✓ CrossFit for 1 hour

Did a 2 rds of the 7x7 banded scap flow for three classes for warmup. #VoodooBand on my forearm/elbow to get blood in my hands.

Then jumped into the 5:30pm’s bench press 3RM since it’s been a long time. Haven’t benched since before I joined #TeamBroken. Wore wrist wraps.

20-60-72-87-95 then time ran out. I was doing at least 100 for sets of prior to the wrist injury, and definitely felt it today.

Did some dumbbell tricep presses and wrist curls after.

Picture is of the sticker bench at #FoundationCrossFit. Feel free to bring stickers by (;

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compression bands on the calf- I know I have a problem with tight ankles