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top 5 imaginary baby outfits, top 5 pics of tinie tempah, top 5 nervous but somehow erotic niall moments

……………….of course nicole has to GO THERE!!!!!! i was excited to answer these earlier but now i can’t w you!!!!!!!!!

top 5 imaginary baby outfits give me strength.
since it’s impossible to pick the Top Five, i just went with which images caused me to make the most noise:

(babies 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

kristin knows all too well what me spiralling down the baby void vortex looks like, keeping this to five images is what’s BEST but also i’m mad this door has been opened again; it’s bad enough mini boden is SENDING ME CATALOGS


top 5 pics of tinie tempah

(tinie 1 [both gifs], 2, 3, 4, 5)

this was also hard, he’s so hot? i stand by all the tags i’ve made on all of those posts, particularly the nonsensical ones.


top 5 nervous but also somehow erotic niall moments
now this one gives me pause– erotic because he is nervous or because i am nervous that a thing is somehow erotic??? well as diehard niall fans know (hi lucy), solo niall season has been chock full of horrifically anxiety inducing interviews, often giving us gems as we cringe, like this one:

can’t remember where i found it but it’s a great one. here are some more!

bonus part from the slow hands video which i like bc he snuck into times square without incident:

(niall 123, 45)

actually the whole goddamn slow hands lyric video is gold, and even though he is not nervous in much of it i would like to simply highlight 2:09 -2:12 when he goes up on tiptoes and has a Moment:

good stuff.

Deep in the wastes and always in the distance, roam the vortex deer, great stags towering over the land, jagged antlers disappearing into the fog above the wastes. They travel slowly, or appear to, though each step covers a hundred meters of void-eaten ground. Their travel makes no noise, leaves no impressions in the soil.

This is not surprising. Many speculate they do not even have hooves with which to touch the ground, though none have gotten close enough to find out for sure. The closer one gets to a vortex deer, the less it looks like a deer, and the more it looks like a howling vortex. For once, your eyes will not deceive you; this is how they hunt, transforming into lashing winds that grab up and dissolve everything in their path.

However, like the leviathans and the behemoths of old, vortex deer have no care for mortals one way or another. On the one hand, this means they will not hunt you. On the other, it means they will not notice if they travel in your direction. They will not notice when they consume you.

Fifty Ways to Say I Love You, 1/50

Those three little words are not the only way to tell a person you love them… as Rose and the Doctor both know very well.

Ten/Rose, teen. Will eventually include pregnancy.

The title is literal. I’m planning 50 short chapters that each show a different way the Doctor and Rose told each other “I love you.”

These are all based on prompts from this prompt list, which means they are all for @doctorroseprompts 

This one uses #5, “Let me walk you home,” with a twist so it fits. 


After stepping into the TARDIS, Rose turned and took one last look at Mickey before closing the doors. As soon as the latch clicked shut, the Doctor threw the dematerialisation lever, and the time rotor started its slow movement, taking them not only into the Vortex, but through the Void into the correct universe.

She pressed her back to the door and slid down until she was sitting with her legs pulled up and her head resting on her knees. The polyester maid uniform scratched her arms when she wrapped hem around her legs, but she didn’t care.

When the TARDIS finally stopped her shuddering flight, Rose took a deep breath and looked up at the Doctor. “Well. We made it home,” she said, forcing a cheery tone she didn’t feel.

The Doctor, usually the first to pretend he was all right when wasn’t, didn’t return her fake smile or do a dance around the console as he told her where they were going next. Instead, he walked over to her and held his hand out, then pulled her to her feet.

Rose bit her lip, willing back the tears that threatened again. But when the Doctor wrapped his arms around her and held her close, she couldn’t hold them in any longer. One of his hands moved up to stroke her hair, and he made soothing sounds in her ear as her tears soaked through his dinner jacket.

When her sobs finally slowed, Rose pulled back and wiped at her eyes. “Right. So… where to now?”

The Doctor brushed a few remaining tears away with his thumb and smiled down at her. “I thought you might like to go home, actually. I’ve got the coordinates set, so as soon as you’re ready, we can go visit your mum.”

Rose’s mouth fell open as she stared at him. It was like she was seeing him for the first time. Had he always looked at her with so much tenderness in his eyes?

She’d been waiting for a declaration, or for some sort of conversation where they would talk about their relationship. But from a man who could barely tolerate her mother just a few months ago, his offer to take her home for a visit said the words, loud and clear.

Rose smiled. “Yeah. Let’s take a moment to change into normal clothes, and then I’m ready.”  

Despite her sadness, a new feeling of anticipation built in Rose as she walked down the corridor to her room. She had a feeling that things were about to change.

At the core of the Void - not the center, but the core of it - there is a great, yawning vortex. Some call it the core of the Void itself, or the heart, if the Void could have such a thing. Whether it is a power source or a power drain has never been determined for sure.

Its tendrils swirl in both directions, causing it to always look as though it sinks away and toward those viewing it. Light bends and whirls around the pitch center, dragged ever toward the middle in the manner of a black hole, but the Vortex does not pull. It is a twisting, squirming, writhing thing which does not move at all, starving to fill itself with everything it touches.

It is never the same twice, or at least, no story about it matches another quite right. Some say the Vortex can fit in the palm of a human hand. Some say you cannot see one side of it while looking at the other, no matter how far back from it you stand.  It howls, and is silence; either way it consumes all noise it does not create. Its tendrils are blue, or red, or green, or any other color depending on who is looking. It will not be the same color the next time.

If you have ever been inside of a thundercloud during a lightning storm, you may recognize the electric sensation of charged air. If you have ever stood next to a lightning strike, you may recognize the click of the ground beneath your feet as it waits to connect to the sky. The Vortex is both of the moment before and the moment after, connecting each part of the Void to every other part the way thunder connects to lightning. The pull of the Vortex is what moves all parts of the Void, gives it an ever-shifting landscape.

The Vortex is a place of infinite ending and creation. All that which the Vortex consumes or spits out becomes a part of the Void. All that the Vortex spits out, it will eventually consume again. It maintains the endless cycle of the Void.

If you ever intend to leave the Void, you would do best never to visit the Vortex.

Do you guys get that thing when you watch a documentary or learn about something and it just grabs you and become obsessed and you literally spend all your time learning more about it and you fall into this dark research hole that you can’t get out of and I have been researching Scientology for the last three days straight and it has brought me nothing but pain and a series of mean-spirited hight jokes about Tom Cruise and David Miscavige and someone please send help.

There had been something else, but it was a shadow, on the fringes of her consciousness, and so she did not think it proper to mention it to Xar. It was unimportant anyway. Nothing more than a voice– a kindly voice– saying to her, “There now, I’ve got him. He’s safe. You can let go.” She remembered being relieved of a dragging weight and of sinking thankfully into sleep.

and then

“He refuses to look at me or talk to me. The Sartan’s only concern is for Haplo.”

Like dang, show me some KILLER OT3 stuff and then take it away from me because oh yeah, I forgot they aren’t there yet, I see how it is