Swamp Witches

“Shelves filled with jars of items meant for spells and ridiculous concoctions meant to heal bodies, inflict sickness, remove memories and countless other purposes covered most of the walls. The people brave enough to venture out into this part of the swamp and walk through this door were the ones most desperate for an answer.” -Abbi Glines

Creature Feature Aesthetics

Seashell Correspondences


Has many different colors in it, good for chakra work. Brings good fortune and treasures. Meditation. Worn as amulet for protection or as a talisman to bring creativity.


Represents masculinity and male genitalia. 


Represents the Goddess. Used in workings of love, friendship and emotions. Purifies.


Summoning spells. Used to clear difficulties in communication and misconceptions.




Female genitalia, femininity, fertility, pregnancy, and mental difficulties. Prosperity and money.


Courage, confidence, and physical strength.


Anything concerning lunar work. Psychic awareness, peace and purification.


The spikes on this shell suggests it’s useful in workings of protection, defense, and preservation.


Shaped like a brain, it can be used in anything concerning mentality.




Good fortune, love, and banishment.

Sand Dollar:



All purpose. Travel and movement.


Meditation and inspiration.




Used to get a handle on things and control situations.


riveting…. by Stuart “Stu-Bo” Baxter
Via Flickr:
CarArt from the archives….this was one of the 1st times I saw a VooDoo Larry creations at a local car show… image copyright SB ImageWorks

Gage’s Favorite Comics - Vibe

Today’s Comic: Vibe by Dan “@soulkarl“ Ciurczak

Rating: Young adult (contains swearing, gore, and extreme violence)
Genre: Action
Status: Updates Tuesdays

There are many fascinating subjects that popular fiction rarely seems to make use of. We’ve seen dragons and zombies done over and over (some times done better than others), but you know what concept I’ve barely seen utilized at all?


Using voodoo as the seed, Ciurzak has cultivated an epic story. While my personal knowledge of the history and actual practices of voodoo is minimal, the way he uses it in this story is highly interesting. 

The world of Vibe is a colorful one, and not just in the literal sense. It’s full of breath-taking battles punctuated by a richly detailed world that’ll pull you in more and more as it goes on. 

On top of all of that, at it’s core, the comic is a powerful character story. The cast is solid, hitting perfectly in regards to both comedy and drama. Everyone is enjoyable in their own way.

Vibe is an action-packed, colorful, and emotional experience. It builds upon some concepts I already understand with new ideas and fresh takes on others. It’s a must-read.

The time to see what the witch doctors have brewing is now.

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