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In slow motion, vortex rings can be truly stunning. This video shows two bubble rings underwater as they interact with one another. Upon approach, the two low-pressure vortex cores link up in what’s known as vortex reconnection. Note how the vortex rings split and reconnect in two places – not one. According to Helmholtz’s second theorem a vortex cannot end in a fluid–it must form a closed path (or end at a boundary); that’s why both sides come apart and together this way. After reconnection, waves ripple back and forth along the distorted vortex ring; these are known as Kelvin waves. Some of those perturbations bring two sides of the enlarged vortex ring too close to one another, causing a second vortex reconnection, which pinches off a smaller vortex ring. (Image source: A. Lawrence; submitted by Kam-Yung Soh)

Note: As with many viral images, locating a true source for this video is difficult. So far the closest to an original source I’ve found is the Instagram post linked above. If you know the original source, please let me know so that I can update the credit accordingly. Thanks!


I remember reading IDW’s Transformers comics’ “International Incident” storyline (which was part of the Costa era) and the issues that came before or after that story arc. (Sometime around 2010.) All the Combaticons except Blast Off showed up on the Earth at some point or another. I always wondered why Blast Off never did. So I created this comic as my personal head canon explanation as to why he never showed: He *was* there with the others in the beginning, but then Vortex got bored….. I imagine a bored Vortex is not someone you want to have to deal with on a regular basis, especially if you’re a rather fussy, egotistical space shuttle who just wants some dignity. This interaction was probably just the final straw out of many interactions.

I tried to replicate the “look” of the comic issues the Combaticons showed up in, including the color schemes and general look of the cityscapes. Since Blast Off never showed up, I had to wing his appearance, using some IDW-based ideas plus his original G1 appearance.

Transformers comics are © Hasbro and IDW…. Go read some today! (Though I’d recommend “More Than Meets the Eye” first and foremost…)

Here’s how you fix Ghostbusters

“Make ‘em all dudes again!” some of you will say. You’re reading the wrong post.

“Nothing, it is perfect!” some of you will say. And indeed, it is very good. Holtzman’s slo-mo fight sequence is everything I didn’t know I was waiting for, their outfits were great, their banter was sharp, and there were at least half a dozen honest-to-goodness feminist moments that had me rooting for them. But I’m not here for a feminism that doesn’t value black women and working class work, and Patty was hella undervalued.

Which didn’t need to be the case! Like, not at all!

The easy answer is to make Patty a scientist, but Leslie Jones has been pretty on point about why that’s not necessarily a good solution (read her argument here).  Which doesn’t mean that they couldn’t have had the one non-scientist be a white person, but okay. She’s right that suggesting that only women with doctorates can be superheros is pretty damn elitist and does a lot to equate privilege with power. It’s also unnecessary.

Real talk: Patty as an MTA worker has the potential to be completely brilliant and essential.

If only she’d been written that way.

Here’s how you do it.

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Scattered: Part 5

Notes: Angst/Fluff

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Cardinal Rassilon believes humanian life - the basic physical form exemplified by Gallifreyans - to be the only essential form of life. He rationalises that for the universe to continue existing beyond the 10'000 millennia indicated previously, the unnamed creatures should be destroyed. All life not conforming to Gallifreyan standard should be destroyed. To this end, Cardinal Rassilon researched life on 278'000 planets. Of those, 69'000 contained sentient life. To those Cardinal Rassilon sent, via manipulation of the space-time vortex, a self-eradicating set of biogenic molecules with enough power to rearrange the cellular structure of each planet’s dominant life-form, so it would take on Gallifreyan physiology and would continue to evolve along those lines. All other lifeforms will become extinct within 6'000 spans.

“Zagreus”, Big Finish Productions - Doctor Who

Really though, if you ever wondered about the in-universe reason for why so many aliens look humanoid, this is why.

‘Wormhole opens in the middle of AU Blackwell Academy’

‘Punk Chloe jumps out of it’

Chloe - MAX

‘Max continues sitting with the Vortex club sweating profusely’

Chloe - THERE YOU ARE  ‘rushes over’

‘Max stands up and leans into Chloe’s ear’

Max - ‘whispers’ Chloe, Your Dad’s alive in this universe …..

Chloe - Neat, let’s go

Max - Chloe, David’s a bus driver in this universe. He has no clue who you are

Chloe - That’s great, let’s go ‘getting impatient’

Max - Warren finally backed the hell off !

Chloe - ‘narrows eyes’ He’ll do that in the REAL universe soon enough. Why are you making so many excuses……

Max - ‘whispers’ Chloeeeeeeee, Victoria likes me in this universe. Like likes me 

Chloe - ‘glares’







‘Chloe walks back to the wormhole. Max slung over her shoulder beating her tiny fists against her back, whining ’

Max - No Chloe, let’s staaaaay. It’s so much better here ! You can stay toooo. Chloeeeeeeeeee ‘sobs’

‘jumps back into wormhole’

Life is Strange : EP4 (Chloe’s death )

So how was that ending guys huh?

TBH I wasn’t surprised it was Jefferson who was behind this the whole time, I mean with the beginning quote from episode one and the fact that almost all his work around campus is half naked ppl , then yah not surprised at all.

But Chloe dying, THAT surprised me, and I’m going to be honest guys I think she’s gone, for good this time.Why? Well there was a TON of HINTS from the beginning to the end. Most of all the hints with ALT Chloe. (Sorry I don’t have any pics to attach with this post :L)

Okay you remember how the ending went right? Max get’s stabbed with some MORPHINE in the neck, she tries to warn Chloe, BOOM shot in the head .

Now think back to ALT Chloe, remember when she asked Max for some MORPHINE for her pounding HEADACHE. (You see where I’m heading here?)

The Morphine foreshadowed Max being drugged, in fact all the girls who were drug and dragged into the dark room. The headache, Chloe getting shot in the head. You must be thinking “Nah that can’t be it right?” Well during the Vortex Party after talking to Victoria and seeing a cut scene of Chloe standing waiting for Max you can see on her left, tucked into the corner a OXYGEN TANK. Giving you a reminder (or a warning ) of the ALT Chloe and something happening.

Now here’s another thing, when Chloe dies we see her necklace, 3 bullets. Remember how many times Chloe’s died? Well now remember how many times she’s been shot.

3 times.

When Jefferson shoots Chloe that was the 3rd time, the final time since there are 3 bullets. So this is why I think Chloe is dead for good,But we also have the picture with Warren, can’t we go back and fix time? Make her alive again? Well we can and when we do (cause honestly who isn’t going to try to save her? lol) That’s when the tornado will come, because we’ve tried SO HARD to save someone that was destined to die and which each time made so much of a big change it’s literally causing the Apocalypse.

Though it’s inevitable, and even ALT Chloe tells you that. She tells you that even if her parents, you, try to keep her alive she’s going to die. She’s made peace with it and she’s happy Max is there with her making her feel like she used to when she and Max were young. ALT Chloe asks you to let her go.

So in EP5 Max is going to have to learn how to let Chloe go, she was destined to die and if we don’t let her go, everyone might just die.