vote for ahsoka

  • Anakin: Excuse me? Who made you the boss of the group?

  • Obi-Wan: You did.

  • Ahsoka: You said Obi-Wan should be boss.

  • Rex: And then you said “let’s vote,” and it was unanimous.

  • Ahsoka: And then you made him this little plaque that said “Boss of Us,” you put little sparkles on it.

  • Anakin: Valid points, all.


This is the Light Side bracket for this year’s This Is Madness on  I am urging all Star Wars fans to vote for Ahsoka Tano. Even if she is not your favorite character. I know not everyone loves her, but need to stand together as a community on this. Lucasfilm and Disney take this seriously when deciding what character to merchandise over the next year. This isn’t just a fun thing to do every year on the website to keep fans engaged. It’s actually a data gathering function in order to see which characters fans are really drawn towards. 

So, in an effort to get the message out there that there are female fans, as well as fans of The Clone Wars, I am urging the community to vote for Ahsoka Tano as much as they can. And we need to urge every Star Wars fan we know to do the same as well. If we can secure a win for Ahsoka, Disney and Lucasfilm will have to increase the amount of female targeted merchandise. 

Thank you for reading this and passing it on, or writing your own posts.