports showing racial bias among Trump supporters, illustrate an inherent fear or anger about perceived threats of increasing diversity, compelling many to vote for Trump. Read more (4/14/17 11:15 AM)

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