21/04/17 || Finally started doing something else, I love when I change subject or topic. I studied my journalism notes, about 20 pages or more. I (FINALLY) finished the scheme of that damn book that has been bugging me for what a month now? And I also started reading another one so it’s been a pretty productive day.

Vook y Licos


Un regalo para el águila y el lobo, dos muy buenos amigos que, aunque ya han tenido gran parte de su vida compartiendo juntos, apenas decidieron dar un paso más adelante. Muchas felicidades a ellos dos!!

Soy de los artistas derpy que prefieren regalar arte a objetos comprados de tienda que no se si van a usar.

Y usando por primera vez mis lápices Prismacolor de 150!! Muuuchos tonos!! Los amo!!
El fondo fue hecho con tinta china de colores winsor and newton.



A present for this eagle and this wolf, two very good friends who, although they have already had much of their life sharing together, decided to take a step further. Congratulations to them both !!

And I’m one of those derpy artists who prefer to give art instead something store bought.

And using my 150 Prismacolor pencils for the first time!! They are too many!!!!! I love them!!
The background was made with Indian ink: winsor and newton.


Little Leak: Yoshi’s Wooly World Will Support Mario, Luigi, Peach and Other Amiibos

According to the good snoopers at Vooks, the back of the Wooly World box reveals more Amiibo goodies to be had in the game. 

If the leak is to be believed, you’ll be able to unlock special Yoshi designs based on the Amiibo you sync up. 

My next question: can we get some more Yarn Amiibos other than Yoshi? I would strangle everyone reading this post if I could make such a thing a reality. Sorry, my love for these adorable Yarn Amiibos runs deep. 

Preorder: Yoshi’s Wooly World, Yoshi Toys n Games