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congrats moldova!!! you’re going to the grand final!!

Hey kids! So here’s the thing

Seventeen is nominated for three (3) MAMA’s this year, and it’s normal to want your bias group to win, but here are some things we need to remember:

  • People are not obligated to vote, you are not less of a carat for not voting 24/7. Dont, by any means, go around bashing people because they aren’t voting or leaving rude asks telling them to vote, we are all carats, we all love the guys, so let’s be kind to each other!
  • Don’t get involved in fan wars(??? This should be a given, don’t go around insulting other groups or fandoms, let’s not become THAT toxic fandom. Remember we are doing this for the boys so just ignore other fandoms (especially if their being rude) and concentrate in getting svt the MAMA in a positive way (Do I sound like a hippie?? Yes. Do I care?? No! Keep it kind people!!! )
  • If by any chance we don’t win please don’t try to put the blame on someone else, I’ve seen big accounts (not svt stans, but still) calling people out just because they didn’t win. KEEP IT CLASSY, if we don’t win (which hopefully we will) don’t go around bashing people!!!
  • It costs you 0$ to just keep it nice, voting season can get ugly, let’s respect each other and just do this for the guys!!
  • Being mean to other people doesn’t achieve anything, at the risk of sounding cheesy we are kind of like a family, so be nice, be kind and above all be respectful!!

I’m going to be so lost when dwts is finally over and I won’t be able to see Normani slaying on a consistent basis

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Strung Tight

a/n: sequel to ‘Out of Sorts’ as requested :)

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Not sure if she stood for two seconds or ten minutes, deep in chaotic debate on whether to let go the doorknob and move to him or use the knob and move away, hide herself behind thin motel wall and just a little bit of angry shame. Fingers voted for first, head screamed about second, heart pounded a deafening decibel in her ear until, finally, eons after her comment, she looked at him, smile dissolving to decision, “they do say anything less than three hours sleep is useless anyways.”

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Trump is the king of sexual assault. He has incorporated his disgusting tactics into every level of his life.

And Republicans had no problem voting for this short-fingered vulgarian.

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i’m so proud of ARMY who fought so hard for them and voted their fingers off. i’m so proud of the boys and they deserve EVERYTHING tbh they produce so much free and organic content for us and were so genuine from day 1 we’ve all grown up together and broke through despite facing constant pressure from antis who are just hell bent on ostracising us from the kpop community.

bts has walked into the american music industry, won the award that shows the huge amount of support their international fanbase has for them, and paved the way for asian artistes to gain recognition and awareness like they have. all by being themselves. i am proud. as Fuck.

Who’s gonna be the girl on top?!?!

Only eight women remain in the competition, and we’re back to tournament style for the elite eight. That means it’s time for a few face offs, and time for you to get serious about your voting.

As usual, vote for however many contenders as you want as many times as you want, and rally your fellow fans on Twitter with the hashtag #GirlonTop. This round will close Sunday, August 27 at 5 p.m. P.T., so get those voting fingers ready and get going!

Round 4 is on and we need all hands on deck… Share some VOTES on the Eonline site! At the present moment she’s leading with almost 58%.

As the night winds down and voting ends in the Top TV Couple poll, I wanted to say a quick Thank You! and give Team Olicity a shout out.

Whether you voted once or a million times… whether we won or not… what always matters is the fun the fandom has together and how - no matter what - we always pull together and show the love for our ship. ❤

So thank you for not only voting all these rounds, but for hauling ass in today when we thought it was done and for busting your voting fingers to the bone for the last 9 hours. I don’t think any fandom can ask for more love, support, or dedication than that, can you?

Now go rest those clicking fingers and take a well deserved rest.

Thank you again (and thank you for putting up with my posts during the voting). Enjoy your weekends!

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It's Saturday nite & I'm thinking things over, as I do at the end of each week. The issue truly is: both Sam & Cait should be over-joyed that they had fans that were so obsessed with them! I think every up & coming actor would give their right arm to star in their first TV role & receive an overwhelming field of support from newly acquired fans. TBH, we could have thrown in some constructive criticism, there WERE times in the first 2 seasons that truly deserved it. But I've never seen any +

+ negative posts about either S or C performances. Yes, we griped about editing, RDM, some writing, things that were left out, the over promo for costumes, & lack of STARZ pr. But we’ve never posted anything negative or nit-picky about SCs acting. I’m not saying we should, I’m simply saying I think even they could watch back some eps & see some room for improvement. Instead, we became interested, engaged, supportive, willing to throw $ down, and we told our friends about the show. We are the ++

++ reason why the fanbase increased. We got behind the leads & we blogged, posted, asked, gif’d, pic’, voted our fingers off. Any up & coming actors should have been overwhelmed w/gratitude. It was because of us that the show got picked up for 3&4, & SC got pay increases. I don’t buy into this theory going around that the ifh & the shitshow is all due to tptb. Not ALL of it. No pr exec is going to tell SC to tweet about a song ‘giving no f**ks.’ Maybe they will say to banter a bit, but SC +++

+++ didn’t have any triggers to their fingers when posting tweets. They knew full well what they were doing & how it would be received by us. S himself admits to lurking blogs. It doesn’t really matter if they r 2gethr or not, what matters is they r totally unappreciative of the very people who’ve supported them & allowed their visibility to grow. I really question out of 88k likes on ig, that not one of those were from antis. The issue is not to pick which subset of fans you want to keep, ++++

Unfortunately the rest of your messages never came through but well said!! I disagree about their performances. That’s the one thing I will never critique. I truly don’t think their acting needs any improving. They’re able to move me to tears with a single glance and that takes talent.

I agree with everything else you’re saying though. I know gaining popularity has to be overwhelming and having fans pry into your personal life isn’t exactly something that anyone would be excited about, but they know it comes with the territory. A lot of actors have to work their asses off just to get into a pilot that 1, might not even make it past one episode and 2, if it does it might not gain a loyal following. They were set from the start with Outlander. Having an enthusiastic, passionate fanbase is something to cherish. It’s not something that you take for granted or that you allow your friends to walk all over. Their fans have always had their back and they should have had ours too…