‘2 of Swords’ - This completes my journey of recreating not only the #minorarcana but the full 78 card Tarot itself. It’s been a long project but a very satisfying one and I’d like to thank you all for the support and the love. 💛💚💙💜💖 So, now what happens? Well… ~ ❗️Stay tuned for a very important announcement TOMORROW from @Vonzos and I! ❗️ ~

Lehetne jobb alakom.
Lehetnek vonzobb.
Lehetne szebb arcom.
Lehetnek bator.
Lehetne kisugarzasom.
Lehetnek szerelmes.
Lehetne jo humorerzekem.
Lehetnek vidam.
Lehetne vonzo szemelyisegem.
Lehetnek felejthetetlen
Lehetne hogy az enyem legyel.
Lehetnek boldog.


My Secret Arcana deck has been out for a little over six months now and I’d like to ask how everyone is liking it so far? I hope you all are. I’ve been seeing your posts with them and it makes me so happy to see you using them!! I’d love to hear some more stories from you and this deck. Thank you all for your continuing support and love. It truly means so much to me. 💛💚💙💜💖 If you’d like to purchase this deck, you can get it at @vonzos / landofzos.com ✌🏻🖤 #secretarcana

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Super psyched! - New book release TOMORROW! ‘At Home with ME’ !!! 40 pages, 6x6 inches, full color. Friday at 3PM at @vonzos / Landofzos.com 💛💚💙💜💖 This book is a selection of photos that act as an alternative portal for you to jump into my brain, personal surroundings and world! Join me 🦇

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Watch on nomicheese.tumblr.com

Some new pins gonna be available via @vonzos in a couple of weeks, give/take…

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Sosem voltam se eros,se bator. Sosem voltam szep,vagy vonzo. Nem vagyok ugyes,sot kifejezetten ugyetlen vagyok es szetszort. Konnyen ossze lehet torni,es neha nem ertem a viccet. De egy dolog biztos: a szivem a helyen van.