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The boys with some queer-y flags :D
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As the night winds down and voting ends in the Top TV Couple poll, I wanted to say a quick Thank You! and give Team Olicity a shout out.

Whether you voted once or a million times… whether we won or not… what always matters is the fun the fandom has together and how - no matter what - we always pull together and show the love for our ship. ❤

So thank you for not only voting all these rounds, but for hauling ass in today when we thought it was done and for busting your voting fingers to the bone for the last 9 hours. I don’t think any fandom can ask for more love, support, or dedication than that, can you?

Now go rest those clicking fingers and take a well deserved rest.

Thank you again (and thank you for putting up with my posts during the voting). Enjoy your weekends!

Starfleet’s Chosen One (collab)

Jim, Bones

Summary: Jim makes a mistake and starts overthinking everything and Bones is there to help him through it.

A/N: This is the result of me having started this fic 500 years ago and then throwing it at @thatkourtnichik for her to finish/continue it. We hope you like it!

Words: 1 566

If there was one thing Jim despised it was to be humiliated. Having led the sort of life he’d led, and being the son of the man who’d saved so many people, had resulted in people expecting more from him than he’d been willing to give in his younger years, and that had in turn led to people being disappointed. Each headshake had brought Jim so much shame that it was one of the few things that terrified him nowadays. To be publicly humiliated because he wasn’t good enough.

His fear sometimes resulted in him becoming too embarrassed to function at small yet significant mistakes, and that was how his week started; by him mistaking a peaceful being for something bigger and more dangerous, and thus marching his landing party onto a planet that was neither threatening them nor in need of their assistance. Jim stormed out of the bridge almost as soon as they’d beamed back onto the ship, and Bones eventually found him where he was pacing around in his quarters, which was a neater way of saying hiding in his room.

“I fucked up,” he said before Bones could even open his mouth. “I know that. Please spare me the lecture.”

Bones blinked once, twice, and said, “Why would I lecture you?”

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gothicparanoid4  asked:

Divide you are so cute i like you so much ❤ And a A hypothetical question; If a guy tries to break/or rape you. What would you do to him? (I vote for a bone in her ass)


Can’t wait until I hear who really says this, so it can break my little fangirl heart when it’s not Lockwood

Edit: My vote is on George and that’s honestly really cute 

Messages and questions in Eisuke’s birthday

So in JP ver, kbtbb allows you to send messages or questions to characters near their birthday. These were posted on 1/13 in “Through the VIP keyhole” so it is kind of old but still want to share them with you guys. My translation is still rough though.

Happy Birthday Eisuke-san! Please have a lot of promises for this year.

A: Promises? I don’t remember I have any. Hmm. I’ll only discipline as much as you like in body and even in words.

Happy Birthday Eisuke-san! The first place of this year’s general election will belong to Eisuke-san!

Soryu: Ah, this is too much.
Eisuke: I expect nothing less from my woman. It would be a joke if I wouldn’t take first place.
Ota: As usual, you only have that big mouth.
Luke: I won’t sleep to vote for Eisuke. Eisuke’s bones deserve to be number one
Ota: …We are not talking about bones here

Happy Birthday Eisuke-san! I will support Eisuke-san for a lifetime!!!

Baba: What a brave young lady!
Hishikura: You should mind other meaningful things in your life
Eisuke: Not just support me. You should devote everything to me. Both your mind and body *grin*

Happy Birthday Eisuke-san! At first when I play Mischievous Kiss (Japanese name of kbtbb), I was attracted to Ota-kun but now I’m completely into Eisuke-san! From now on and forever will be Eisuke-san ♪

Ota: Huh? What is this?
Eisuke: It is because she finally know how rotten Ota actually is
Soryu: …both of you are equally rotten if you ask me…
Eisuke, Ota: Did you just say something?
Soryu: No…
Eisuke: That is a wise choice coming from you. Don’t turn your eyes on any men other than me from now on.

Eisuke-san, happy birthday! In fact, I was just turn into 29 like Eisuke-san last month and 12 days ago. And now, getting to celebrate Eisuke-san’s birthday, I’m even happier than ever. I hope this will be a good start for our late twenties! Thank you so much! I love you, Eisuke-san!

Baba: Even boss has the same age.
Kishi: Eisuke is actually older than 29 now.
Ota: Now. I thought people should be hurt when they pass their 20s
Baba: Are you still angry about the previous one?
Ota: No way, no way ♪  *smile*
Eisuke: The best kind of happiness… I will give you much more happiness if you give both your mind and your body to me wholeheartedly.
Hishikura: Your greed really has no limit.

When was your first love?

Kishi: This kind of question was asked  quite a lot
Baba: I’m also worry about it too
Soryu: …I have never heard of such thing.
Ota: What?
Eisuke: I only love you now. (OMG!!! He says it!!! ♥♥♥ XD) There is nothing for you to worry about my past.
Eisuke: I must punish you again tonight.
Ota: Hurry… run!!

Who is your favorite and most hated person among the auction managers?

Eisuke: I’m not some kind of friend with the guys who are here
Baba: It’s not like that from what I learn.
Eisuke: …the one I hate is Hishikura
Hishikura: How convenient because I don’t like you either
Ota: The one you like?
Eisuke: I don’t hate the rest with the exception of Baba…
Baba: What? Do you mean you hate me?
Ota: Yeah, Baba-san, cheer up!
Baba: So terrible! Even when I like you so much, boss?
Eisuke: …

Why does Eisuke-san only use honorific to Baba-san?

Ota: Soryu only uses honorific “san” to Baba-san as well.
Soryu: Because it carries a sense of respect that is right for Baba-san.
Kishi: Why don’t I get that kind of respect?
Baba: Mamo-chan is rude! I’m the oldest one here.
Eisuke: Don’t underestimate Baba-san.
Ota: He is the last one you want to make upset.
Baba: What? I don’t remember I’m angry with anyone *smile*
Everyone: …

Do you nervous when you kiss?
Eisuke: Probably not.
Eisuke: I’m not satisfied with just a kiss. I want something bolder and more intense.

Eisuke-san is always confident. Where does that confidence come from?

Eisuke: I’m the man who is on top of all mankind. A man who is on top can’t survive if he has no confidence.
Kishi: What mankind? Count me out of your mankind.
Soryu: It does not apply only to Eisuke…

Why are you so beautiful? There was not a day passed I didn’t think about Eisuke-san.

Kishi: There are many cool things to say.
Hishikura: This is some kind of disease I see.
Eisuke: It’s good that you bring it up here. Don’t forget me even for a minute or a second. I was just born with this pretty face.
Kishi: You are addicted to Eisuke too much, kid.

How many women you went out with up until now?

Baba: I was asked with this question a lot too
Ota: Me, too
Soryu: He used to bring women with a lot of perfume up here…
Eisuke: I have no reason to remember women one by one.
Eisuke: That is my past now. Why should you worry if you know that you are the one I love?

Hello, Eisuke-san always drink delicious coffee I brew but are there any other place that have coffee as good as mine?

Kishi: Oh my, where is the love here? I actually have a lot of place to show you.
Baba: It’s probably because boss is bad with words.
Eisuke: There is no such thing…
Eisuke: You never listen. It seem like I have to teach it again more severely in bed.
Baba: Wow, boss…
Kishi: Next one.

What is the most annoying (laughs) thing Baba did up until now?

Soryu: Likely too many…
Kishi: Not worth to say.
Baba: The respect of everyone for me is so bad.
Eisuke: The time when I first met Baba…
Baba: Oh! I remember! That ~
Ota: Eh, what are you guys talking about? What happen before when I join here?
Baba: Oh dear, I will tell you that later… ♪  

Which part of your body you would like to be kissed from a girl?

Baba: A bold question at the end…
Kishi: I’ve never heard that question from Eisuke’s woman before.
Luke: Collarbone?
Ota: Only you would like that, sensei.
Eisuke: I don’t know. Come to my room because I’ll tell you carefully tonight.
Kishi: Or train you…