I forgot to post this, but I received my Pharmercy anthology in the mail about four days ago.

The anthology is a graphic novel collaboration between a bunch of South Korean artists who all worked together to draw Pharmercy for this book.

(And yes, I still bought it despite not being able to speak a lick of Korean. Never underestimate my love for this ship …)

Fortunately, there are people who will translate the anthology for English speakers and I for one, really look forward to it.

This aside, I just wanted to post this because the artwork for the anthology is nice, and it was well worth what I paid for it.

P.S: There’s also been talk of doing a similar collaboration among the English speaking artists. I don’t know how that will go, or if it will ever get off the ground, but I wouldn’t mind lending my support to that work as well. 

Mega charizard X is prepping a giant snowball for this snowball fight commission piece I’m working on.

I’m gonna try to post more or at least post once a day on all social media and be more interactive and available for my audience on these platforms. I’ve been slacking in my art and that’s not okay so it’s time to step it up and keep working!


The Speed Drawing video for today’s Tenguman! :D