The Vorpal Umbrella is now for sale at the Mysterious shop! It’s original price is $49 but if you buy it before July 31st you’ll only pay $39. The skull handle is available in either silver or black. There’s a limited quantity of 250 for each color (205 black and 224 silver are currently left)

The link to the store is in the source link

Vorpal Blade Tutorial Part 1

In July 2015 I started working on the Vorpal Blade, it was the first thing I ever made out of Worbla.

I didn’t have the time to finish it completely, but I will some day :D. Only the complete colourung is missing..

First I made a pattern for the shape of my blade and the vine decoration.

Then I cut 4 layers out of the Worbla. On two of them I drew the vine pattern and cut it out with nail scissors, youo could also use an exacto knife. The cut out Worbla I saved for later, so don’t throw it away just yet. For stability I cut one layer out of sheet metal; and I left out the cutting edge, but instead you can take foam rubber, which is a little easier to get into the right shape.

Don’t worry if you slice through edges because you can fix that with your heatgun.

With the heatgun I put all the layers together (as worbla sticks to itself). You have to heat both sides of the piece so the Worbla does not crack.

With the worbla left overs from before and a tweezer I made the leave-veins. Make sure to make the blade and the vein hot enough to make it sticks but not too hot, because the tiny veins get squeezed very easily. The same applies to the floral part in the middle.

I corrected irregularities with a rotary tool and for the grind I used a metal file.  

Then I covered everything with several layers of wood glue to cover the Worbla texture and to have a foundation for the colouring.

The handle is made out of modeling clay. You have to be careful, the clay cracks very easily.. I had to fill some cracks with wood glue.

I covered the clay with Worbla and drew the handle pattern with a pen on it.

Again I used the worbla left overs to create the pattern.

One handle side says Vorpal, the other Est 1865.

And again for the irregularities I used my rotary tool.

When you are finished you cover the handle in several layers of wood glue.

Ready :D


I wan et!


So my awesome boyfriend surprised me today with my very own Vorpal Blade!!I could cry it’s so fucking beautiful lol 

I’ve loved Alice Madness since I played it many moons ago, I’ve always especially loved all the costumes and pondered cosplaying Alice someday - whelp the Vorpal Blade settles it. 

I am going to cosplay the Royal Suit version of Alice from Alice Madness Returns! <3 (after Futaba is finished I’ll get started on it <3 )