vote for b.a.p

anonymous asked:

It seems some people are leggit so not ready to vote for bts even for kpop sake. Why ? 😣

Like i answered in the previous maybe bc 

#1 they dont care about bts

#2 when other groups asked for support in other votings they(armys) didn’t help either (example suju in TCA, B.A.P in the EMAs, etc…) so why we have to help them?

#3 When the group nominated, the fans are annoying and rude with others…forget to have support…they dont want to help them to grow their arrogance as fans. (again the example of exo-ls in 2013 and armys now)

this is my point of view in all this anon….is not only now but this thing happened before and will happen always and not only in kpop but in general.

Bonner and Sharna

Week/Theme: 7/Night at the Movies

Genre: Western

Style: Paso Doble

Song: Rodeo: Four Dance Episodes by Aaron Copland

Judges’ Scores: (7,7,8,7) 29/40

Personal Thoughts: This dance really suited Bonner and I liked the nod to the dance Jenna and Lindsay did with James and Clavin last season. This song was not Paso Doble material so props to Sharna for working with it. Lots of improvement. 


Paired Against: Nick and Peta 

Style: Rumba

Judges’ Votes: (B+S, B+S, B+S, N+P)

My Vote: B+S

Win/Lose: Win (62%) 31/40


ToppDogg nominated for MTV EMA