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Kármán Vortex Street - Digital visualization and Satellite Image

Kármán Vortex Street is a repeating pattern of swirling vortices caused by the unsteady separation of flow of a fluid around blunt bodies. 

The first image is a visualization of the vortex street behind a circular cylinder in are, the flow is made visible through release of oil vaopour in the air near the cylinder. 

The second image is a satellite image of a vortex street caused by wind flowing around the Juan Fernandez Islands of the Chilean coast.

Von Karman vortex streets are a pattern of alternating vortices shed in the wake of a bluff body. They’re commonly associated with cylinders and can be demonstrated in simulation and in the lab. (They even show up in supersonic flows.) But they also show up in nature quite frequently, like in this cloud pattern off Central America. Such wakes often occur downstream of rocky, volcanic islands that rise above the smooth ocean surface and disrupt the atmosphere’s boundary layer. The same phenomenon is responsible for the “singing” of electrical lines on a windy day, and I’ve even heard it make the spokes on my bicycle wheel sing in a crosswind. (Photo credit: R. Mastracchio; via @BadAstronomer; submitted by jshoer)

Soap films provide a simple and convenient method for flow visualization. Here an allen wrench swept upward through a soap film leaves a distinctive wake. This trail of counter-rotating vortices is known as a von Karman vortex street. Their spacing depends on the wrench’s size and speed. Although the von Karman vortex street is usually associated with the wake of cylinders, it shows up often in nature as well, especially in the clouds trailing rocky islands. (Photo credit: P. Nathan)

We’ll ride the spiral to the end

and may just go where

no one’s been. 

Watch here in better quality.

Vortex (by David de la Mano)

Original photo (by David de la Mano)

Here more pics.

And here a video about his creations, shot by Martín Segredo.

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I took these photos between 3 and 4 AM the morning of Jan. 6th, 2014 in Chicago. This Monday is now known around town as the beginning of “CHIBERIA”, due to the quick and hard drop of temperatures into the double digits below 0°F - all thanks to the now famously referenced polar vortex. At the time these photos were taken the temperature was around -10°F with a windchill in the -30's°F.