Election day is upon us and everything about it is incredibly stressful!!

Though regrettably I haven’t talked much about the election on here, I do want to remind everyone the importance of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. (And fuck politicians who think otherwise!!)

AND FOR GOD’S SAKE PLEASE VOTE! Please tell your friends, families & neighbors to vote! Even if you don’t agree with the candidate’s past or their ideas, neglecting your voting power is an unfair privilege & contributing to Trump’s evil agenda. Especially since there are people who can’t vote & whose lives are greatly affected by the results.

So please vote & stay safe!

Cassie: Sai cosa fa più male quando ti spezzano il cuore?

Chris: No…

Cassie: Aver dimenticato come stavi prima… Devi mantenere quelle sensazioni. Se le lasci andare, non le riavrai mai più…

Chris: E come resterò?

Cassie: Sarai insensibile al mondo e a tutto ciò che ti circonda

“Voting is fundamental to the success of our democracy.” - Constance Wu

From George Takei to John Cho, these actors who refused to be #whitewashedOUT are calling upon the fastest growing group to #GETLOUD and #vota. It’s not only #StarringJohnCho or #StarringConstanceWu; it’s about starring all of us.

Check out this video from our friends at APIAVote!


Bernie Sanders, candidato a presidente de los Estados Unidos en 2016, ganando votos.