voort sabinring

Taking a little time off drawing hands to draw… Gamorreans. Well, one Gamorrean. Who happened to be an X-Wing pilot and a math genius to boot.

I still maintain that Voort saBinring was one of the best things to happen to the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Was excited to learn that he features prominently in Aaron Allston’s new X-Wing book, Mercy Kill. No, I haven’t read it; I’m hoping to snag myself a copy when I go on vacation later this month. And if any of you who are watching me have, and leak out spoilers, I swear, I will feed you to rancors.

@fogbreaker asked: “Piggy + other member(s) of Wraith Squadron: Piggy is baffled by why people celebrate birthdays/other familiar holiday”

Okay, first of all I want you to know that this is perhaps the most hurtful prompt anyone has ever sent me, how dare you. Secondly:

The Wraiths have been an official squadron for just over a year, and the tradition of an urgent briefing that turns out to be “surprise” birthday drinks is well established (no one has actually been surprised since the second or third time), when something occurs to Kell. He frowns, puts down his drink, levels one finger across the table at Piggy, and says, “You.”

Piggy frowns back. “The next round is Lara’s.”

“No, no.” Kell waves off the correction. “You haven’t had a party. And it’s been more than a year, because this is my second one. We missed your birthday.”

“Hey, that’s right,” Face says, leaning in from the end of the long booth. “Piggy, why didn’t you say something?”

It’s not always easy to read Piggy’s expressions, but Kell would categorize this one as ‘perplexed’. “What would I have said? There is nothing to miss.”

“You don’t celebrate your birthday?” Lara asks, tilting her head.

Piggy shrugs. “I do not have one.”

Oh,” Dia says suddenly; she takes a moment to disentangle herself from Face, then leans forward across the table, her face intent. “Piggy, I don’t know my real birthday either; I just picked a date I liked, one that meant something to me. You can choose a birthday for yourself. If you want one, I mean.”

There’s a brief silence around the table. Piggy seems to be considering the possibility; the rest of the squadron is split between nodding encouragingly at him and looking mortified not to have thought of the problem. After a moment, he says, “I like the idea. I will have to think about a date.”

“Let us know when you decide,” Face says, then nudges Lara. “Hey. Your round.”

“Right!” She slips out of the booth, returns a moment later with a tray, and before long the party is back in full swing and the brief moment of darkness is largely forgotten.

* * *

A week later, Face flags Kell and Tyria down in a corridor, glances around as if looking for spies, and whispers, “Piggy picked a birthday. One month ago today, so we’re having a belated party tonight.”

“We’ll be there,” Tyria says at once, and Kell nods; Face grins, gives them a thumbs-up, and takes off toward the hangar bay, presumably to continue spreading the word.

Tyria glances up at Kell. “That’s sweet, isn’t it? A month ago today?”

“Is it?”

“Well, I don’t know, I suppose he could have picked it for a different reason.” Tyria shrugs. “But it’s the day Commander Antilles announced the squadron lineup, last year.”