honestly tho this is why i hate white ppl who practice vodou voodoo or santeria cuz its like ur stealing my culture that u made impossible for me to access

like i personally dont agree with “if ur called to it regardless of race u should go get involved” bcuz its like

no u should spiritually suffer for something u denied to me and my kin

u should have to make sacrifices for the fact that ur ppl not only tried to destroy these religions but also
commodified them once u saw u could

u dont get to be happy spiritually when the rest of us have to make due with blog posts and occasionally finding an affirming book

I’m fuming right now about The Ghetto Tarot. Like, that white woman sat there, and typed out those words for that title and took from those people. My people. I always had a strange feeling about that deck, but now that I know she made it I’m furious. Her white ass couldn’t just call it the Haitian Tarot?! And she has awards for this!!

This goes to show that when white people mingle in black peoples lives they never bring anything good to the table. They just come, eat our food, and take all the leftovers home. THIS is why we don’t want white people practicing our religions and traditions. THIS is why we’re so hard on others for taking from other religions and traditions. THIS is why we won’t “share”. Because white people don’t know how to act. They get something different from their norm and get disrespectful. We’re trying to preserve who we are so later generations aren’t confused and disappointed like us.


It’s hilarious when you tell people to not appropriate closed cultures and they’re all “fuck you, I’ll practice what I want”

Like, go ahead, but what you’re doing is not the real thing.

You’re lacking the background knowledge and information to have a whole practice.

Some traditions only share information when you get past layers of secrecy and initiation.

You think some article you pulled off Tumblr is the real thing?

But if you want to cling to your watered down version of a culture you don’t understand, be my guest lmao

White Vodou (I’m going to step on some toes with this)

As a black vodouisant, it’s a bit frustrating that the face of our religion online is a bunch of white folk.

Lemme explain.

If you look up videos, images, literature, etc about vodou nowadays, especially on tumblr, a lot of times you’ll find it’s a white person who became a mambo or houngan preaching about vodou.

The reason it frustrates me is, it seems as black people, we can’t have nothing sacred. It’s always colonized. 

Becoming a houngan or mambo can cost a LOT of money. Many vodouisants, even those in Haiti are not mambos or houngans, let alone initiates because it can be very expensive. So who better to become a high priest than some American who is privileged enough to pay all this cash to fly out to Haiti and pay the dues needed to become an initiate and a priest. You know, rather than someone who has grown up being a vodouisant, who has been saving all their life for this.

When I see this being done, I almost feel like it’s all for bragging rights. You get to tell all your friends that you went to Haiti and became a vodou priest/priestess. You get to say you’re not Catholic, you’re not Wiccan, you’re a vodouisant. You’re different from everyone else, and you hold a high rank to show for it. 

You’re so eclectic.

As vodouisants, we serve our ancestors who are from Africa. When a white person is serving their ancestors, they’re more than likely serving spirits from Europe. You know, the place that enslaved many of our ancestors. It almost feels counterproductive, in terms of vodou.

Practice neo-paganism if you want to be spiritual (or “unique”). Leave vodou, hoodoo and African rootwork to us, please.