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Omg I really thought that Jikook was going to be on WGM I had a mini heart attack

Hahahaha. Gurl/Boi do you think if that was real I would not be already screaming all over tumblr?

But even if they are not really going to do WGM they are still gonna do the saaaaaaame thing but in a program called “Bon voyage”: travel together, sleep together, laugh and dance together … isn’t that the same concept? JUST LOOK, they already look like they went to hawaii for their honey moon: 

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Say My Name ♡

Eisuke x Sae (Her OC)
Kissed by the Baddest Bidder ♡ 
My other surprise for you! I hope you enjoy I lovely~! @atinykawaii

Sneaking away from the IVC- his arm wrapped around my waist as our patience was running thin. I wanted him and I made it clear how much did that lead to our secret rendezvous. 

He leads me to a nearby conference room, not able to keep his hands from roaming all over me. He hastily opens the door, pulling me inside- shutting and locking the door before pulling me into his broad chest and holding on to me as we swayed lightly. Smiling- he pulls me into a deep kiss- the passion being present as he starts to walk me backward toward the tables, picking me up and sitting me down on it.

He starts to kiss my jawline- moving down to the nape of my neck as a soft moan escaped my lips- his slender fingers gliding its way down my stomach. 

“I’ve been waiting to taste you all night.” 

He tells me- eyeing me with the lust burning within his eyes as he pushes my cocktail dress up and bends down, running his fingers over my panties as he bit down on his lip. He hooks his fingers within them- pulling them down agonizingly slow- the lace rubbing against my inner thigh causing me to squirm at the lack of friction. 

“Stop teasing me, Eisuke…” I groaned, moving my hips just to get a little more friction but, he instantly holds me still- smirking just to tease me more. I bit my lip, my eyes closing as he watches my every move- slipping my panties down my leg and tossing them to side, spreading my legs further apart as they draped over his shoulders- pulling me closer. He plants kisses on my inner thighs- running his tongue along my right thigh until he reached slit- running his tongue along it and kissing it. He uses his fingers to spread it apart before slipping his tongue inside as I let out a gasp, brings my finger up to my mouth and biting down- his watching me and my hips bucking under his touch- craving more than what he was giving me.

I was close but, I didn’t want to… not yet.

I moved to bend my fingers under his chin, pulling him up toward me to kiss him- faintly tasting myself on his soft lips. I nibble and tug at his bottom lip- my body reacting to the feel of his.

He undoes his slacks- pulling his erection through as I bit my bottom lip in anticipation.  He positions himself at my entrance- rubbing himself against it, coating himself with my juices as the feeling sent shivers down my spine. He slowly inches himself inside of me- my reacting to his as I gasp, my mouth making the perfect ‘o’ shape. He moves his hips slowly- his body intertwined with mine as both breaths are heavy and uneven. 

I breathed in his heavenly scent- the smell intoxicating me further as it helped me relax a little- the fear of being caught still stuck in the back of my mind.

My manicured nails dug into the back of his suit- my legs locking around his waist as he pushed deeper inside me- his grunts and groans were clear against my eardrums. I racked my fingers through his hair- his eyes hooded as he continued to gaze at me and him grinding against me. 

My body becoming one with his.


He continues to move- his tongue running along my collarbone, the sensation making my body quivering under his touch- his constant thrusts forcing more moans to escape my cherry lips as my back arched and his length stretching me out.

"Say My Name Sae…” He beckons, his thrust getting more erratic and uneven. I bit down on my bottom lip and threw my head back as the sweat dripped from both of bodies- both of us chasing after our release- the feeling of getting caught etched in the back of our minds causing our arousal to be heightened. 

My nails dig deeper into his suit as I pulled him closer to me and kissed him passionately- our tongues making figure 8′s with each other- tears forming at the corner of my eyes as I closed them.

“I-I’m about… fuck~”
“I know baby, I am too…”

He moves his hips faster as he looks down at me- biting his lips and his hands holding on tight to my waist. He smirks- his grunts getting louder as I leaned against his shoulder- the feeling of his weight slumped against me. His fingers curled underneath my chin. forcing me to look into his eyes as he thrust a couple of more times- taking my bottom lip in between his teeth and tugging on it. I whimper- the feeling in my stomach bubbling over as a hiss like a groan leaves his. 

Breaths heavy- he gazes at me intensely as we both try to catch our breath but before we could finish recovering, there was a sudden jiggle of the doorknob as a quiet knock sounded against the door. We hurry to fix ourselves as he tucks my hair behind my ear and running his thumb across my cheek and his hand placed on my jawline. 

Another knock breaking us out of our world. 

“Is someone in there??”

I smile as he opens the door- Kenzaki’s eyes widening as we walk past him and Eisuke nods his head toward the conference room as Kenzaki nods back. 

I lightly tap Eisuke’s arm- walking down the long corridor with his arm wrapped around my waist. I look at up at him- smirking, as he stops and lightly pushes me against the wall. He leans down to kiss me one last time with both arms on either side of me as he kisses me tenderly- the whole world around us drowned out.

He pulls away slightly-his face still inches away from mine.

“I love you.”
“I love you too.

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Can you have the Bidders react to MC's cat dying. I know it is a touchy subject for some, but I need somewhat of reassurance because my own cat died. And I am still so heartbroken.

Of course Hon, I’m so sorry to hear about your cat. I have lost many that I love both animal and people and it always hurts. If you ever need anyone to talk to let me know. 

Eisuke: Confused. He wouldn’t understand why you were so upset over a pet. However, he’d know that you were upset and hurting over the loss of your beloved cat and he’d try his best to comfort you. “I hate seeing you in pain, baby.”

Soryu: Soothing. Not being a man of many words, Soryu would comfort you with his actions. He’d hold you in his warm grasp, gently rubbing your back and occasionally murmuring the occasional soothing word. “I know it hurts.”

Ota: Understanding. Ota would know exactly how you feel because of when he lost Koro. Despite generally containing and ridiculing sensitive emotions, he’d hold you close, offering comforting words and a shoulder to cry on. “It’s okay to cry, Koro.”

Coddling. He hates seeing his princess hurt and this is no exception. He’d do everything in his power to cheer you up; from showering you with gifts, to whispering sweet words as he wiped your tears away. “It’ll be okay, pretty lady.”

Mamoru: Gruff. He’d act almost like a father figure, explaining how your cat would always be in your heart even though it had left. He wouldn’t understand how the words didn’t help but he’d keep trying; gently rubbing your back as you cried and wiping your tears away. “It’s in a better place, kid.”

I hope this helps you <3