vote dillon

okay but imagine if kevin won the veto and used it on ika and renominated dillon thinking he was being a mastermind and thinking that karen would vote out dem allowing kevin to be the tiebreaker and get him out himself, when in REALITY karen and ika would vote out dillon and kevin would fail at getting demika out two weeks in a row fhadsj

I give Kevin credit for knowing his best F3 option is him/Ika/Karen. I said this before he made his noms. But, Kevin stays a flop in my eyes for not considering the possibility of Karen voting Dillon out. He thinks by saving Ika and nominating Dillon, he will either be the tie-breaker vote to evict Dem or get Ika to evict Dem so Kevin doesn’t get to. He isn’t a great strategizer because he doesn’t consider all the “scenarios”. 

apparently dillon’s mom was giving ika and karen dirty looks (probably because they’re planning to vote dillon out). what i wanna know is why is she (or even dillon himself) upset about him leaving. like, didn’t dillon tell dallas that he already has money and even has “$100,000 worth of shoes at home” and couldn’t care less about winning as long as he’s honest? his eviction has been overdue for weeks!!

Zakiyah, told P*ulie that Day, the person she was closest to, didn’t want to be in an alliance with two showmances (Z*ulie/Floporey). William told Kevin that Dre, the person he is closest to, will most definitely nominate him next Bruno.

Zakiyah forgave P*ulie for blindsiding her with Day’s eviction. (Even though players that are working together don’t blindside each other) William forgave Kevin for voting to keep Dillon over Emily during William’s HOH when he wanted Emily to stay. (Even though players that are working together vote together)

Zakiyah cried over P*ulie, was jealous of him flirting with Natalie, and was the one more interested. William cried over Kevin, was jealous of him flirting with Gary, and is the one more interested.

The more I think of it the more stupid this move Kevin made seems! Literally Karen’s vote shouldn’t have mattered! He could have let Karen vote out ika and just worked on making sure Dillon votes out Demetres (which was pretty much a given) so he could break the tie! No scenario would have been without a tie breaker with any one of demika on the block (well in Kevin’s eyes atleast because he has no idea about demikaren) So why did he chose the RISKIEST scenario lol If getting out Demetres with both demika being on the block backfired,atleast he still breaks up a strong duo and gets out his biggest contender for the money…any other scenario backfiring means both demika staying…which is what is happening now…wow this ya’lls strategic mastermind?? 

Hey guys just saying I think I’d be awesome for Nate with his music and everything so I think everyone from the magcon/Omaha fam should make sure you go and vote for him for teen choice next big thing for music! I think it’d be amazing if he won because he’s put so much hard work and is dedicated to what he does