I did this illustration inspired by VOODOO, I actually tried to do it in 24h cause I heard about a voodoo zine that was expiring ( of course it was, I always discover everything last minute/too late) I would have liked to be more specific in the idea but I had no time, by the way I won’t justify about it, I’m happy about the way it came out! it’s like a giant combo of things that I like and inking it was superfun!!

It didn’t get chosen for the zine btw, but it’s ok I’m happy I tried+ I have a new illustration made! Yyy HA!

ok bye.


You remind me of the babe
What babe? babe with the power
What power? power of voodoo
Who do? you do
Do what? remind me of the babe

I saw my baby, crying hard as babe could cry
What could I do
My baby’s love had gone
And left my baby blue
Nobody knew

What kind of magic spell to use
Slime and snails
Or puppy dogs’ tails
Thunder or lightning
Then baby said
Dance magic, dance (dance magic, dance)
Dance magic, dance (dance magic, dance)
Put that baby spell on me
Jump magic, jump (jump magic, jump)
Jump magic, jump (jump magic, jump)
Put that magic jump on me
Slap that baby, make him free

- Magic Dance, David Bowie

Jareth is one of the most exuberant villains around. Gotta love a guy who breaks into song and dance with his minions.

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Spirit Possession

These images are from a documentary I found on YouTube. This man is supposedly possessed by a spirit after performing an elaborate ritual that involves animal sacrifice.

My sister was a Christian missionary in a part of Haiti where Voo Doo rituals were heavily practiced. She told me that in her particular region, people believed in an evil snake god that would make you rich, but there was always some kind of dark trade involved for this wealth. Her stories inspired me to do some research.

A quick search on YouTube will reveal a large number of documentaries on Voo Doo in Haiti. I’ve watched quiet a few of them. A common belief among various Voo Doo sects is that during their rituals they “become gods,” or possessed by Iwa spirits. The stories and actions of those who are possessed are fascinating… are they really being controlled by some outside force?

I want to find out what is actually happening to the practicers of these rituals. Can we please hook up a ton of scientific equipment in the hopes to document a glimpse of the “unknown”?

Are these purely psychological experiences, is there some kind of energetic reaction taking place, or are the participants actually communicating with conscious entities that exist beyond our limited scientific measures?

Although different regions of Haiti have their own Voo Doo practices and variations of beliefs, their rituals seem to have similar aspects.
A quick summation of a ritual goes something like this:

  • People chant to summon the spirit.
  • An animal is sacrificed to entice the spirit to come. (Apparently blood is like food for the spirit). 
  • Each member of the group offers theirself as a vessel for the spirit to enter. The spirit chooses one person, and apparently a different person each time.
  • The possessed person starts to dance spastically. (The people say a human can not move like that on their own).
  • The possessed person has no memory of the possession.

Animal Sacrifice

A curious note is that in ancient times, practically every religious culture all over the world communicated with spirits or gods using animal sacrifice. Even the ancient Jewish culture, which is the basis for Islam and Christianity, gave offerings to God through animal sacrifice. Although Buddhism never used these methods, the practice was found among small groups of Hindus and other cultures in the ancient Eastern region. How could a practice be so common and wide-spread if there was nothing to it?

So, I’m asking if maybe there really is something unexplained going on here. Perhaps the ancients from Gobekli Tepe, to the Sumerians, to the Sanxingdui in China, to the Mayans, to ancient Greeks and Romans, to modern day Voo Doo practicers are all savvy to an understanding that we’ve forgotten or dismissed among our “all-knowing” science. Maybe they knew about something that many of us don’t want to believe.

Are there conscious entities that exist beyond our limited scientific measures?
What do you think?