My best friend Charlotte made this really cool video when we went to The Distillery in the rain. You should watch it.

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Charlotte you’re coming to all our week of welcome events and you and your boo thang are gonna hang out all the time. And I’m going to do really well in school and work and get money and go to Colombia this Christmas then we’re all going to Amsterdam/Barcelona next summer, then Miami for my Birthday. Then we’re gonna go to London. And we’re gonna graduate and be super succesful and we’ll share a place in New York and be happy and party and have a good time because we’re alive and that’s reason enough to celebrate.


sometimes I feel like Charlotte is the best person in world and then I realize she is. Sometimes I even want to tell other people I don’t even know how great Charlotte is. I did that once and someone threw their mango at me. But I didn’t mind cause the hardships that come with telling the world how great Charlotte is are worth it and I like mangos. But only after I listen to this song do I really understand how tired I am. 

Sometimes people throw crayons at me too. But I don’t mind because I like colouring and crayons remind me of rainbows. Puffer fish are cool and I should take my cat out for a swim. Good morning Vietnam! I never saw that movie and by “that movie” I mean this movie. Who cares if the Venga Bus is coming because it never showed up in my neighbourhood and neither does the ice cream truck. Like, fuck you.