Von Vintage at Urban Grind by Mark Lobo . on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Over two years ago, I found an old Brownie box camera which sparked the idea to create an ongoing series of work. I decided that I wanted to preserve inspiring vintage design and aesthetics by shooting a timeless series, all shot on vintage film cameras. Since then, I’ve spent hours keeping an eye out for beautiful, once loved keepsakes to capture forever. A countless number of rolls of film ran through cameras that barely worked, and film got fogged in X-ray machines, but I eventually landed with my true vintage camera love, the Hasselblad, which I used to shoot this series. Finally, this weekend I’m putting the Von Vintage series up on the walls of Urban Grind, a great coffee shop that also hosted my previous BNE project series. The coffee is the best, and so is the company so head in there and check out the prints! I’ll be heading in there a few times throughout the next few weeks so if you are keen for a coffee and a chat, just email me and we’ll tee it up!

The Details:

Urban Grind, 121 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington
November 27th until December 10th 2011

Von the web:


I’ve recently (the last two years) been working on getting a photographic side project off the ground, called Von Vintage. Put simply, it stands for Vintage on Vintage, which is exactly how I’ve been shooting it: Vintage content, shot on a Vintage camera. Through it’s use in preservation and storytelling, photography can be a powerful tool. Coupled with an artistic approach, I hope the project can help bring back some value to beautiful vintage design and the keepsakes of the past. I’m currently working on getting the site off the ground, but wanted to let you know, that I’ve started a Facebook Page, to keep people up to date on the launch, exhibitions, prints etc… Here it is!