This is how it is: Trump gets sworn in January 20th. We’ve still got 2.5-ish months under the Obama Administration. Between now and then there’s the chance to make a media circus out of Donald Trump’s upcoming sexual assault trial, creating more friction between him and his party, giving us at least a little breathing room in congress. He’s appointing three new judges this term, so checks and balances (which weren’t really adjusted well for a two-party system) won’t be in good working condition for the Democrats (which counts third-party and non-voters and basically any minority because welcome to reality). 

So first thing: fight for that media circus. House reps will do ANYTHING for reelection. Friction within the party will force them to pick sides.

Second thing: VOTE IN 2018. Mid-term elections are a thing. ALL 435 SEATS OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES WILL BE CONTESTED. Go out and VOTE. We can win back the house. That’s one victory we sorely need. 33/100 SEATS OF SENATE WILL BE CONTESTED. We can win that back, too. 38 GOVERNORSHIPS WILL BE CONTESTED. If your county’s red, time to turn that around. VOTE ON NOVEMBER 6TH, 2018.

The clock is ticking guys.

I’m so happy that Bernie Sanders is speaking up about this. I’m happy he is on our side. And yes, there are a lot of us that voted against “Donald” and if we fight together we CAN become his worst nightmare.

They just said Trump is 918 votes ahead in Florida.

918. That’s the size of the junior class at my high school.

That’s you, third party voters. You are jeopardizing the safety of the entire country for the sake of your fucking protest vote.

I swear to god, if Trump wins by 1000 votes…

Fuck third party voters.


Hillary Clinton’s popular vote total may tie Obama’s from 2012

  • According to nonpartisan Cook Political Report, as of Sunday, Clinton’s popular vote total was 63,759,985 to Trump’s 62,005,118.
  • California still has 2.8 million ballots left to count
  • Clinton “looks likely to hit 65M votes,” which would put her “roughly on par” with Obama in 2012 (65,446,032 total)
  • Her popular vote lead far exceeds Gore vs. Bush in 2000