Trivia from the Invader ZIM Comic

I don’t see enough posts about the IZ comic, which is a shame because it’s awesome and hilarious. Here are some tidbits about IZ canon from the comics that I think might interest you:

  • Vortians (Vorts?) reproduce sexually. Prisoner 777 has three kids that ZIM is currently holding hostage.
  • Yes, Dib and Gaz’s last name is Membrane.
  • Dib is allergic to cats and possibly animal hair in general.
  • ZIM has difficulty telling the genders of humans apart. Because of this, he is not actually 100% sure that Dib is a boy. 
  • ZIM apparently believes that all humans eventually explode, like it’s part of their natural life cycle or something.
  • On a related note, Nick might have exploded in the time between the comic and the show.
  • ZIM has no best friend, according to ZIM. Also according to everyone else.
  • One issue shows that ZIM is destined to achieve everything he wishes to accomplish. ZIM and Dib accidentally travel into the future and find that ZIM has successfully conquered Earth, remade it in his image, and has even gained the respect of the Tallests. He is defeated, however, by Dib and his past self.
  • Incidentally, future ZIM thinks present ZIM is an idiot.
  • Also, in that future, ZIM has visibly aged, but the Tallests have not. Must be pretty good healthcare on the Massive.
  • I mean, for the Tallests.
  • Dib thinks that Ms. Bitters is a perfectly normal human teacher. No, really.
  • ZIM seems to have kind of a shitty memory in general. When prompted, he doesn’t remember the Star Donkey kicking the Earth into the sun in issue 3 or humiliating Dib on a cosmic scale in issue 2. This actually lines up with the show, where ZIM didn’t recognize SIZZ-LORR until he put on his hat, didn’t seem to recall escaping Foodcourtia at all at first, and (rather hysterically) denied ever turning into bologna or working with Dib to fix it. 

Invader - “invaders need no ones” - Zim has more sidekicks than Cinderella with all her mouses and birds. Also, he do wear pink dress - so… 

Zim is my favorite disney princess. x3

My headcanon that Keef is still Zim’s BFF, Scoodge and the irken-guy from Hobo 13 live with Zim as well as vort kids.


How This Jewish Couple Balances Their Queer Identity With Faith

Not only did this Jewish couple work to reconcile their faith with their queerness for themselves and for their community, but they also brilliantly adapted the traditional Jewish wedding ceremony to fit with their identities. For example, they “put a queer-inclusive spin” on their wedding contract, as well as opting for a “non-gender-segregated take on the vort, a ritual that involves the breaking of a ceramic plate which signifies the seriousness of the engagement.”

We love hearing how folks bring their faith and LGBTQ identities together in the most beautiful and creative ways– keep it coming!!

(Also, how gorgeous are their wedding photos?! Just saying.)

During training, all Irken children are required to learn the Vortian language and all Vortian children were required to learn the Irken language after the two had made an alliance. After Vort was conquered, it was put into an unspoken law that Vortians had to address Irkens in the latter’s native tongue out of respect of their authority. In an act of defiance, Lard Nar was speaking to the Tallest in his native language when he first confronted them in Backseat Drivers.

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            Clearly he did not share her opinion about the aquatic lifeforms– then again, who could blame him for his abject horror, considering he was staring down the terrible, toothy maw of a massive angler fish. He trembled, having climbed on top of the Vort child’s head in his terrified disgust.

            ❝–IDIOT FOOL! That monstrosity is not cute–
                   it’s DEE-GUS-TING!! Look at its foul– OH
                   FOR THE LOVE OR IRK, WHAT IS THAT??
                   What other horrors does this planet contain??

Gian Lorenzo Bernini (Napoli 1598 – Roma 1680)

Fontana dei quattro fiumi

1648-51, Roma, Piazza Navona

Statue in marmo bianco, struttura in travertino, obelisco romano in granito; h totale 30 m


A vorte ritorneno. E anfatti ecchime quane. Avevo detto che me pijiavo na pausa e così è stato, e così è, che nun ce vojo avè più ‘a scadenza de un post a settimana, come che dovessi da timbrà er cartellino (che c’è chi dovrebbe e nu ‘o fa, mannaggia a loro, ma io sto qua pe divertimme mica pe lavorà).

E dunque, siccome che v’aavevo promessa, ecco ‘a fontana dii quattro fiumi de Bernini. Si ve ricordate, Bernini era caduto in disgrazia cor papa Innocenzo X Pamphili coll’acca, pe via che era stato l’artista preferito der papa Urbano VIII Barberini coll’api, che ste du famije nun se poteveno vedè.

Senonchè, er papa Innocenzo eccetera eccetera, ciaveva na particolare ideuzza de abbellì Piazza Navona, pe er motivo non indifferente che er palazzo de famija suo affacciava appunto su ‘a suddetta piazza. E fece na gara pubblica, che tutti l’artisti de Roma poteveno presentà l’idea loro pe na bella fontana da piazzà ar centro, e ‘a mejo averebbe vinto. Tutti, tranne Bernini, che pe espressa volontà der papa era stato escluso d’aappalto, che sto Bernini ar papa je stava popo sui cojoni.

Ma Bernini, che come ar solito ce annava in puzza, ciaveva na bella idea paa fontanella, e che fece? Fece un modellino in argento e ‘o regalò aa cognata der papa, Olimpia. Quanno che er papa vide er modellino esclamò: “Anvedi, bello! Me piace! Vojo questo aho! Chi t’haa dato? Chi ‘ha fatto? Che ‘a firma nun ce sta”. E Olimpia “Eh, veramente ‘ha fatto er sor Bernini…” “Li mortè!” sbottò er papa (e subito pensò “mortacci tua Bernì, mo me devo puro annà a confessà”), “Te giuro je vorebbe menà a Bernini, però me possino cecamme sto modello è er mejo. Oramai l’ho detto e tocca che mantengo ‘a parola”. E diede a Bernini ‘a commissione daa fontana.

Mo nun se sa si è vero o leggenda, ma io v’ho detta comunque. E poi ce stanno mille antri significati nascosti e mille aneddoti, ma ve ne dico solo arcuni sinnò quii pochi che sò rimasti se ne vanno.

In pratica ‘e quattro statue sò i quattro fiumi che rappresenteno i quattro continenti (l’Australia l’aveveno pe puzza appena avvistata e ancora nu ‘a carcolaveno): er Danubio pe l’Europa, er Gange pe l’Asia, Er Nilo pe l’Africa e er Rio daa Plata p’Aamerica. E poi ce stanno vari simboli pe ‘e varie parti der monno, tipo cavallo pe l’Europa, leone pe l’Africa, e na specie de misto tra un coccordillo, n’armadillo e Paperino p’Aamerica. E in cima, tanto pe strafà, Bernini cià piazzato ‘n obelisco, come cilieggina su ‘a torta, in bilico su i quattro bracci de sta specie de grotta, come a dì “sò bravo o nun sò bravo?”

E infine se dice che mentre Bernini stava a fà ‘a fontana, Boromini, er rivale suo, stava a costruì ‘a chiesa de fronte, Sant’Agnese; e se dice che pe sto motivo er Rio daa Plata arza er braccio come a dì “Bada che cade!”, mentre er Nilo addirittura se copre ’a faccia co un cencio pe nun vedella da quant’era brutta. Ma nun è vero, de questo semo sicuri. E in reartà ‘a testa der Nilo è velata perché ‘e sorgenti der Nilo ancora nun se conosceveno, che ce provareno poi in tanti a trovalle compreso er dottor Livingstone suppongo e infine pare l’abbieno scoperte i tedeschi ma ‘a questione è ancora dibattuta quinni vedete che c’è ancora tanto da studià ar monno.

E ve rilascio, ma no pe sempre. E soprattutto restate in campana e nun m’abbandonate, che potrebbero essece presto dee belle novità, e nun ve dico gnent’antro pe nun rovinà ‘a saspens.

I was tagged by the lovely @jyushimatsu-falls-in-love! let’s do this

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ummm… in the order they came to mind: @zappsbrannigan (I know you well already but it’s still not enough ok), @vorty-vort (ditto but we need to catch up D: ), @songbird-silence, @momoemarias, @i-fought-space, @carlyquinn, @screamingredpanda, @tuneout and ehhh sorry but I can’t think of a 9th person; I’m very “quality over quantity” when it comes to friends. (none of you HAVE to do it ofc, and anyone’s welcome to steal this regardless of being tagged or not!)

How old are you: over 20 but under 30; I’m not comfortable disclosing my exact age publicly bc if I did tumblr would combine their strength to haul me to the old folks’ home

Dream job: showrunner for a cartoon ;;__;; but I’ll settle for being a storyboard artist or any escape from NEET hell

What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)?: in 2014 I got accepted into university to study animation; just getting accepted was a huge achievement for my lazy arse… but right now I’m working towards actually completing the course, which I’ll hopefully do this spring

What’s your aesthetic?: it’s kind of all over the place tbh??? looking at the #aesthetic tag on my blog it seems to be “cute animals set against sweeping epic scenery” and also “space depicted in cutesy, everyday ways” not sure how to combine those two but I wanna try

Do you collect anything?: Bulldog (English or French I’m not picky)-related items!!! if I weren’t broke/cheap I’d collect Choros but squishface dogs are a good, safe option for asking for xmas/bday gifts

What’s a topic you’re always up to talk about?: [totty voice] CHOROSHIKOSKI or any character I like really; recently I’ve been really into discussing matsu fanfics but haven’t had time to read that many new ones which kinda sucks but I can discuss ones I’ve aleady read for hours

What’s a pet peeve of yours?: IRL and online (no offense) society’s expectation to prioritize social interaction over everything; the option to say “sorry I can’t talk I’m busy” is there of course but I hate that I’ve been programmed to have so much guilt about it no matter how politely they say “that’s okay, take your time!” it’s no-one’s fault - maybe mine for being an extreme introvert even by tumblr standards - but it still eats at me

Good advice to give?: ok no-one should be taking life advice from me so I’ll dish out some art advice: “practice practice practice” gets tossed around a lot and I 200% agree, but I’d like to add on “EXPERIMENT EXPERIMENT EXPERIMENT.” when I was preparing to start my comic in spring/summer 2014 I experienced a big burst of art improvement from trying lots of different styles to ensure I’d be comfortable drawing the main characters again and again: that was the point at which I trusted myself to draw more cartoony when I’d previously been in a “but it needs more ~detail~!” mindset. trying different traditional inking tools helped too; so did my fumbled attempts at inking on a non-Cintiq tablet…. and lo and behold I dramatically improved at THAT in spring 2015 when I was obsessed with KND for a few months; I had so much love for the show that I frantically tried out every Clip Studio brush to see what worked best for quick scribbles – the same thing happened in spring 2016 with Matsus and Photoshop brushes, and in both cases the sheer amount of actual DRAWING I did increased my line confidence to the point where I could draw with a freakin toothpick if I wanted. maybe I’m talking about myself a lot but I find that’s often the best way to demonstrate that what you’re saying is true; just trust me when I say you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment. it’s not like you’re obligated to post every little scribble after all!!

Recommend 3 songs: “Trampoline” by Kero Kero Bonito“I Don’t Have A Name For It” by Steam Powered Giraffe (which is SO a Jyushimura song from Jyushi’s POV you’ll love iiiit); “Up In the Sky” by 77 Bombay Street (and those three arists in general tbh!)

Maurits Cornelis Escher (Leeuwarden 1898 – Laren 1972)



litografia, 27,7 cm × 29,2 cm


Escher è mejo der mago Sylvan. È arguto, te fa ‘e scale che nun porteno da nisuna parte, li coridoi che se rintorcineno su de sé, illusioni ottiche, giochi de prospettiva, na mano che disegna na mano che disegna na mano eccetera, case e strade come labirinti senza fine, che te dici anavedi, ammazza, fico. Te mette sotto all’occhi ‘e stranezze e i paradossi daa scienza; te illude e te inganna, ma te invece de incazzatte sei contento, perché così te pare che hai capito na cosa difficilissima. Escher te dice che a vorte er monno è assurdo, e tutti subbito a daje ragione, perché è ‘a cosa più facile da dì quanno nun capimo o nun ce va de annà a fonno a ‘e cose: ma subito dopo tira fori ‘a matita dar cilindro e te dice che lui, artista e scienziato modestamente eccerso, st’assurdo too po’ rappresentà, ecchetelo tiè, sim-sala-bim! e te guardi er quadro e te viè come na vertigine e te spunta quer sorisetto, come quanno ripensi aa trama der firm e de botto capisci tutto all'indietro dar colpo de scena finale. E te senti rassicurato che pure l’arte aa fin fine è na cosa che cià un senso, che è ancora capace de fatte fà “oooohh!!” , de stupitte co effetti speciali. E’ bravissimo Escher, capimose. Anfatti quanno nun sanno che mostra fà, fanno na mostra de Escher, come er cinepanettone. Je piace a tutti de vince facile.

Jan Cossiers (Anversa, 1600-1671)


1636-38, Madrid, Prado

Olio su tela, cm 97 x 93


Ce stanno dii quadri che sempre fanno vede sto Narciso e che sò puro più famosi e si te devo dì sò puro mejo de questo, tipo er Narciso de Caravaggio, ma Caravaggio l’amo fatto svariate vorte e volevo cambià. Sto Cossiers nun è famosissimo ma lavorò un botto co Rubens, anzi er disegno de sto quadro ‘o fece popo Rubens. E i quadri de Caravaggio capace che sto Cossiers l’aveva visti a Roma. E anfatti vedi che qui ce sta un po’ dell’uno e un po’ dell’antro.

Ma too propongo soprattutto perché ce sta Narciso che oggi se dice narcisismo e sta parola viè da lui. Che se sentiva così bello ma così bello in modo così assurdo che schifava tutti, che nisuno era bono abbastanza, e saa tirava un botto. E oggi sò quee persone che nun fanno antro che guardasse e rimirasse e sentisse stocazzo e nun t’ascorteno popo mentre parli ma stanno a pensà si ponno dì loro quarcosa de fico e caa coda dell’occhio metre te parli se controlleno naa vetrina come je stanno li capelli. E penseno che ar monno ce stanno solo loro, e l’antri sò stati messi lì pe ammiralli e pe servilli. E un giorno Narciso se specchia ner lago e dice “ammazza ma chi è sto bono” e se fissa e se mira e rimira e aa fine a forza de guardasse se innamora de se stesso e manco se accorge che quello che guarda è un riflesso e manco se accorge che sta a scivolà e casca co un tonfo ner lago, e siccome nun sapeva nuotà perché ovviamente te pare che annava a imparà in piscina, lui nun cià bisogno de imparà gnente, sapeva tutto e era bravo a fà tutto, e quinni affoga.

Morale daa favola: mejo riflette che riflettese, e mejo guardasse attorno ogni tanto, magari staccà l’occhi dar cellulare che te viè er collo a angolo retto e puro dai social ndo daa gente vedi solo er riflesso e sembra che fanno a gara a chi è er più Narciso de tutti.