voo doo doll


Do NOT under any circumstances remove this caption, steal, re draw, copy, re post, or take off my watermarks. I worked hard on this, please respect that.


I guess this can be my contribution to Halloween as well!

So I got a request to draw the boys as VooDoo Dolls, and I think I had a little too much fun with it. I really like the way they all turned out, even though I did Ash a little small oops

Anyways, I hope you like them! :))

They’re also transparent yeah yeah

So I just visited my friend in the hospital again. I wanted to get her something, so I went to the gift shop. Everyone knows the top ten overly-expensive shops include: airports, hotels, amusement parks, and hospitals. They had handbags worth $59. Then I saw it. The most perfect gift ever. It was a white, hand-sewn voo-doo-doll. On the doll were marks such as “thyroid, saggy boobs, gas, constipation, etc…” on certain areas of the body. With it was a cute paper heart attached saying, “Stick a pin where it aches, the pain will stop when you wake.” Where the heart was was a red pin. I had to get it! There one for men and one for women. I paid for it, and the nice old lady at the cash register said it was hand-made by hospital volunteers! Heart-warming, right?! I have to take pictures and make one for myself!

blakelively: Umm whoever thought I was throwin shade clearly doesn’t know I have a “Taylor Swift Please Be My Wife Voo Doo Doll” #obsessed Look how rad she is here making my niece Heather feel like a rock star. Love my Canadian family almost as much as I love Taylor Lively. I mean Swift. Ok, FIIINE we can hyphenate our last names. Xo Blake Swift-Lively 4eva (x)

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