But I’m Punk Rock - Michael

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“Help me” Michael whines, dragging out the vowels.

“No” you say, refusing Mikey’s offer to help him write song lyrics.

“But baby,” he says grabbing your hips and pulling them back into his. He leans down to your shoulder and whispers in your ear. “I’ll buy pizza tonight if you help me” Shivers run down your back and your stomach gurgles simultaneously.

So that is how you ended up song writing with Michael on that fateful day.

“Babe how about… The soda ya drinking is giving me the… the…” Michael trails off in his song.

You laugh, “Babe, i love you, but that was horrible.” Michael give you a pouty face before grabbing the water next to you and dumping it on your head. You let out a small scream before jumping on michael, “Ooohhh feel my wet hair mikey… feeeeellll it!” You yell rubbing your now wet hair all over his face.

“This is strangely sexual,” Mikey says, causing you to jump off of him.

“Baby what rhymes with intestines?” Mikey asks a little later on. Your hair was still damp and you were sitting next to him still trying to help.

“Never ask me to help you write songs ever again. Let me see what you’ve got” You say pulling the pad of paper over to you. Lyrics were strewn across the page in his messy hand writing.

“I feel it in my intestines that your giving me…” you say reading off the page. “Okay how about,” You begin to sing a little line, “I feel it in my soul, that you’re giving me no control,” You sing. You had never sang in front of Mikey before. You weren’t bad at singing, but in no ways were you as good as the boys. This didn’t stop Michael from staring at you.

“I didn’t know you sang,” He said, ignoring your genius lyrics.

“I don’t,” You say with a little fake cough. You cant stand to look at him. He probably thinks your some singer now, which you aren’t. “I think the lyrics i just sang are a little too like voodoo doll…” You say trailing off, hoping he would go back to the topic of the song.

“yeah maybe. Or maybe it’s like in a relationship where you’re both struggling to have a say?” Mikey offers.

“You’re just saying that to make me feel better,” You accuse.

“No, I mean, it needs some work definitely. What you sang definitely isn’t punk rock,”

“5sos sings pop rock though”

“But babe, I’m punk rock.”