vote for b.a.p

i think we all (kpop fandom) should work together like we did last year (for exo) and vote for B.A.P (here) to get kpop some recognition 


Even printy is voting hard for B.A.P on MTV EMA for the “worldwide act” and we should do the SAME and don’t give up and stop voting for them ! Youngjae said it’s his dream to win this award, LET’S DO IT !

[!] Info: Help BAP during ‘Carnival’ promotions [EDITED]

This will be a general post on how we can help BAP during upcoming Carnival Promotions. We will edit this as we get new info and links to other posts, tutorials, etc.

So, how can we help?

  • Purchasing the album
    The easiest way to help is getting their new album. This can be either a physical copy or a digital one. Music shows count both to calculate points and percentages.

    *Physical albums for the music charts:
    Yesasia, kpoptown, kpopmart, are some intl-friendly sites that count for Hanteon Charts. We will go into this later on, for now you only need to know to Buy from a korean-based store so it counts. Synnara is another option, but it’s korean-based. Buying from them ensures your purchases help them directly, since the sales music shows count are only domestic.

    MelOn, Naver, Daum, Genie, Soribada are some korean-based sites where you can stream the song and it will help with points for music shows.  You buy the song and listen through their platform. Basic rules apply: don’t mute the volume, listen to the entire song, just one listen per day per person counts.
    Some users on twitter are helping intl fans get MelOn streaming passes x x x

  • Watch the MV
    Watch the MV in TS youtube channel. Don’t mute the volume and watch it completely, start to finish.
    For your views to count remember to clean your history and cookies to keep the counter going up. Remember to actively SEARCH for the MV in youtube finder every time you watch it. You can also watch/stream on Naver.

  • Join the fancafe
    Here are some tutorials. x x x

  • Twitter
    Some music shows take SNS into account, so be sure to be tweeting about B.A.P! We will update the post with the hashtags to use when the time comes.

  • Help some of the donations and projects
    BAP is known for their donations and volunteer work. A lot of fansites are working on different projects to show our love to the boys. Check them out and choose your favourite! From Rice Wreaths to the BAP School! What better than to help and show the boys we love them by doing so? x x x

  • Voting on Music Shows
    We will try and create a separate post for these, since each show has their own system and percentages. Digital and physicals sales of the albums make a great chunk of the votes, so by doing that we have already done a lot.

    For a better example on how this works, this is some info that has been already published for SBS The Show :
    Intl fans are of great help since streaming in Todou is a 35% of the points. There’s also the SMS, but we are still not sure if the SMS sent from websites like freesms or sendsms count or not.

  • [*] Follow the boys on the V app
    The V app is a new platform Naver launched to promote groups and broadcast different events. It is a way to measure popularity and you can send hearts to the artists and they record the number of people tuning in to watch them. It is vital they receive attention there, so it shows that the group is wanted. Naver has held up special events for several groups depending on how they do on the app.
    The V App is available for both Android and iOS.
    This doesn’t necessarily helps for music shows, but it is a fundamental tool to help during the comeback.

This is it for now! We will make sure to update this with new info and links to tutorials! If you have extra or additional info don’t be afraid to send us a message and we will make sure to update this post.

If you know of more people helping with streaming passes, accounts to vote,or anything helpful, don’t doubt and contact us so we can edit and update the post!

Edited 16.02.08 - Added more links to the people helping with streaming passes

anonymous asked:

The voting for hit the stage and Boy spirit is back on pls notify everyone!

okay but I won’t be much help, I only have fifty followers, of which 1/5 actually stan B.A.P but I’ll give it a shot anyways. 

ALRIGHT BABYS LISTEN UP i see you scrolling, get back here BAP NEEDS OUR HELP 

We need to be voting for our faves for a couple of things. Hit The Stage, The MTV EMAs and Boy Spirit. 

Hit The Stage - 

for those of you who don’t know, Hit The Stage is a dance show (new this year) where idols compete via dancing and every week there are new challenges. The voting this time is to see who will be on the next season of Hit The Stage by the way Ten from NCT U killed it every week. Anyway, BABYs we can vote for Zelo or Jongup for Hit The Stage right here (just scroll down a bit to find their names). You can also vote for Youngjae and Yongguk, but needless to say, that would be unfair to the dance line so I would stray away from voting for them, even if they are your faves.

Boy Spirit - 

The male version of Girl Spirit (also new). It is a singing competition which aims to highlight the talents of the lead vocalists from lesser-known groups. We’ll be voting for the first season lineup. We can vote for every member of B.A.P, but voting page/Mnet STRONGLY RECOMMENDS that you vote for the LEAD vocalist. This immediately gets rid of Yongguk, Zelo, Himchan, and Jongup. Don’t vote Jongup or Zelo in for this, vote them in for Hit The Stage. Anyway, that leaves the lead vocalists Daehyun and Youngjae. Even though I am Youngjae-biased, I’m going to recommend you all to VOTE FOR DAEHYUN because he is vocally stronger and therefore has a better chance of winning, although I would love to see Youngjae on the show. Vote for him here (have the page translated and click the blue link for Boy Spirit, or just scroll down until you find it)

MTV EMA’s - 

basically the MTV European Music Awards. We can vote for BAP to win an award here Click the pink button that reads 투표. You’ll know that your vote went through when you see 투표에 참여해 주셔서 감사합니다! 



Okay babyz, it’s time for a talk. Me and @hyundaei have been voting on Show Champion for over an hour now - and we are quickly gaining on Taemin. BUT - we cannot do this alone. If we all work together we can easily do this babyz.

We’re  planning on doing a mass vote period between 1am-2am GMT/5pm-6pm PST/10am-11am KST on the 26th and 27th (or 25th/26th for PST etc) - for an easily way to time zone convert use this website.

If each baby could vote even using one or two accounts, we could make so much difference. You can make an unlimited number of accounts from just one email by adding +1 onto your email before the @ i.e.,, It honestly takes less than 5 minutes to create an account and it can make so much difference as each account can vote 3 times.

We have beaten the odds so many times before babyz, we CAN do this. Please, just vote as mcuh as you can - even if you can’t join in with our mass vote. We already have a team of about 6 working on this voting attack but as many babyz as can vote would be incredible. It makes more impact if more poeple are voting at once so this is the perfect opportunity. We only have until the 28th to get B.A.P back up to the top spot.

I am not having go but i just want babyz to see how much even an hour can help. We can win this for B.A.P - and if anyone deserves to win - it’s B.A.P. Yongguk worked so hard for this album and he deserves the world for that but we can’t give him that unfortunately so let’s get them winning as many awards as possible! Personally, I am so proud of B.A.P and i want to show them how important they are. Remember how nervous Yongguk was before Carnival was released - he had his hands over his face and looked like he was about to cry. This album is incredible and everyone should know it. Only a year ago I never thought i’d be able to vote for another B.A.P song to win. Our boys have come so far and they deserve to win.

Please help us show B.A.P that we are so proud of them and that they are important. They honestly slayed this comeback. We have the numbers - we can do this. We just need babyz to create more and more accounts and vote in large numbers. Help us pull off this voting attack so we get that % increasing as fast as possible.

For voting instructions please see @bbangception voting instructions here or feel free to ask me. Any questions about the attack - message me! I just want B.A.P to win because i truly believe that they deserve this. This would be an incredible way to kick off their world tour so please babyz - help us win! WE CAN DO THIS. Remember to mass vote on MBC during 1-2am GMT/5-6pm PST/10-11am KST on the 26th. Spread this so more babyz become aware of this voting attack and lets get our boys the awards they deserve.


Vote for Jongup for Hit The Stage!

You can vote here to try to get Jongup on Mnet’s Hit The Stage, by selecting JONGUP B.A.P in the first category, entering the security code at the bottom, and clicking the vote button.

You can also vote for Daehyun in the third category for JTBC’s Boys Group (which we’re guessing will be similar to Girl Spirit).

They are both currently third in their respective categories. You can only vote once every 24 hours. Let’s try to get B.A.P members some valuable opportunities!

[Priorities for B.A.P comeback]

Just a brief no-brainer overview of top priorities for B.A.P’s comeback in a few days. Please make certain that you’re updated with tutorials for how to stream, create accounts, vote, etc. You can find all tutorials HERE.

We need to focus on three primary steps for starters:

  • Preorder B.A.P’s album through stores that count on Hanteo Chart. [The sales won’t be counted otherwise, so it’s super important.]
  • Purchase Melon passes to stream B.A.P’s album. You can find the tutorial for Melon streaming in the tutorial link provided above.
  • Stream B.A.P’s MV on YouTube nonstop when it drops. There is a tutorial for how to stream their MV on YouTube for optimal gain in the tutorial link as well.

And finally:

Please prepare yourselves for the streaming + voting by reading up on all of the tutorials, creating accounts pre-release, etc. We want to be ahead. Also, it’d be awesome if we could support them by joining THIS project as well.

Fighting, BABYz <3


[Vote] Best Asian Rapper

Vote for Zelo and Yongguk for Best Asian Rapper of All Time here

Zelo is currently in #17

Yongguk is currently in #8


Press the thumbs up to “vote up”(improve their rankings).

Press the thumbs down to  “vote down” others (to move other artists down the rankings and so improve their ranking)

Voting for Show Champion

We have until November 29th to keep voting for BAP on Show Champion. Yesterday we were leading and we have fallen bak to fourth place! We can help them by streaming their MV and voting on Show Champion’s page!

Here is a wonderful tutorial by Vote4BAP on twitter on how to make an account. Remember that each account can vote up to 3 times a day. 

There are a lot of people who are willing to make the accounts for you if you have a non-personal e-mail they can use. You can contact them on twitter or some people here are doing it too. If you’re wiling to do accounts for other people, let us know so we can add you to the list on this post!

Let’s work hard for the boys, the same way they have been working hard for us!