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Most presidential campaigns fall apart under the weight of a single gaffe or shocking revelation. Donald Trump has proven to be the T-1000 of presidential bids. He furiously marched forward in spite of bullet wounds and a missing leg. His campaign is like if the Titanic was sinking, then got struck by a meteor, and then there were vampires, and it still didn’t fully submerge until it was a mile away from Liverpool.

I collected every insane story to make headlines since he accepted the Republican nomination. I will now present them all to you. I’ve grouped them into eight categories, each representing a different way the Trump campaign shat all over itself. I don’t have the confidence to claim that this is a definitive list. There were so many stories of ineptitude and repugnance that it was often difficult to keep pace. I did the best I could. Trump, on the other hand, did not.

So grab yourself a stiff drink and hunker down in your comfiest chair, because if you plan on reading about every single instance in which the Trump campaign proved itself to be the most spectacular disaster in American political history, you’re going to be here a while. Good luck, try to enjoy, and please vote.

A Blow-By-Blow Account Of The Trump Campaign Disaster


some plain lockscreens with lyrics by dreamers.
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vxngoghs  asked:

Hey so your DeVos post implies everyone who took money from DeVos voted for her and that's not true, Murkowksi is on the list and she was one of two republicans to vote against her. Please fact check before sharing things to make sure you don't spread false information

Nah sis, Murkowski was actually scheduled to vote for Devos about 2 weeks ago. She voted in the Education Committee to send her vote in to the full senate, but then she changed her mind last minute. It’s cute I guess, but that last minute change didn’t really fucking help the overall vote now did it? She still supported Devils, and she still considered voting for the wicked witch of the west. Everyone on that list took money over the millions of academic lives. Everyone that list didn’t think for one second “man, I know millions of students in debt would use this money, lemme not do this”. Everyone on that listen traded money in exchange for a total academic disaster…. voted or not. I know what I’m posting hun. 

about world meets girl

they used this “audience interact with the show” on liv and maddie and it was for NOTHING, i’ll tell ya why: in liv and maddie, maddie was supposed to choose between josh and diggie, so, disney channel asked the fans to vote and help her to decide. but when the episode aired, it was a disaster! the voting results were out along with the episode and everybody chose josh instead of diggie, with a large percentage difference, but the writers made maddie choose diggie anyway bc for some reason, that was the plan all along.

SO i’ll tell ya, whatever it is MJ is planning for this episode, he will not let the fans decide how he controls the show, so i want you all to be very careful on what you’re gonna do at the taping. pay attention to where the story is going instead of being desperate to put what you want ahead of the plot.