vortex line


Colors for part of @ephdraws amazing emoji challenge 4.0!! blushy Wing with petals; Chintinel Prime; Fix It; Vortex beholding the biggest can of soda ever; GRAND THEFT AUTO TRION, Rodimus carving a limerick poetry into [bot of your choice]’s bed; and Blurr has won a race and Starscream has mixed feelings… cuz Eph said those 2 pics go together ^_^b Thanks for letting me color your lines, dear Eph!!! <3 <3

Trust your Vortex

“The lining up of energy is what really matters. Once you come into alignment, your true heart’s desire will be satisfied. That’s just always the way that it is.

Sometimes people say, “I don’t really know what I want!”, and we say, get happy, and the Universe will give you what it knows you want. “Oh, but I don’t know what I want!”. Yes, you do, you’ve been putting it into the Vortex for a long time. You keep putting it in there, it’s there, it’s known, it’s real, and it’s understood. So just get happy, and watch it be delivered to you!

And so sometimes there’s just a little too much “hands-on”, there’s a little too much wanting to manipulate it into being. And that’s what’s causing all of the confusion.

Deliberate creators, you’re really interesting because you want to be deliberate creators, but you wanna be deliberate “doers”, creators, makers, thinkers, “happeners”, instead of deliberate allowers. It’s like you don’t understand that you’ve already created it, it’s already in the Vortex, and now you’re allowing what you’ve already put there to happen. It’s like you don’t trust your own Vortex!

And the reason you don’t trust your own Vortex is because you haven’t been allowing your own Vortex to flow to you freely. Because you’ve been micromanaging it, because you’ve been micromanaging everybody else, too. You get into this habit of trying to control things, instead of just getting into that place and trusting.”


These two lines are actually perfectly straight and parallel, but they look like they’re bulging outward in the middle. Stare at it for a while – is that a touch of motion sickness you feel, or did you just eat a bad taco?

The blue lines are tricking your brain into believing that you’re moving toward the image, in much the same way you use lines in a doodle to show which way something is moving. Your brain interprets lines as motion, like in Star Wars, where we knew they were going fast because the stars turned into a vortex of white lines in their windshield.

So why are the red lines bulging? Here’s where it gets really weird – that’s the way your brain expects them to look in the future.

5 Optical Illusions That Prove You Can’t Trust Your Own Mind

The Ring Around by nsell112 Finally my new Sony A7r2 and New Aquatech Sport Housing arrived and i couldn’t wait to go shoot in the ocean with it. I took this before the sun even came up while shooing underwater towards the front of a wave as it crashes 5 years in front of me and rolls towards me creating a magical look with vortex rings, light ,and lines.