vote for b.a.p


Babyz! B.A.P is nominated at the Seoul Music Awards too!

I don’t know if you know but there’s a way to earn voting tickets without buying them, i thought making this tutorial of the “misions” they have would be helpful. 

Is the same in all apps, you donwload them, do the game (just touch the numbers in order from 1 to 30), then you will get the points.

Exchange them for tickets and them vote!

Go babyz! We can do it  ❤

When you’ve an exam but you’re still watching B.A.P videos at 3 in the morning

When there’s another comeback right around the corner and you’re still not over DaeJae calling Himchan sexy in Carnival Countdown

When all you can think about is the colour of Yongguk’s hair because he isn’t posting anything and PLEASE SOMEONE CHECK IF HE’S STILL ALIVE

When you’ve little money of your own but you’re still ordering B.A.P merch/albums because B.A.P needs fried chicken

When you can’t even decide if college was the right thing for you but you’ve 444 theories to explain the meaning behind B.A.P teasers

2015 SMA “Popularity” Vote (Global)

B.A.P #8

2015 SMA “Bonsang” Votes (Global)

B.A.P #4

pd: this is only global vote…tha real thing is like this:

Current voting result  for B.A.P in 25th Seoul Music Awards 

 Bonsang category Global #4,  Korea #17 

 Popularity Global #8, Korea #19…so please kee voting the enter in the top 10 in korea…