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Tsuna, Xanxus as Fathers and Chrome as a mother pls? about how they will act around their kids and stuff? Thanks, you guys rock!


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It’s been rumored― but never before proven― that Vongola knew their blood on sight. And as far as Tsuna was concerned he had no interests in confirming the theory. Secretly he had always viewed the Vongola blood in his veins as nothing but a curse and the thought of producing progeny to make sure that blood will live on was something he had viewed with contempt. A necessary evil that was expected of him and a part of the mantle he had taken on as Don.

He slept with whoever he wanted whenever he wanted and no one called him out on it. Not his Guardians, not his parents and certainly not the people he bedded. Every single one of them knew the score and every single one was expected to deal with it or walk out.

So when he busted that disgusting pedophile ring that dared operate on his territory and found your four year old self on sale he was shocked at the violent, uncontrollable desire to protect, shelter, blood, mine, mine, mine! playing on constant replay in his very soul. Some of his men gave him curious looks when he swooped down and held you in his arms, his burning golden eyes glaring death at anyone who came near, treating everyone as a potential danger to your safety.

He would not let go of you even after he returned to the mansion and wouldn’t even allow the servants to touch you. Tsuna personally bathed you, and clothed you and fed you, his attention blind to the world around you both. He was acting like a man obsessed and he didn’t even care. Even Natsu was curled up around you, a carpet of devastating menace to anyone who might seek to take you away from its master. It had worried his Guardians so much that they called Reborn. Seeing the situation, the hitman immediately called for a paternity test. The test confirmed the hitman’s suspicion.

You are Sawada Tsunayoshi’s heir.

His Guardians had tried to find the woman who had neglected their Decimo’s heir only to find out it was not necessary. She indeed was literally dead. Apparently she had went through the pregnancy hoping to use you and force her new lover to marry her by saying you were that man’s child but she ended up getting killed by that lover. He was not very keen on fathering a child outside his own marriage. The man then banished the child to an orphanage barely even fit to raise pigs. It was probably a good thing that your mother was dead. Had she still been alive Tsuna would have probably crushed her neck himself.

He wrapped you up in his arms making silent promises that you will only have the best this life had to offer. He will love you with all his heart. He will make you strong enough to make your own choices.

Shockingly enough he raised you outside the Mafia while teaching you how to defend yourself and how to master your Flame. He wanted you to keep an open mind because Tsuna had seen how closed minded people who grew up and have been spoiled within the confines of Family could be.

He wanted you away from the lies, away from the betrayal and he had wanted you all to himself for a little while. He made sure to switch with his Guardians when he absolutely had to leave on Famiglia business.

He made you understand that he sought to be the best he could for you and that he will always be by your side. Even when you entered Mafia Academy during your high school that promise ― that resolution ―  did not change.

And you will always love that about him.


Xanxus walked around the corner of one of the Varia’s favorite training areas and watched you try to cheat your way out of Squalo’s training drill. It wasn’t like he can really fault you, though; you were trying your best. Add that to the fact that you were barely six and the mistake was totally excusable.

He watched as you lifted your weapon one more time and make another attempt at destroying your target and Xanxus could immediately see that you were doing it purely out of frustration now. Clearly you inherited his temper.

Before you could get yourself killed he made his presence known and walked up to you. Seeing him there you went still and winced right up until Xanxus smacked you on the back of the head with the palm of his hand. Normally an ordinary kid would have been thrown right across the courtyard but it was a testament to your genes― the fact that you were his― that you stayed firm on your feet. It made Xanxus nod, pleased; before demanding what the fuck it was did you think you were doing. He then learns the anger was coming from the fact that you haven’t been able to light your Dying Will Flames yet.

Xanxus scowled at the frustration and underlying fear in your admission. Squalo had been saying something about the kid wanting to be Varia Quality as soon as possible. You didn’t want Belphegor to beat him. The Varia Boss made a mental roll of his eyes at Bel and his love of baiting his brat.

He then asks you if you really were serious about lighting up your Dying Will Flames so soon and you reply you did with a stubborn pout on your face that reminded Xanxus of your mother. He then gives you another cuff to the head before dragging you off up a waterfall by the scruff of your jacket’s collar. Before you could ask what he thought he was doing, you were thrown over the falling body of water. You shouted for him but he merely stared right back down at you, watching your descent to death.

Realizing you were about to die you felt despair and regretted violently that you have failed to make your father proud.

It was then that your vision was enveloped in dense, orange Sky Flames and you felt as though there was nothing else that you could possibly lose. You turn your body in a graceful somersault until you land safely on the ground. As the Flames faded from your person you stare at your hands in awe and looked up in surprise as you felt a rough lick on your cheek. You look up only to see Bester right beside you, the box animal nuzzling you gruffly before running up the waterfall back towards Xanxus.

Smiling you realize he released Bester and made him wait on the ground to catch you if you failed in the task of activating your Flame before reaching the ground.

You look up just in time to see your father’s Varia coat leaving the edge of the waterfall and you stand up gratefully, sporting a grin that would have made Uncle Squalo proud.

Xanxus never did like hearing thanks from anyone; not even his own child. But that was the reason you wanted to be stronger faster, right? So you can be a child he’d be proud of?


Chrome need only take one look at you to know that something was wrong. She could sense it through the bonds you shared with each other both mentally and emotionally. Right now she could sense the confusion and the hurt in you and it was a measure of her respect for you as another human being that she barely resisted invading your mind and taking out what was hurting her baby.

Despite all this you act as though everything was fine. Chrome gave you a fond, gentle smile knowing you were acting normally for her benefit. Sometimes she wondered what she did to deserve such a wonderful child.

Chrome was not expecting to ever get pregnant. She had thought that the damage to her organs back when she was a child was the end of all her hopes of ever conceiving and producing her own progeny. So she was surprised and shocked when she was told of her pregnancy. She was treated by everyone in the Famiglia like a glass doll for the whole eight months she conceived you.

The moment you were placed in her arms at the hospital she couldn’t stop her tears from falling as she held you to her. It was the happiest day of her life. Loving you was easy for her as she has always been a loving person.

You were raised in freedom and with the assurance of a loved child. You were never given cause to doubt the affection your family and Family had for you. Yet you did your mother proud that you never took advantage of that love. You have a tendency of harboring all your problems to the last minute, hesitant to ask for help in fear of being a burden to your important people.

At first it made Chrome worried and wonder if she did anything to earn your distrust. Although she had grown out of her shyness for the most part her fear of not being a good parent― of turning into her mother― consumed her sometimes. She would give anything for you not to hate her. She would die if you told her you hated her. But she understood that she needed to trust you too. To have faith in your love.

When you excused yourself to go to school and kissed her goodbye Chrome did what any normal, self-respecting, law abiding parent would do.

Sent Mukurou after you, enveloping the Mist owl with Flames to make it invisible to your yet partly trained, yet already skillful sixteen year old eyes. It was through this method that Chrome discovered what was bothering you.

Chrome had been concerned about you not being able to make real friends at a Mafia Academy so she had you enrolled at an ordinary public school from kindergarten to middle school. The moment you stepped on Mafia Academy for high school, though, things started taking a vicious turn.

Everyone had been calling you an abomination. Someone who should not have been born of this world since your mother was no longer human. Everyone had known about the mythos behind the Vongola Decimo’s female Mist Guardian at this point. It was part of her infamy now that she was known for sustaining her own life with organs made of illusions. So people around you keep on thinking that perhaps you were no real person at all. That you were just an illusion; a homunculus borne out of Chrome Dokuro’s Flames in her desire for a child.

It made you sadly question your own humanity. It also bothered you that they were insulting your beloved mother.

That night Chrome waited for you in her study. It has been tradition for you to tell her goodnight before you went to sleep whenever she was in the house and not out on duty for the Famiglia. That night she hugged you close in a loving embrace and asked you if you loved her.

Of course you tell her yes.

Chrome then looks you deep in the eyes and holds a warm hand to your chest and tells you in no uncertain terms that as long as you feel love in your heart― the kind of love that made you want to do everything you can to make the people you love happy― then that made you human.

That night, as you lie in your bed you shed tears of relief before sleep claimed you, a raging clarity calming your troubled mind.

Your mother was no monster. She was proof of your humanity.

Why oh why does everyone in the KHR fandom seem to think that Mukoro is Tsuna’s Mist Guardian? I mean, the guy repeatedly says he is not affiliated with the mafia. He makes a point to say it every time he turns up. He’s only there because he can’t let his precious Chrome get hurt. Chrome. You remember her? The actual Vongola 10th Generation Mist Guardian? She is the one who is introduced as Mist Guardian. She’s the one who calls Tsuna “Boss”. She’s the one who keeps the Mist Ring. She also gets way more character development than Mukuro. Yes, I’ll agree Mukuro is more than a bit affiliated with the Vongola, if only because his…(little sister? soul mate? body he likes to posses?) Chrome is a Guardian and therefore he’s in it by association. But he has never been asked to become a Guardian and he has never agreed to be, therefore he is not a Guardian. He doesn’t act like one either. He, again, only ever turns up when it’s a) convenient for him or b) Chrome is in trouble. I love Mukuro as much as the next person but it’s “The Vongola 10th Gen plus Mukuro” not “The Vongola 10th Gen plus Chrome”.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Academy Awards

Credit bleachlists for the original idea.  Rules of this are simple; chose your palette of winners and sent them to me via ask or fanmail!  Secondary blogs do not count. Only vote once.


Previous Pandora Hearts awards here~

So without further ado, here are the nominees!


  • Byakuran for being so evil and adorable at the same time
  • Yamamoto for being able to act so happy despite his own inner problems
  • Reborn for acting like a carefree tutor with no problems whatsoever!
  • Mukuro for being able to take on various personas with skill
  • Tsuna for putting on his brave face and positive attitude no matter what the situation


  • Haru for her over-the-top silly antics
  • Chrome for her acting as the Vongola Mist guardian during the Varia battles
  • Uni for her peaceful  and brave demeanor over a scared child’s face
  • Kyoko for putting on a kind face even in the face of danger
  • Lal Mirch for testing Gokudera and Tsuna by pretending to be the enemy


  • Basilcum for being a constant support to Tsuna for training in the Varia arc and part of the Hyper Trio
  • Kusakabe for supporting Hibari and apologizing for Hibari’s actions
  • Verde for being the brains of a lot of different operations
  • Dino for being Tsuna’s older brother like support and always training Hibari
  • Squalo for being a constant support to Xanxus (and the rest of the Varia)


  • Bianchi for training Gokudera in the future arc and being a constant Vongola supporter
  • Bluebell for playing up the cute, innocent girl act most of the time
  • Adelheid for being Enma’s support and the Shimon’s big sister/mother-figure
  • Nana for being a constant support to Tsuna so he had another thing to fight for
  • Oregano for being a supporting figure of the CEDEF

BEST PICTURE (the best at illustrating in one way or another)

  • Ryohei for his amazing portrayal of Byakuran in picture
  • Lambo for his drawing of Tsuna
  • Gokudera for the symbols of G Code/G Language

BEST DIRECTING (of a plan or plot)

  • Sawada Tsunayoshi for the plan to defeat Jager and Bermuda
  • Xanxus for his plot to kill Timoteo
  • TYL Tsuna who initiated and carried out the plan to get rid of Byakuran even after his own death
  • Byakuran for inventing and using the Choice system to his advantage
  • Bermuda for placing his subordinates in the right place for maximum battle force


  • Haru’s HaruHaru Interview Dangerous!
  • Monster Tamer Tsuna
  • OVA: Mafia-style field trip


  • Mukuro for the various fashions he wears in artwork
  • Reborn for all those cosplays which he apparently makes himself
  • Gokudera for his attractive outfits
  • Dino for his various open shirt pictures and fluffy coat collars
  • Chrome for her white dress as Nagi and many other cute dresses and outfits


  • Portion of a tree on a painting
  • Giant Spider
  • Book Fairy
  • Tsuna
  • Master PaoPao


  • Squalo for his long, silvery almost princess-like hair
  • Lussuria for his wild, brightly colored hair that never ceases to amaze us
  • Skull for his punk rock makeup and piercings
  • Belphegor for his fluffy princely hair
  • Lambo for his fabulous eyelashes

BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY (who had the best plan)

  • Daemon Spade for creating a war between the Shimon and Vongola families long enough to detract from his real goals
  • TYL Tsuna for his plan to rid the timelines of Byakuran
  • Xanxus for using Tsuna’s naivety to his advantage in trying to become Vongola 10th
  • Giotto for the creation of the Vongola as a vigilante group to help others
  • Byakuran for using the powers of the Mare rings to further create and shape his plan to get the Triensette

BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY (best at improvisation)

  • Reborn who always changes his plan in accordance to the situation
  • Hibari who doesn’t care about plans as long as he can bite you to death
  • Byakuran who, despite knowing a lot about the future, still had to improvise against the Vongola
  • Bermuda who changed his plans on a whim according to what Reborn and the other Arcobaleno were doing
  • TYL Lambo who is thrown into the moment at random and has to improvise a plan on the spot

BEST EDITING (Best liar and hider of evidence)

  • Spanner for hiding Tsuna from the other Milliefiore
  • Shoichi for pretending he was on Byakuran’s side the entire time
  • Checker Face for hiding the fact that the Arcobaleno Trials were to determine the next Arcobaleno
  • Fran and Mukuro for using their illusions to make it seem everyone had died while collecting vital information
  • Reborn for hiding from Tsuna and all the Vongola the truth of the Arcobaleno


  • Xanxus, “… We, the Vongola, are always as one.”
  • Hibari, “It’s because there is a sky that clouds can float freely … ”
  • Tsuna, “… I couldn’t have accomplished anything by standing still, without anybody’s help… “
  • Mukuro, “Illusions… or real illusions. Within the illusions hide real illusions…”
  • Iemitsu, “… How can a man protect another if he can’t even protect himself?”

BEST ACTION SCENE (aka best battle)

  • Tsuna vs TYL Hibari
  • Yamamoto vs Genkishi
  • Xanxus vs Rasiel
  • Tsuna vs Daemon Spade
  • Hibari vs Gola Mosca


  • Ryohei who is often forgotten
  • Levi who puts up with Xanxus and his crap as much as Squalo does
  • Shamal who is forgotten after the Future Arc
  • Lancia who is forgotten after being a vital plot element in the Kokuyo Arc
  • Fuuta who is there for most of the series but his powers and influence in the Kokuyo Arc is forgotten
  • Longchamp who was an important mafia friend of Tsuna’s in the manga


  • M.M who is forgotten as a very scary member of the Kokuyo Gang
  • Ipin who is forgotten as a promising assassin and surrogate sister to Tsuna
  • Shittopi who is often seen as strange and unrelatable
  • Kyoko and Haru who are also often forgotten and downplayed
  • Hana who is an important friend of Kyoko’s and helps save her life in the Future Arc


  • Tsuna
  • Yamamoto
  • Reborn
  • Gokudera
  • Squalo


  • Haru
  • Kyoko
  • Chrome
  • Uni
  • I-Pin


  • Sky
  • Storm
  • Mist
  • Rain
  • Sun
  • Lightning
  • Cloud


  • Natsu
  • Uri
  • Mink
  • Bester
  • Roll


  • Hibari’s Tonphas
  • Bel’s Knives
  • Dino’s Bullwhip
  • Yamamoto’s Sword
  • Mukuro/Chrome’s Trident

BEST TEARJERKER (who gave us the most feels)

  • Gokudera for his unexpectedly depressing past
  • Uni and Gamma for their sacrifice
  • Enma for his past and how he dealt with it
  • Lal Mirch for her grief in losing Colonello in the future
  • Chrome for her past story

BEST COMEDIAN (basically who’s the funniest)

  • Fran because Fran
  • Skull for being the butt of the jokes as he’s used to
  • Lambo for his obnoxious child-like anticts
  • Haru for her ridiculous cosplays
  • Dino for his klutziness


  • Sawada Tsunayoshi
  • Byakuran
  • Rokudo Mukuro
  • Daemon Spade
  • Uni