Cassie: Sai cosa fa più male quando ti spezzano il cuore?

Chris: No…

Cassie: Aver dimenticato come stavi prima… Devi mantenere quelle sensazioni. Se le lasci andare, non le riavrai mai più…

Chris: E come resterò?

Cassie: Sarai insensibile al mondo e a tutto ciò che ti circonda


Bernie Sanders, candidato a presidente de los Estados Unidos en 2016, ganando votos.


Spain: Against Democracy

Responding to the callout for an anti-electoral campaign [ahead of Spain’s repeat election on June 26th 2016], we’ve made these posters available for printing.

Let’s attack the democratic normality!

The posters read:

Democracy does not make you free

With your vote you contribute to the perpetuation of a system of misery and domination that every 4 years changes the decor while the background stays the same.

With your vote you delegate to a party to take the decisions for you and administrate your life, a party that looks out for its own political and economic interests and for the interests of capitalism.

The so-called “alternative” parties fill their mouths with promises of change, but they only hold a pacifying function, redirecting the discontent and the anger towards the ballot boxes, thus maintaining the imposed social order.

Against democracy, its defenders and its false liberty
Decide for yourself, recuperate your life

Death to the State and long live Anarchy

in German

#6D #Vota #MiVenezuela #parlamentarias2015 #venezuelaquierecambio #unidad
For the first time since I was old enough to vote, I won’t. Not because I don’t want to but because I am not in my country to do so. I pray to God for a change in my Venezuela so all of the people there and all of us out of the country can get back the country we want and need and deserve.
Por primera vez desde los 18 años no ejercere no derecho al voto. No porque no quiera, sino por estar fuera de mi país en busca de un futuro mejor. Con el favor de Dios hoy 6 de Diciembre mi Venezuela logrará dar un paso adelante en favor del cambio que todos deseamos ver en la tierra que nos vio nacer. Todos aquellos en #Venezuela tienen que salir a votar por ustedes mismos, por su familia y por todos nosotros que queremos votar pero estamos lejos del país.

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My heart is full to see young celebs like @Zendaya encouraging and inspiring her peers to use their voice and own their power. Beautiful event tonight getting young folks engaged in activism through art. Shout to @lexx_valdez for her work on this event (and her dope branded Snapchat filter!). #getloud #vota #LA (at The California Endowment)

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