vongola xv


“It is the year 0027 of the Mafia Era. A quarter century has passed since Mafia Families began moving their burgeoning populations into gigantic orbiting space colonies. A new home for organized crime. Where hitmen are born and raised… and die. Seven months ago, the cluster of colonies furthest from the Earth proclaimed itself the Original Vongola Family and launched a war of independence to reclaim their title from the Neo Vongola. Initial fighting lasted over one month and saw both sides lose half their respective populations. Ordinary people were oblivious to the indescribable atrocities that had been committed in the name of reclamation. Six months had passed since the rebellion began. They were at a stalemate…"


I am confused.

Amano Akira-sensei’s new one-shot manga(left), Warashibe Tantei Numashichiro is already released back at Feb. 26 in the 13th issue of Miracle Jump (sorry if my prepositions are wrong. =A=)

And now… what I am I seeing? O_O

Here’s a Vongola XV(right) I heard from a youtube user who I saw advertising it in an online article about Warashibe Tantei Numashichiro. Is Katekyo Hitman Reborn really going to continue in a spin-off? Starting with a new Vongola Boss? Or… is this just a “what-if” art by sensei? OR maybe it’s only a prank?

Well… the Vongola XV art is pretty convincing to me. = = And those kanji and Hiragana characters are making it even convincing.

So? To the KHR Fandom/Famiglia, what do you think?

Reblog for comments. I wanna be lightened up about this situation =o=