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Ellen DeGeneres: Host Bernie Sanders on The Ellen Show
Dear Ellen, We want to thank you for making us laugh, warming our hearts, and exhilarating our spirits. We truly appreciate what you are able to do for us on your show. It means the world for someone, such as yourselves, to selflessly use your precious time to bring joy to our lives. As a luminary with our best interests at heart we turn to you with hope that you could support us once more by hosting Bernie Sanders on your show. We have the utmost conviction in what Bernie Sanders stands for, but unfortunately the media either ignores or marginalizes his policies. As political reporters it is their responsibility to inform the American people; however, this is not the case. As United States citizens we deserve to know what is going on in our country. We resort to you, Ellen, with your evident care for others to not allow our best interests dissipate along with the integrity of the mainstream media. Because of your generosity, good will, and compassion we can obviously look to you with confidence that you will do what is right. By hosting Bernie Sanders you will provide us, your audience, our most important freedom, which is giving us the necessary tools to make an educated decision. Through your influence we will be able to decide if Bernie Sanders’ policies resonate with our souls, and that is all we ask.

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