voodoo brew


Voodoo “Big Black Voodoo Daddy”

91 A-

Big Black Voodoo Daddy is a Double Stout released in limited quantities sometime during the winter. Aromas reveal pleasant malt notes of coffee, chocolate cereal, cookie dough, sweet caramel, almond butter, and a dash of vanilla. A vinous, dark fruit character rests below like a mix of blackberries and licorice. Aside from weak hints of grass, hops have little input.

The palate begins in a rush of dark chocolate, then quickly shifts toward bitter cocoa powder and burnt coffee beans. Hops invoke an herbal-edged bitterness with highlights of citrus rind bursting from the rear. Bready, whole wheat complexities flow over a soft caramel sweetness. The finish sharpens up as fruity tonalities with notes of plum, currant, berries, and a touch of licorice. Malts leave behind a residual charred quality expressed like smoked barley. The mouthfeel starts out thick and chewy, carrying a creamy texture that shifts toward a dry conclusion as hops encroach from the rear. Alcohol remains exceptionally concealed.

If I were to make up a style, I’d call it a Double Black IPA. In terms of style, I think the hops are a tad aggressive. So the bitter, sour qualities conquer sweetness, even though the malts are giving it everything they’ve got. As a result, the balance doesn’t taste quite right according to my taste. In the end, it still tastes pretty damn good, and it goes down smooth. If you like your doubles a little hoppy, I recommend it. Thanks for the trade, Holly!

Hops: Chinook, Northern Brewer, Cascade

Malts: Marris Otter, Carastan, Crystal 60 & 80, Brown, Munich, Biscquit, House Smoked Malt, Roasted, Black, Chocolate


65 IBU

Meadville, Pennsylvania