The man at the table, he not looking at you, but he looking, anyway. He smokin’ a cigar like your daddy would on special occasions, back in the day, when you were a little girl.

He sees you come to the table. “Lookin’ ta play, dawlin’?” he rasps, and smoke flies every-which-way. It smells like cedar and old leather. His face is shaded, holed up tight in an old bowler and an old coat in the dark.

You nod, and you grab for your purse, since craps ain’t free, an’ never been. You may be new, but not THAT new. Even spirit bars got a price.

He stops you, exhaling long an’ slow. “Oh, nah, girlie. Money t'ain’t no good here, in dis place. We be dealing in higher stakes.”

He waves a hand–isn’t there something wrong with his hand?–and it feels like you jus’ lost something. Somethin’ important.

“Welcome t'the game,” he says, and you turn to thank him but he gone, smoke and all, laughter echoing in the dark.

On the table are two silver coins, but both sides are snake eyes.


  1. KONGOS - Come with me now 
  2. The Pretty Reckless - Heaven Knows
  3. Claudia Brucken f. The Real Tuesday Weld - (I Always kill) The Things I Love
  4. The Dirt Daubers - Get Outta My Way
  5. The Dead Brothers - The Story It’s Always The Same
  6. The Goddamn Gallows - 7 Devils
  7. Hozier - Take me to church
  8. Delta Rae - I Will Never Die
  9. Lauren O'Connell - House of the Rising Sun

Figuring out my belief system is so. Fucking. Hard.
First of all, I’m damn near screaming into the void for someone, anyone, who has working with Mami Wata spirits (or as a deity) that I can talk to who understands that.
Then, I don’t know if I should work with Mami Wata and Djehuty at the same time. I don’t think they mind I just…don’t think their religions mix? Idk idk.
And I really really REALLY want to look into Voodoun, Voodoo, and Hoodoo. But the only fucking nonwhite person I can find charges 100$ and I’m not about that life.
I can’t even find a book written by a black person.
And I’m not saying white folks shouldn’t practice these things, even tho certain aspects are closed, I just don’t feel comfortable studying this particular thing under a white person, and I’d much rather my money when to a person of color . (white witches dominate the field anyways).
I just..don’t know what the fuck to do. And it makes me want to bash my head in.


Just discovering that one of the best parts of filmmaking is the parts that we as broke ass artist don’t always get to play with: Production Design! Researching and finding dope images is great, plus it’s like Christmas and Halloween had a child when your PD brings a gang of props and wardrobe for you to try with the actors.

Here are some images for my shoot this Sunday. It’s a big one, with tons of stuff. Hope it goes well…

Protip: do not wait until the last minute to start preparing your large ass African Spirituality board. Kemeticism, Voodoo, Voodoun, Hoodoo, and Santeria are too much. And all of these are largely misrepresented on the internet. So just because you THINK you have a decent base of what each of these are, doesn’t mean they’re reliable. 

*screaming internally*

If you have any reliable sources on any of the above, feel free to send them my way! 

People need to learn what they’re talking about before commenting on what they do not not. Facebook is sooo tiring. 

I saw this video of a voodoo priestess preforming a healing ritual. The comments indicated that voodoo/hoodoo/santeria and voodoun are all the same thing with different names.

“Voodoo is the devil”

Fast forward to a gender post

“Gender and sex are the same thing! it’s biology!” 

Research is so easy, and simple. why are people so willingly dumb?