voss family


“How is your new school, Rah-rah? Is it fun? Whats it like? Are there lots of people there? Do you have to share a bathroom with the girrrrls? Do your teachers sleep there too?”   

“Whoa, slow down Jellybean, one question at a time….” Jarrah paused for a moment before taking a deep breath and answering all of the questions Quinn had just shot at him  “Let see… so, It’s fun and it’s big and there are lots and lots of people there… and no, we don’t share bathrooms with the girls, there is a boys bathroom and a girls bathroom, just like at your school… Annnnnd yes, some of the teachers sleep there too, but not all of them..”  

Quinn thought for a moment “Whats it like sleeping at school?”

“It’s ok, I mean, the bed isn’t as comfy as my bed here, and we have to have lights out by 10pm every night.. But,  I share a room with 3 other guys and they’re a lot of fun and we all get a long really well, so being able to hang out with friends all the time is pretty cool…And, there are no parents to tell you what to do all the time” Replied Jarrah with a wink

“Wow, boarding school sounds fun!” Smiled Quinn