nothingcolderthandeath-deactiva  asked:

"Why purge with silver when you can use light." Lucian teased.


The black-haired woman that stood silent in the dark valeys, had turned her head only slightly enough for her to look back at the Purifier with the corner of her eyes. “We’re not bringing this back. You remember what remembered last time we fought over purification weapons…” There was a horde of dark creatures with a skin as black as the night and they run around the place in a plethora of unusual and unnerving ways. Their screams were polluting the dark valley into a swerling vortrex of nightmare as the two purifiers stood before all this mess. 

Stoic that she always was, Vayne had bented her hole body and with a small jump she run through the fields with an incredible speed and continuously fired her bolts. Accurately did she execute each monster, every bolt was armed right away after the other, swift footing and flexible moves, the Night Hunter was calmly slaying the creatures often tumbling to avoid being caught whenever she felt threatened.