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Pls help spread) There has been misinformation about the voting method for Soribada Awards and I would like to correct.

▪Photo (1): “You have voted for BTS in the New Hallyu Popularity Award category.”
White text in blue button: “Apply for a ticket” (to the Soribada award show)
Small gray text: “Free users can vote once per day, paid users can vote 3 times per day”

↑This popup window appears after you click the gray “투표하기” (Vote) button (photo (3)). It’s to inform that you have successfully voted for BTS in this category and your vote has been counted. There’s no need to click the blue “티켓 응모하기” (Apply for a ticket) button. This button is for people who want to get a ticket to the award show, it is not the confirmation button and you don’t have to click it at all.

▪Photo (2): “You have exceeded your voting capacity for today. Please try again tomorrow.”
Gray text below: “Invite friends to vote”
Small gray text: “Free users can vote once per day, paid users can vote 3 times per day”

↑This popup window appears after you have voted successfully and click the gray “투표하기” (Vote) button again. It’s to inform that you have used all of your votes for today. It is not the confirmation window.

There is no confirmation button or confirmation window for the Soribada voting. Everything you need to do is clicking the gray “투표하기” (Vote) button (like in the 3rd photo) and wait for the popup window in the 1st photo to appear, then turn it off by clicking the X button and that’s it, your vote has been registered.


There are under three days left until the vote closes, and Louis is falling more and more behind. 

Remember that you can vote more than once! A vote again button will pop up after a certain amount of time has passed, so use that! + vote in incognito, other browsers, your phone, tablet, ANYTHING!!

We can do this!!


if you see this popup then your vote has been counted successfully, you can close the popup with the X button. you DON’T have to click the blue button to confirm your vote, there’s no such thing as vote confirming button here. the blue button is 티켓 응모하기 which means “apply for a ticket”, only those who want to get a ticket to the award show need to click it. if you don’t need a ticket, just ignore that button.

the time a blackmailer dominated a game

So, I’ve noticed over my years of playing TOS that Blackmailer isn’t exactly a likeable role. People complain they don’t get to do much.
I kind of felt the same until I witnessed the best BM gameplay I’ve ever seen, he managed to kill 6+ people and win the game without any help from his teammates.

Firstly, I was a witch. This was my first time playing after the buff, so I was excited to be able to determine people’s roles. N1, I picked someone at random and found they were the blackmailer. I made him target someone random. The next day, he claimed lookout, for some reason.

N2, he targeted me. It was a random guess, but I was blackmailed. That day, he told the town he had watched me last night, and that I had been visited by two people (he listed 2 random people.) When I was asked why I wasn’t killed, I could only spam the vote buttons to show I was blackmailed.
The town was lead to believe the random innocent townie was the blackmailer, and was quickly lynched.
The next night, I was blackmailed again. I didn’t want to waste a turn on making him target someone else. He repeated yesterday, claiming someone visited me. Lynched again.
This happened once more before the town no longer fell for it.
The mafia had been picking off a few people, but they were mostly useful, kept getting roleblocked. So I forced him to target someone else, and whispered to him the next day that I was witch, and wanted to side with mafia. I began feeding him information about everyone’s roles, and he continuously blackmailed the right people, while calling others out as guilty. Tricking the town into continuously lynching the innocent.
In the end, the rest of the mafia died making the BM a mafioso. We were left with me (the ‘invest’), him (the ‘lookout’), an arsonist, and a townie. We revealed our roles, lynched the arsonist, and killed the townie that night.

I have never seen blackmailer played so well since then.

it’s all fun and games right now, but some people are actually afraid about a possible world war breaking out

it doesn’t matter how many times they’ve threatened before, we should take it seriously each time

so stop with the “cain’t nobody mess with ‘murica” ignorance and privilege and think about what it truly mean if america/sk had to go against china/nk

think about what sides the other countries would take

think about lives that would be lost

think about the long-term repercussions of a nuclear war

think about the last time the your 'murica got involved in a nuclear war

and also maybe think about what would happen if donald trump had control of those nuclear missile

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reminder for everyone to vote for bts on aaa and mwave music chart!! in the last one we are losing and its only til oct. 16th!! please :( links at twitter(.)com/btstar_/status/914523505760247814

PLEASE VOTE!! It only takes a few seconds to vote for our boys who work so hard and they deserve these awards

Link for AAA (Asia Artist Awards) : remember to log in to your facebook first or your vote won’t count! If you press on BTS without logging in, there’s a tick that comes up with the check mark next to it but it just says you need to LOG IN. It’s not to verify that your vote counted.

Link for Mwave Music Chart : for this one you’ll have to log in too but again, it takes very little time. You can sign in with kakao, facebook, or twitter. And then click on the vote button for BTS and thats it!

ALSO keep streaming DNA on youtube and spotify as much as you can and request it on the radio! 

please please please vote and stream
if you have any questions you can ask me and i’ll try my best to answer 

6x03 Explains 6x07

Let’s back up, rewind and review:

The pivotal moment Stephen mentioned in Oliver’s life end of 6x02 was him handing over the GA mantle to Diggle. He questioned whether the writing will follow that up, but he said that they did!  In 6x04 the City Parliament tried to pass legislation to declare vigilantism an illegal crime punishable by law.  To combat that motion and in order not to leave John and the team hanging Oliver invokes the right for a referendum.  For the decision to be voted on by  the people of Star City.

This is why the people hold signs supporting the green arrow in 6x07.  This is why Oliver wears an “I voted’ button. Not because like we all thought his green secret came out and the people approve.Or that it was re-election time. His secret is still safe.  He is not up for re-election. The speech is not only a mayors speech during Thanksgiving, but its a thank you speech to the people of Star City who chose to declare the GA and his team as lawful heroes.

That’s why in the sizzle reel posted before the premier, the FBI agent Samanda Watson stands there by the court house steps telling Oliver that he may have won this round but the fight it’s not over. That as far as she is concerned vigilantism is a criminal activity.  Even if the city considers it legal, as soon as he crosses that jurisdiction, he becomes federally liable!

Still some questions to ponder: we know Oliver ends up in a jail cell and Dinah comes to visit. Episode still unknown.  We know he also goes to court in 6x07, maybe to testify.

Final thought: Who is the next of kin?  No dead bodies requiring next of kin notification, no one admitted to a hospital requiring next of kin signatures. Oliver didn’t have to go to court to prove that he is William’s next of kin after Samantha’s death. Thea got a mention. JJ got a mention.  My only explanation is this: John is Oliver’s brother.  He is his next of kin, he is the next family member in line!

Also Felicity’s comment on how William takes after her math prodigy and how she can’t believe he is Oliver’s son.  All of the Olicity/William scenes tell me that Felicity and William will become each others next of kin!

Much more speculation brewing simmering waiting! 



Hey guys! Here is a quick look into one of my personal gameplay households, as well as some modding i’m trying to learn and get into. Don’t forget to hit that like button & vote!

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I've been spamming the vote button and I'm ready to do it every day even if it means my fingers falling off. PLEASE VOTE FOR OUR BOYS EVERYONE!!

YAYYY! I’ve been coming up with 100 different things to write in voting tweets and luckily for me, there’s just so much to say because I love them so much. :”)
- Kristi